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If you have been planning to share your experience on a certain game from your PlayStation 4 but you don’t know where to begin, then this is the guide that you are looking for. In this post, we will discuss how to record and share PS4 gameplay for individuals who want to show their friends and followers online how they were able to unlock a difficult level on a game for bragging rights or any highlights you have achieved from playing. Whatever the reason may be, continue reading to learn more about it in this article.

Check your PS4 Video Settings

Recording a video clip on PS4 is quite simple since it has a recording feature already available in the console itself. However, you need to ensure that the video settings are adjusted according to your preference before you begin to record gameplay on PS4. All you need to do is press the Share button found on the controller to access the Sharing and Broadcast Settings and do the necessary adjustments such as the length of your video clip and the audio sharing settings.  

How to Record PS4 Gameplay

After doing the adjustments in the video settings, you can then begin to record and share PS4 gameplay. You don’t necessarily need a captured card or other hardwares to record high-end quality videos as the console can record HD video clips. However, if you intend to have these video clips uploaded on your Youtube channel especially for monetization purposes then it is best to invest in certain hardwares for a better video output and content. There are two options on how to record on your PS4 which are discussed below and both options are easy to do.

 Record a Gameplay Using the Share Button

If you want to record a specific part of the game you are playing, then this is the option suitable for you. See the steps provided or your reference.

  1. Start playing the game you want to record.
  2. When you are within the game you want to record, press the Share button on your controller twice to start the recording process. A video icon will shortly appear on the left side of the screen as an indication that the recording has started.
  3. The recording will stop based on the length of time you have set for the video clip. If you prefer to stop the recording manually, just press the Share button once to end the recording. A notification will appear on the screen which indicates that the  video clip has been saved. All saved video clips are found in the Capture Gallery.

Saving the Last Minutes of Gameplay

This option is applicable if you have encountered something impressive while in the game but haven’t pressed the Share button yet. By default, the console automatically records the last 15 minutes of gameplay which is convenient for users not to miss any game highlight while playing. The length can be adjusted as high as 60 minutes or as short as 30 seconds. Take note that the last minutes of gameplay recorded by the console is not saved automatically in the Capture Gallery. You need to follow these instructions to save the video clip:

  1. Press the Share button once to open the Share menu.
  2. Select Save Video Clip. The last minutes of your gameplay will then be stored in the Capture Gallery.

How to Share PS4 Gameplay Videos

Video clips found in the Capture Gallery folder can be edited on your PS4 before posting online. Here’s how to trim your video clips on your gaming console and share the video:

  1. Go to the Home Screen of your PS4.
  2. Select Capture Gallery.
  3. Search for the video you want to post on your social media account.
  4. Press the Options button on your controller.
  5. From the Options menu, select Trim.
  6. On the Trim section, you can select where to begin and end your video clip. 
  7. After you have modified your video, you can either save the edited video or overwrite the old video clip.
  8. Once the edited video is saved, press the Share button and select which social media service you want to share the gameplay video. 
  9. Follow the instructions reflected on the screen to complete the process and share your video successfully.


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