Starfield Ship Stealing: How to Steal Ships Like a Pro

Starfield Ship Stealing is an exciting part of the Starfield experience, allowing players to expand their fleet and try out new ships without having to pay for them. However, stealing ships can also be risky and result in losing your main ship if not done properly. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to successfully steal ships in Starfield like a pro.

Preparing for Starfield Ship Stealing

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Before attempting to steal a ship, make sure you are properly prepared:

  • Scout out potential targets beforehand. Look for ships that are landed on planets/stations and unoccupied. Avoid trying to steal ships that are mid-flight.
  • Equip weapons and gear to quickly dispatch any guards or crew members onboard. Silenced weapons are ideal for stealth.
  • Have a fast ship nearby to escape in if needed.
  • Save your game before attempting the heist so you can reload if things go south.

How to Steal a Landed Ship

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Once you’ve identified a landed ship to steal:

  1. Land your ship nearby, but not right next to the target ship. You want to be able to make a quick getaway if necessary.
  2. Stealthily approach the target ship on foot. Use cover to avoid detection.
  3. Pick the lock on the ship’s ramp to gain entry. Invest skill points into hacking for quicker access.
  4. Use silenced weapons and melee takedowns to eliminate any crew members or guards as quietly as possible.
  5. Make your way to the cockpit and access the ship’s console.
  6. Sit in the pilot’s seat and open the menu. Go to the Ship section and select “Make Home” to register the stolen ship to your account.
  7. You can now safely exit the ship and return to your main ship nearby. The stolen ship will remain for you to come back for later.

Stealing Ships in Space

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Stealing ships from flight in space is riskier but can net you some prime targets:

  1. Engage the target ship with your weapons to disable its engines, but don’t destroy it completely.
  2. Once the ship is dead in space, fly within 500m to enable docking.
  3. Board the ship and eliminate any remaining crew.
  4. Head to the cockpit, sit in the pilot seat, and make the ship your new home as described above.
  5. Quickly return to your main ship and re-register it as your home before the stolen ship starts flying back on its own.

How to Keep Your Main Ship

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The key to stealing ships without losing your main ride is registering and un-registering ships quickly using the Make Home function. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t take off in the stolen ship. Just re-register your main ship from the console.
  • You can fast travel back to your main ship’s location easily if you landed it at a point of interest.
  • When switching back to your main ship, you don’t even need to sit in the pilot seat. Just enter the ship and immediately re-register it as home.
  • Note that switching ships can sometimes bug out and teleport you elsewhere. Save first just in case.

Dealing with Consequences

While stealing ships can net you free rides, it also comes with some consequences to be aware of:

  • Killing crew members will lower your reputation with certain factions.
  • Getting caught by authorities while stealing can result in bounties on your head.
  • Ships with lower capacity than your main ship may cause crew members to disappear.
  • Registering many ships can get expensive with registration fees.

Choosing the Right Ships to Steal

When scouting potential targets, keep an eye out for:

  • Rare and expensive ships you can’t otherwise afford.
  • Ships with higher inventory capacity than your current ship.
  • Fighters and interceptors that add combat versatility.
  • Unoccupied mining ships full of valuable ores.
  • Luxury ships of factions you have poor reputation with already.

Avoid trying to steal ships that are too large or expensive for your current character level. Grab what you can pragmatically use.

What to Do With Your New Ship

Once you’ve successfully swiped a new set of wings, here are some things you can do:

  • Add it to your personal fleet for different mission needs.
  • Strip it for parts and materials to upgrade other ships.
  • Use it as cheap storage space when your main ship is full.
  • Fix it up and gift it to a companion character.
  • Sell it for profit if you need quick credits.
  • Break it down for raw materials to craft custom ships.

The galaxy is your oyster when you start amassing ships through piracy!

Final Thoughts

Stealing ships in Starfield takes some skill but gives enterprising space pirates access to new rides. Scout targets carefully, register ships quickly with the Make Home function, and be ready to deal with consequences like lower faction reputation. Employ stealth and technical skills to become an ace ship thief. With these tips, you’ll be able to expand your fleet and options without breaking the bank!

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