Starfield Outpost Beacon Exploit: Get Unlimited Legendary Guns and Ammo

A Redditor have discovered a Starfield Outpost Beacon exploit that allows you to get unlimited legendary guns and ammo. This exploit involves placing and deleting outpost beacons along with weapon cases to duplicate weapons and ammo. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take advantage of this exploit while it still works.

An exploit has been found in Starfield that allows players to get unlimited legendary guns and ammo. This is done by placing outpost beacons and weapon cases, saving and reloading, then deleting the outpost beacon. When the beacon is deleted, all placed weapon cases will be looted, refunding materials while dropping guns and ammo into your inventory. Repeating this process allows fast farming for legendary gear.

Step-by-Step Guide Starfield Outpost Beacon Exploit

Follow these steps to perform the outpost beacon exploit:

1. Place an Outpost Beacon

Starfield Outpost Beacon Exploit Get Unlimited Legendary Guns and Ammo 1
  • Open the scanner menu.
  • Select Outpost and Place Outpost Beacon.
  • Place the beacon where you want your outpost to be.

2. Build Weapon Cases

Starfield Outpost Beacon Exploit Get Unlimited Legendary Guns and Ammo 2
  • With the beacon placed, go to the Display tab in the build menu.
  • Select the Weapon Case options to build medium and/or large cases.
  • Stack the cases on top of each other for faster placement.

3. Save Game

Starfield Outpost Beacon Exploit Get Unlimited Legendary Guns and Ammo 3 jpg
  • Open menu and select Save Game. This locks the placed items.

4. Reload Save

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  • Load the game save you just created. This will now fill the weapon cases.

5. Delete Outpost Beacon

Starfield Outpost Beacon Exploit Get Unlimited Legendary Guns and Ammo 5
  • Go back into the build menu and select Delete Outpost Beacon.
  • This will delete all placed items, loot the cases, and refund materials.

6. Repeat Process

Starfield Outpost Beacon Exploit Get Unlimited Legendary Guns and Ammo 6
  • Place a new beacon, rebuild cases, save and reload again.
  • Rinse and repeat for unlimited legendary loot.

Acquire Resources from Vendors

Starfield Outpost Beacon Exploit Get Unlimited Legendary Guns and Ammo 7

You’ll need titanium and polymer to repeatedly build weapon cases. These can be bought from various vendors:

  • Jemison Mercantile at New Atlantis.
  • UC Distribution at UC Outposts.

Stock up on these resources before exploiting so you can build cases indefinitely.

Stack Cases for Efficiency

When placing weapon cases, stack them vertically on top of each other. This allows you to rapidly place cases in a tower formation.

You can then delete just the bottom case to loot all above cases simultaneously. This speeds up the exploit process.

Delete Beacon to Auto-Loot

Deleting the beacon after reloading will auto-loot all placed cases. The guns and ammo will drop directly into your inventory.

This saves you from manually looting each case individually. Delete the beacon as soon as you reload to optimize the exploit.

Medium Cases Yield Rifles

The medium sized weapon cases produce random rifles and shotguns when looted. Use these if you want to farm endless legendary assault rifles and shotguns.

Large Cases Yield Heavies

The large weapon cases produce heavy weapons like mini guns, rocket launchers, and laser Gatlings. These have a chance to roll legendary effects.

Large cases can occasionally also produce legendary rifles and shotguns too. Use them to target heavy legendaries.

No Luck With Snipers

Unfortunately, sniper rifles don’t seem to be in the loot pool for this exploit. You’ll have to find legendary snipers through normal gameplay.

Take Advantage Before Patched

Exploits like this usually get patched quickly once widely known. Take advantage of this outpost beacon exploit while you still can to stock up on legendary weapons and ammo.

The unlimited nature allows you to grab godrolls and avoid endless grinding. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Redditor’s Experience and Advice

A Reddit user initially shared this exploit on the Starfield subreddit. They advised stacking cases in a vertical tower for fast placement. They were able to produce hundreds of guns in a short time by chaining beacon placements and deletions.

PNWTroglodyte recommends aiming for around 50 stacked cases as a balance of efficiency and loot production. Much more becomes cumbersome. Focus on repeating the place, save, reload, delete cycle quickly for the best results.

They also noted that which faction controls the region doesn’t seem to affect loot drops. The cases roll randomly either way. Just find a suitable location and go wild spawning and looting cases to farm for your god roll legendaries!

Final Thoughts

This outpost beacon exploit is an easy way to farm unlimited legendary weapons and ammo in Starfield. Take advantage of it to gear up your character before the inevitable patch. You’ll save endless grinding and be prepared to dominate the galaxy!

Follow the guide above to perform the exploit:

  • Place beacon
  • Build stacked weapon cases
  • Save game
  • Reload save
  • Delete beacon and loot cases
  • Repeat cycle endlessly

Focus on chaining the process smoothly and rapidly. Grab a stockpile of titanium and polymer to enable repeated case building. Abuse this exploit now for unlimited legendary loot!

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