Improving Starfield’s Gameplay Through Community Mods

Starfield, Bethesda’s new open world space RPG, offers players expansive exploration across planets and custom spaceships. However, some fans have found aspects of the vanilla gameplay lackluster. Thankfully, modders have stepped in to enhance the experience. This article will overview popular mods that improve graphics, combat, exploration, and more.

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Enhancing Visuals

Starfield’s graphics received criticism for feeling dated. Two graphics mods help modernize the visuals:

Starfield HD Reworked Project

This extensive mod upgrades most textures in the game to 2K/4K resolution. Reviews praise the sharpness and detail added while maintaining performance on low-end PCs.

Natural LUTs

LUTs (Look Up Tables) alter color grading and lighting. This mod provides a more natural, vibrant look compared to the flatter vanilla hues. Three preset options allow customization based on preference.

ModKey Features
Starfield HD Reworked Project2K/4K textures, improved detail, performance friendly
Natural LUTsAltered color grading and lighting, 3 preset options

Refining Gameplay Mechanics

Beyond aesthetics, several mods target Starfield’s core mechanics.

Improved Combat AI

Players found enemy AI behavior repetitive and exploitable. This mod makes AI more dynamic and challenging by:

  • Reducing delays between attacks
  • Flanking and utilizing cover more
  • Continuing aggression when low on health

User feedback indicates significantly improved combat engagement.

ModKey Enhancements
Improved Combat AIReduced delays, better flanking, persistent aggression

Slower Than Light Fly in Star Systems

Starfield only allows seamless takeoff and landing on accessible planets. With this mod, players can fly to and land on any planet or moon at slower speeds. This expands exploration possibilities, though higher speeds can cause stability issues.


Starfield’s busy default HUD lacked key information for looting and inventory management. This UI overhaul adds:

  • Item values for efficient looting
  • Detailed popup inspecting items
  • Loot all button
  • Better quest and map navigation

As one Redditor described: “This mod changed how I play the entire game…I’m going to be looting silverware from now on.”

ModKey Additions
Star UI HUDItem values, inspect popups, loot all button, enhanced navigation

Controversial Body Mods

Some NSFW body mods have stirred debate in the community. Offerings like Voluptuous Body for Beauties replace the vanilla model with dramatically enhanced curves. Supporters enjoy expanded customization, while critics argue it promotes unrealistic standards. Such mods exemplify how, for better or worse, passionate fans push boundaries beyond the developers’ intent.

Starfield Mods

Starfield’s expansive worlds have hooked players, but its execution has clear areas for improvement. Dedicated modders have stepped in to smooth rough edges through upgraded visuals, smarter AI, UI overhauls, and expanded exploration. This demonstrates how mods empower players to customize their experience and highlights where the base game fell short. With support from modders, Starfield may yet reach its full potential.

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