How To Play Sega Saturn Games On Windows 10

If you want to play Sega Saturn games on Windows 10 then you will need to use an emulator. This is a software that allows your computer to act like a Saturn console allowing it to run its games. One of the best choices to use is the BizHawk emulator.

The Sega Saturn is a video game console developed and released by Sega in 1994. It is the successor to the Sega Genesis with games now stored in a CD-ROM format. It had several notable arcade ports as well as original gaming titles however it failed to become a success which led to it being discontinued in 1998 after selling more than 9 million units worldwide.

Playing Sega Saturn games on your PC

Did you own this gaming console back in the 90s and miss playing its games? Or are you curious as to what playing with the Saturn feels like? You’ve come to the right place as we will be showing you how you can play Saturn games on your PC.

Installing BizHawk emulator on Windows 10 in order to play Sega Saturn games

You can download and install this emulator on your computer by following these steps.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Downloading BizHawk

  1. Go to the BizHawk download page.

    You can do this by visiting using your browser.Play Sega Saturn Games On Windows 10

  2. Click the latest BizHawk zipped file link.

    This will download the latest emulator version on your computer.Playing Sega Saturn games on your Windows 10 computer

  3. Extract the downloaded zipped file.

    This will allow you to access the emulator.extract bizhawk

  4. Click on the EmuHawk executable file.

    This will open the BizHawk bizhawk

Running a Sega Saturn game using BizHawk

Before you are able to enjoy playing any of the Saturn games you will need to set up the BIOS of the emulator. Since this is a copyrighted software you should get this from your original Saturn console. You should import the BIOS to the emulator using the Firmware manager. Without this, you won’t be able to play any game.

Once the BIOS has been set up you can then proceed with opening a game. You can configure the screen size as well as controller options to suit your preference.

After performing the steps listed above you will successfully play Sega Saturn games on Windows 10.

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