Starfield Highest Difficulty: Why It’s Worth It

Planning to play Starfield Highest Difficulty? Starfield offers four difficulty settings, with the highest being “Very Hard”. While some may be tempted to play on normal or hard for an easier first playthrough, starting on Starfield highest difficulty provides some major benefits that make the challenge worthwhile. Here’s why you should play Starfield on the highest difficulty setting.

More Intense Combat

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The most obvious impact of playing on Very Hard is that combat becomes much more difficult. Enemies hit harder, have more health, and are more aggressive. You can’t just run in guns blazing – you’ll need to carefully consider your approach and make use of cover. Even basic enemies can quickly overwhelm you if you aren’t strategic. This makes every combat encounter more intense and dangerous. You’ll need to make smart use of all your abilities and gear to survive.

Smarter Use of Mechanics

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On lower difficulties, you may be able to get away with just shooting your way through Starfield. On Very Hard, that simply won’t cut it. You’ll be forced to engage with all of Starfield’s gameplay systems if you want to thrive. This means using consumables like food and chems for buffs, strategically spending skill points, upgrading your gear, and utilizing stealth and hacking to gain advantages. Every bit of progress feels earned since you can’t just muscle your way through. The game becomes a lot deeper when you need to properly take advantage of all its interlocking mechanics.

More Rewarding Loot

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Better loot is a big motivator for taking on higher difficulties. Stronger enemies mean better chances of rare gear drops and unique legendary weapons. Loot you’d probably sell for chump change on normal becomes invaluable for giving you an edge on Very Hard. Finding a new plasma rifle feels great when even a basic enemy could take you out. It becomes way more exciting to get your hands on a truly powerful weapon. The harder the game, the more satisfying the rewards.

Space Combat Brings New Challenges

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Early on, you may find the ground combat punishing but space combat still manageable on Very Hard. However, engagements take on new dimensions of difficulty once you start facing multiple enemy ships. You’ll need to master strafing, quick turning, managing weapon heat, proper shield positioning, and using devices like mines. Dogfights become less about casually blasting away and more about outmaneuvering foes. The higher stakes make space combat incredibly tense and rewarding.

Scavenging Becomes Essential

Resources are far more scarce on Very Hard. You need to be much smarter about managing ammo, healing items, weapon condition, and ship fuel. Looting enemies, containers, and harvesting nodes becomes vital. Every extra healing injector or few rounds of ammo you scrounge up improves your odds. It really changes your priorities when you’re excited just to find some extra antiseptic. You start caring a lot more about little details like food buffs when every edge counts. It makes mundane scavenging feel crucial.

A Constant Sense of Danger

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From dangerous wildlife to deadly diseases, just about everything in Starfield can kill you much faster on Very Hard. You always need to be alert and prepared. A simple misstep like wandering into a radioactive zone unprotected can quickly become fatal. It makes details like checking your rad level matter. Even basic exploration is tinged with danger, keeping you on your toes. The world feels harsher and makes simple survival feel like an accomplishment.

More Purposeful Character Building

If combat is harder, you need to build your character more deliberately. Character creation goes from fun cosmetics to crucial stat consideration.Spreading your skills too thin can leave you vulnerable. You need to think about what weapons and gear you want to specialize in. Your perks need to complement your playstyle. Everything from your main attributes to picking dialogue skills matters more. You’re encouraged to roleplay a more focused character build rather than be a jack of all trades.

A True Sense of Progression

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Progress in Starfield takes on greater meaning when earned under harder circumstances. Leveling up, new gear, and skill improvements all feel impactful, rather than just incremental upgrades. Each new perk or weapon mod provides a tangible boost to your survival odds. After bashing your head against tough enemies or spaceship battles, finally gaining an advantage is hugely rewarding. Your character’s progression mirrors your own growing mastery of the game.

More Replay Value

Between the vast size of the Starfield’s universe and the number of factions to ally with, there are many ways to experience the game. Playing on Very Hard gives it all the more replay value. You can try different combat styles on a rerun, joining factions you didn’t ally with before. Higher difficulties make each playthrough unique since you are forced to adapt to challenges in new ways. Rather than a one-and-done experience, it has longevity to match its vast scale.

A True Accomplishment

Most of all, beating Starfield on its hardest setting provides a major sense of achievement. You’ll have survived against all odds and mastered every facet of its gameplay. Few games provide more satisfaction than overcoming steep challenges through skill and perseverance. While playing on Normal is a great time, upping the difficulty lets you push yourself and walk away with the satisfaction of rising to meet a formidable challenge.

Tips For Surviving Starfield Highest Difficulty

If you want to brave the Very Hard wasteland, here are some tips to help you survive:

  • Pick combat skills early and max them out ASAP. Don’t skimp on weapon and armor skills.
  • Prioritize finding better gear, especially weapons and armor with bonus effects. Don’t get too attached to starting gear.
  • Take your time exploring early areas. You need all the experience, money, loot and levels you can get.
  • Quicksave constantly, and don’t be ashamed to reload if you get in over your head. Patience is key.
  • Play cautiously and use stealth when possible. Don’t take groups head-on. Isolate tough enemies.
  • Use consumables and devices liberally. Buffs, heals, grenades and mines are essential tools.
  • Pay attention to enemy weaknesses and damage types. Target unarmored or unshielded areas.
  • In space combat, prioritize mobility and shields over weapons at first. Surviving is more important than dishing damage.

The highest difficulty pushes Starfield‘s gameplay to its limits. But with skill, preparation and patience, it offers a deeply rewarding challenge like no other. If you’re up for a true test of mastery, Very Hard mode is the way to play. The increased intensity and satisfaction are well worth the bump in difficulty. Just be ready for the hardest fight of your life.


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