Starfield StarPower Console Command: How to Get Unlimited StarPower

Want to know the Starfield StarPower console command? Starfield, the highly anticipated new space RPG from Bethesda, gives players a ton of freedom to explore the stars. One of the key mechanics in the game is Starpower, which functions similarly to magicka or mana in other RPGs. Starpower allows you to use special abilities and spells during combat and exploration. Running out of Starpower at the wrong time can spell disaster, so some players understandably want an unlimited supply. Fortunately, there is a simple Starfield StarPower console command that can give you unlimited Starpower in Starfield.

The Struggle for Starpower

As any Starfield player knows, managing your Starpower is crucial to success in the game. Starpower allows you to do everything from igniting your jetpack for travel to unleashing devastating attacks on enemies. However, it’s in limited supply and recharges slowly over time.

In the early hours of the game, Starpower feels abundant. The excitement of space travel and discovery overshadows any concerns about running low. But as you start taking on more difficult enemies and traveling deeper into space, you quickly learn the importance of Starpower management. Nothing is more frustrating than being stuck on a hostile planet with an empty Starpower tank just when you need your abilities the most!

The Reddit user has expressed this frustration when they posted on r/Starfield about spending ages trying to find a way to get unlimited Starpower. Many other players could relate, as the discussion thread was filled with gratitude when the Reddit user shared the console command that makes unlimited Starpower possible. Getting seemingly stuck due to lack of abilities is never fun, so an unlimited supply is understandably appealing.

Using Starfield StarPower Console Command

Before using the Starpower console command, it helps to understand how console commands work in Starfield. As in other Bethesda RPGs like Skyrim and Fallout 4, Starfield has a developer console that allows the use of special debug commands. These are normally used by the developers for testing purposes, but also provide options for players.

To enable the console:

  1. Press the tilde (~) key during gameplay to bring up the console command prompt
Starfield StarPower Console Command How to Get Unlimited StarPower 1

2. Type “help” and press enter to confirm the console is enabled.

Starfield StarPower Console Command How to Get Unlimited StarPower 2

With the console enabled, you can type in various commands for effects like giving your character items, defeating enemies, changing weather, and much more. The console provides almost limitless freedom to alter Starfield for custom gameplay.

The Secret to Unlimited Starpower

After enabling the console, all that’s needed for unlimited Starpower is this simple command:

player.setav starpower 1000000

Starfield StarPower Console Command How to Get Unlimited StarPower 3 jpg

To break this down:

  • player.setav: Sets the value of the specified actor variable
  • starpower: The actor value governing your Starpower supply
  • 1000000: This number can be set to anything, but a million should ensure you never run out!

So in plain English, this command directly sets your Starpower supply to 1 million, essentially making it unlimited. You can continue to use abilities to your heart’s content without worrying about draining your Starpower tank!

Unleashing Your Power

Starfield StarPower Console Command How to Get Unlimited StarPower 4

With this one quick console tweak, the universe is your oyster when it comes to Starpower abilities. Feel free to casually jetpack across entire planets and spacewalks knowing you’ll never run low on fuel. Combat becomes a spectacle, as you spam high-powered attacks that would drain a normal Starpower supply in seconds. Exploring dangerous extraterrestrial caverns or derelict space stations is much less daunting when you have limitless abilities ready for any threat.

The Reddit community seemed thrilled when the Reddit user first publicized this console command. One user replied “Player.thankyou” in awe of the unlimited power now available to them. Others expressed thanks for no longer being stuck in tricky situations due to Starpower limits.

Caution Against Abuse

While an unlimited Starpower supply can be enormously fun and helpful, restraint is still advised. Too much power can break certain game mechanics, quests, or challenges. Some players might actually find the game becomes too easy and less rewarding if abilities are overused.

It’s recommended to utilize unlimited Starpower judiciously for specific situations where it would enhance enjoyment, rather than keeping it activated permanently. For example, unleashing overpowered attacks in boss fights, but otherwise progressing normally. Creative usage of the command makes for an exciting boost to the game.

Outright abuse could dampen the rewarding progression and careful resource management that make RPG gameplay so engaging. So wield this new cosmic power wisely for occasional thrills, but avoid letting it undermine Starfield’s delightful sense of adventure and discovery across the stars.

In summary, Starfield‘s console command for unlimited Starpower provides players an awesome tool for getting unrestricted use of abilities. Used carefully, it can allow for incredibly fun gameplay situations and help overcome occasional frustrating obstacles. Just be wise in how freely you embrace the limitless Starpower now available to you!

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