Starfield XP Farming Made Easy: Your Complete Guide

Starfield XP farming in can be a great way to quickly level up your character and earn lots of credits at the same time. With the right strategy and preparation, you can set yourself up for efficient XP and credit farming. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start farming XP like a pro in Starfield.

Leveling up your character in Starfield can feel like a slow grind at times. You have to complete quests, explore planets, and engage in combat to steadily gain XP over time. However, there is a much faster method that involves setting up your own XP farming outpost.

The basic premise is simple – build an outpost with extractors on resource deposits and use the materials to mass produce items to gain XP and sell for credits. With the right planet, resources, and equipment, you can earn thousands of XP and credits per hour.

In this guide, I’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own XP farming outpost from start to finish. I’ll cover how to pick the ideal planet, gather the necessary materials and components, construct the outpost, and maximize your XP gains. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Pick the Right Planet for Starfield XP Farming

The first step is choosing the right planet or moon to build your XP farming outpost. You’ll want to find a planet that has cobalt and nickel deposits close together so you can set up extractors. Some ideal options include:

  • Moon planets like Hawley, Lovell, and Titan which have cobalt and nickel deposits and no atmosphere or lifeforms. This makes mining easier.
Starfield XP Farming Made Easy Your Complete Guide 1
  • Venus, Tau Ceti V, and Virum which have the resources needed but higher gravity and extreme conditions.
Starfield XP Farming Made Easy Your Complete Guide 2

Ideally, pick a planet in a system with a city or settlement so you can easily buy and sell items. Scan candidate planets and look for overlapping cobalt and nickel signals.

Step 2: Gather Materials and Components

Once you’ve picked your planet, it’s time to gather the materials and components needed to build your outpost:

  • Power: Solar arrays and wind turbines to power extractors
Starfield XP Farming Made Easy Your Complete Guide 4
  • Extractors: Cobalt and nickel extractors to harvest deposits
Starfield XP Farming Made Easy Your Complete Guide 5
  • Storage: Storage containers to hold harvested materials
Starfield XP Farming Made Easy Your Complete Guide 6
  • Structures: Habitat module, airlock, landing pad for functionality
Starfield XP Farming Made Easy Your Complete Guide 7
  • Utilities: Industrial workbench, bed, lights, decorations
Starfield XP Farming Made Easy Your Complete Guide 8

You’ll need dozens of basic resources like iron, aluminum, and ceramic. Buy materials from merchants to save time mining. Expect to spend a few thousand credits.

Step 3: Construct Your Outpost

Starfield XP Farming Made Easy Your Complete Guide 3 1

Now it’s time to travel to your selected planet and construct your farming outpost:

  • Find a good site where cobalt and nickel deposits overlap.
  • Place your outpost beacon and enter build mode.
  • Build multiple extractors on the deposits and link them to storage containers.
  • Erect power, landing pad, hab module, airlock, workbench, and bed.
  • Connect everything with passageways and pipes. Extend as needed.

Make sure to place vital components like storage, landing pad, and hab module close together so you can access them easily.

Step 4: Maximize XP Gains

With your outpost built, it’s time to start reaping XP:

  • Set extractors to collect cobalt and nickel automatically.
  • Sleep in the bed to quickly pass time and fill storage.
  • Take the harvested resources and craft bundles of 99 isocentered magnets at the workbench.
  • Each bundle crafted earns you 99 XP so thousands can be gained quickly.
  • When storage is full again, sleep and repeat the harvesting and crafting loop.

The key is to craft in large 99 stacks vs. single magnets for maximum XP efficiency. Pass time sleeping rather than waiting.

Earning Credits

You can also use this farming method to earn lots of credits:

  • Sell excess cobalt and nickel resources to vendors.
  • Crafted isocentered magnets sell for 5 credits each.
  • Earn thousands of credits per harvest and crafting cycle.
  • Sell to multiple vendors since many only have 5,000 credits per day.

Just a few harvesting and crafting cycles can net you over 10,000 credits easily.

Final Tips

Follow these final tips to improve your Starfield XP farming:

  • Add more extractors and power to increase resource production.
  • Get the Well Rested XP buff from sleeping to earn bonus XP.
  • Sell at Trade Authority vendors with 11,000 credit limits.
  • Fetch more materials from merchants to expand outpost as needed.

Final Thoughts

With this XP farming guide, you now have all the knowledge needed to build your own outpost and start gaining XP and credits rapidly. The initial setup takes time and credits, but once built, you can farm thousands of XP per hour. Master this technique and accelerating leveling your character while earning a fortune will be easy. Happy farming!

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