How To Make NBA 2K24 MyCareer More Fun: Tips And Hacks For NBA 2K24 MyCareer

The NBA 2K series has long been praised for its excellent MyCareer mode, allowing players to create custom basketball superstars and guide them through their NBA journey. However, recent iterations of the popular game mode have started to feel stale, with too many repetitive quests and activities required to progress your player.

If you find yourself bored or frustrated with NBA 2K24 MyCareer, there are several ways you can help make the experience more enjoyable.

Know What Kind of Player You Want to Create in NBA 2K24 MyCareer

The first step to having fun in MyCareer is to have a clear vision of the type of player you want to build. NBA 2K24 lets you fully customize your MyPlayer’s appearance, position, attributes, badges, animations, and more. Before you start, think about your ideal playstyle and role so you can mold your player accordingly. 

Know What Kind of Player You Want to Create in NBA 2K24 MyCareer

For example, do you want to be a sharpshooting point guard who rains threes and zips alley-oop passes? Or a rim-protecting center who grabs rebounds and swats shots? Figuring this out ahead of time will help you distribute attributes and badges in a focused way instead of randomly upgrading whatever seems useful. 

Spend time experimenting with the MyPlayer Builder until you find ratings and physical traits that fit the player identity you have in mind. Testing your build in the Builder allows you to tweak attributes and body settings until you get the desired result.

Join a Team That Fits Your Position

One of your first choices in MyCareer is which NBA team to join. Instead of picking your favorite franchise, analyze team needs and roster construction to find the best fit for your player build and position. 

Join a Team That Fits Your Position

For example, if you built an elite 3-point shooting point guard, joining the Bucks (who already have Giannis, Middleton, and Holiday running the offense) may not get you many touches. You’d be better off on a squad like the Knicks or Pacers, where you can run the show and launch from deep more often.

Conversely, a defensive-minded center build would thrive on the Grizzlies next to Jaren Jackson Jr. but might need more minutes on the Nuggets behind Nikola Jokic. Consider team fit and potential playing time when selecting where to start your career. The right situation will let you maximize your player’s abilities.

Focus Early Upgrades on Key Attributes and Badges  

When starting in MyCareer, you earn very little VC (virtual currency) from games to spend on upgrading your player. That’s why it’s important to be smart about which attributes and badges to improve first.

For attributes, prioritize key categories that boost your player’s core strengths. Upgrade driving dunk, vertical, speed, acceleration, and stamina early on for a slashing small forward. For a sharpshooting guard, initially focus on mid-range, three-point shooting, pass accuracy, and ball handling. 

Focus Early Upgrades on Key Attributes and Badges

The same goes for badges – unlock the ones that amplify your position and play style. An athletic finisher needs a Contact Finisher, a Slithery Finisher, and a Relentless Finisher before anything else. A perimeter marksman needs a Range Extender, Hot Zone Hunter, Catch & Shoot, and Deadeye at high tiers ASAP.

Resist the temptation to dabble in non-essential attributes or badges until your key skills are elite. This focused approach will make you effective right away.

Sim Through Parts That Feel Like a Grind

MyCareer includes many mandatory quests, conversations, practices, and endorsement tasks that get repetitive quickly. Don’t feel you need to slog through every minor activity – use the Simulate option liberally.

Sim Through Parts That Feel Like a Grind

Simulating lets you bypass unimportant games and events to progress faster. If walking around the city chatting with NPCs or repping brands for chump change feels like a chore, save it! You can always return and complete quests later if you want the full experience. But simulating reduces pointless grinding considerably.

The two exceptions are NBA games and team practices. You should always play full games to earn VC and improve your player through experience. Regularly attending team practices accelerates badge progression. But everything else can be summed up as needed to avoid burnout.

Adjust the Game Difficulty Setting

Finding the right difficulty level is one of the most impactful ways to keep MyCareer engaging. NBA 2K24 lets you choose from Rookie to Hall of Fame settings that determine AI behavior. 

Adjust the Game Difficulty Setting

At lower difficulties like Rookie and Pro, you’ll immediately dominate with any decently rated player. But the extreme challenge of the Hall of Fame makes progression feel impossible early on. Neither experience is very rewarding. 

Instead, try bumping the difficulty up or down until you find the sweet spot where games are competitive but not demoralizing. All-Star is a good starting point. Your player will gradually improve until you can step up to Superstar. Getting the difficulty balanced keeps each game fun and winnable.

Test Different Animations to Find Your Favorites 

A major part of achieving your dream player fantasy in MyCareer is equipping signature moves and styles. NBA 2K24 features a wealth of animations to customize jump shots, dribble moves, dunk packages, and more.

Test Different Animations to Find Your Favorites

Rather than just using recommended or default animations, browse the Animation Store and purchase different options to find your favorites. Test out various jumpers in the Shootaround until you discover the perfect release for your player. Try all dribble moves and combos in 1-on-1 games to create a unique handle. 

Mixing and matching animations that fit your playstyle goes a long way in making you feel in control of your player. And having go-to moves you know and love adds enjoyment with every green release or epic dunk.

Join Online Matchmaking Modes Once You Hit 90+ OVR

MyCareer’s online integration with the Park and Rec Center is enticing, but jumping in before your player has a high enough rating often leads to frustration. 

Join Online Matchmaking Modes Once You Hit 90+ OVR

As a 60 OVR newbie, you will struggle mightily against the decked-out demigods that occupy these modes. Your player’s lack of attributes and badges will make competing a nightmare.

Have patience and focus on MyCareer offline until your OVR climbs to at least 90. This ensures you have the ratings and key badge upgrades to contribute online. Once you’ve unlocked contact dunks and other elite skills, you’ll be viable and have much more fun playing real people.

Try Out Different Builds and Positions

Creating new player builds keeps MyCareer fresh. If you’ve pushed one MyPlayer as far as they can go and start feeling stagnant, switch it up.

Experiment with positions you don’t normally play, like center or point guard. Make a wacky build focused on one outlier skill, like stealing. Go against meta trends and make an undersized big man or non-shooting guard. 

Respecting to reallocate your attributes can also breathe new life into a stale build. Shifting some points around transforms how your player performs.

Playing as vastly different player archetypes with their strengths and limitations will expose you to new experiences and challenges. It expands the possibilities of MyCareer exponentially.

Don’t Worry About Min/Maxing Everything

It’s easy to get obsessed with min/maxing every little thing to create the “perfect” MyPlayer – focusing on optimization over enjoyment. Incremental attribute gains and badge upgrades make little tangible difference at a certain point.

Keep in mind the purpose of MyCareer is to fulfill your basketball fantasy, not churning out incremental improvements forever. If a certain quest line or activity sounds dreadfully tedious, skip it – you’ll still reach your potential and have fun doing it.

Play MyCareer in the manner that brings you the most happiness. Don’t sweat small differences in rating or badge points that won’t dramatically change your experience. Keep your priorities on whatever engages you most as a player.

Appreciate the Journey and Celebrate Milestones

Finally, maintain perspective and appreciate the journey. The most rewarding aspect of MyCareer is the gradual progression from an unknown rookie to an NBA legend over countless games. 

How To Make NBA 2K24 MyCareer More Fun

Reflect on your early struggles when your player was a lowly 60 OVR benchwarmer with an overall C- teammate grade. Look back fondly on milestone moments like your first 20-point game, max rating, All-Star selection, or ring.

The point is to take your time to 99 OVR with Hall of Fame badges in a week. It’s embracing the long, gradual journey of amateur to pro. Keep that mindset, and MyCareer will stay magical year after year.

Redditor’s Story About Losing Interest in MyCareer

Many NBA 2K fans on Reddit have expressed losing interest in MyCareer for similar reasons, like this one Reddit user who wrote:

The past few years, I haven’t been able to stick with MyCareer for more than a season or two. At first, the quests were fun, and I liked improving my player through practice and games. But it starts feeling super repetitive, running around the city talking to NPCs, doing pointless mini-games for virtual clothing, and getting constantly bombarded with text messages and calls about sponsorship deals. It just kills my motivation to keep grinding my player when so much time is spent on fluff rather than actual basketball. I wish you could turn off those immersion elements completely and focus on an NBA basketball experience. Improving your skills through hard work in games and team practices should drive MyCareer progress. Not annoying fetch quests for promotional brands or rapping for fans. Does anyone else feel this way, or am I just missing something?

Many other players echoed the same sentiments above. This shows how over-emphasizing promotional elements has degraded the basketball experience that initially made MyCareer compelling. The tips in this guide can help filter out some of those pain points. At its core, MyCareer is still an incredible sports RPG when you cut away the commercial distractions and play it your way.

Final Thoughts

MyCareer offers incredible potential for living out your superstar hoops dreams. But realizing that potential means filtering out annoying parts that induce burnout and discouragement. Apply the tips in this guide to refresh your perspective and retain enjoyment:

  • Know what type of player you want to build before starting 
  • Join a team that fits your position and playstyle
  • Be smart about investing limited early resources into key attributes and badges
  • Simulate mundane quests and events to avoid repetitive grinding
  • Find the ideal difficulty level that provides an engaging challenge
  • Test out different animations until you discover your favorites
  • Wait until you hit 90+ OVR before bringing your player online
  • Experiment with new builds, positions, and respecs to keep things varied
  • Don’t get obsessed with min/maxing every little rating and upgrade
  • Appreciate the journey and celebrate your MyPlayer’s milestones

Keep your focus on maximizing fun, not virtual numbers. Approach MyCareer with this mindset; it will stay enjoyable season after season. Soon, you’ll look back proudly on the legacy your unique NBA superstar left behind.

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