My Hero Ultra Rumble Keeps Crashing: Causes and Solutions

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a popular new battle royale game based on the My Hero Academia series. Many players have been reporting frequent crashing issues with the game on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Here are some potential causes and solutions for My Hero Ultra Rumble crashing constantly.

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Common Causes of Crashing

There are a few common culprits that could be behind the crashes in My Hero Ultra Rumble:

Server Overload

With the game’s huge popularity, the servers are likely overloaded right now. Too many players trying to connect at once can cause crashes and connectivity issues. This should improve over time as the servers expand.

Software Bugs

As with any new game release, software bugs are expected initially. Updates and patches will continuously improve stability over time.

Hardware/Performance Issues

Make sure your PC or console meets the minimum system requirements to run My Hero Ultra Rumble smoothly. Outdated drivers, overheating, and insufficient RAM can also cause crashing.

In-Game Actions

Certain in-game actions like opening the emote wheel in the lobby are known to cause crashes for some users. Avoid these actions if they are consistently crashing your game.

Solutions and Fixes

Here are some things you can try to reduce crashing in My Hero Ultra Rumble:

Update Graphics Drivers

Update to the latest graphics card drivers to ensure stability and performance. Nvidia and AMD have released optimizations specifically for this game.

Close Background Apps

Closing any unnecessary apps in the background can help free up RAM and resources for the game.

Adjust Graphics Settings

Lower graphics settings if you are maxing out your PC or console’s capabilities. Turn off any advanced graphics options not needed.

Reinstall the Game

A clean reinstall ensures no corrupted files are causing issues. Save any progress first.

Wait for Patches

Have patience as the developers work on patches and performance improvements in upcoming releases.

Check Server Status

Watch the @MyHeroUR X / Twitter for server status updates and maintenance notices. Only play during stable periods.

Reddit Users Describe Their Crashing Experience

Many Reddit users have detailed their crashing issues on the r/MyHeroUltraRumble subreddit. Here are some example comments:

“I literally can’t play and so can’t many of my friends as we get kicked out every 10 minutes and then can’t log in for like 30 minutes cuz we keep getting errors.” – u/DragonslayerLP1

“Me and my team couldn’t connect after being kicked from the game. I notice others teams this happened too. So def feel like the servers got more players than expected.” – u/issaNANI

“This is the first time I’ve played this early and I’ve got disconnected three times.” – u/SharpPulse94

Hopefully these troubleshooting tips will help reduce the crashes plaguing My Hero Ultra Rumble so players can properly experience this exciting new battle royale! Let the developers know of any other consistent crashing issues. With time and updates, the game should achieve better stability across all platforms.

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