5 Best Role Playing Games For Galaxy S9

It can be difficult to find good role playing games for Galaxy S9 on the Play Store. Developers have created tons of options, so much so that the market is pretty flooded when it comes to role playing games. And it’s certainly not flooded with all quality titles, but many that don’t have a whole lot of effort put into them. That said, if you’re having difficulty finding quality role playing games for Galaxy S9, be sure to stick with us as we show you some of the best available on the market right now. Check them out!


Eternium comes as first up on our list, and operates as an Action RPG. It’s similar to the hit game Diablo in a lot of ways, where you can play as a variety of different characters and classes. This is a classic tap the screen to move style game, and it has a tap-to-attack function. This is a lot more natural than the virtual thumbsticks many developers put in games. There are endless amounts of environments to explore, and casting spells is pretty easy with the draw to attack function. The game can mostly be played for free, so you won’t have to spend too much money on the game, if any at all.

Download it now: Google Play

Ravensword: Shadowlands

Next up is the popular Ravensword: Shadowlands game. This one will set you back about $7, but it’s a small price to pay for such a high quality game. This game has an enormous world that players will be able to explore, and there’s plenty of content to wade through. But, one of the best things about Ravensword: Shadowlands is the stunning visuals never before seen in an Android game.

If you’ve ever played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Ravensword: Shadowlands is actually pretty similar to that.

Download it now: Google Play


Postknight is next up on our list, and actually takes on a classic, almost Mario Party style. This game was designed to be an RPG for people who are always on the go, allowing them to still game and wade through an exciting adventure, but without the massive time commitment. Whenever you need to put the game down, you can, and whenever you’re ready to pick it up again, you start off right where you left it.

Postknight has all of the typical functions of an RPG game — the ability to level up, customize your character’s strength and characteristics, as well as the ability to learn spells and new skills to take into combat. Get started at the link below.

Download it now: Google Play

Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a hack and slash Action RPG put together by Gameloft. If you’re looking for one of the most intense hack and slash adventures on Android, Dungeon Hunter 5 is the game that you should download and jump right into. You’re thrust into a world in chaos, where — you guessed it — you have to save it from the evils that lurk. There are tons of ways to customize your characters with hundreds of armor pieces, new abilities, and even skills. Or, you can take the fight online and join with other players to rid the world of the evil corruption.

Dungeon Hunter 5 tries to keep the game constantly exciting by regularly adding new contents, such as daily dungeons you can run through.

Download it now: Google Play


Shadowblood might be last up on our list, but this hit game is a favorite on Android. This is another Action RPG hack and slash style game, but with endless amounts of content. There are six unique characters that you can choose from, customize, and upgrade. You can take the fight to regular monsters that roam the open world, or you can choose to go online in 1 versus 1 combat against other players. The game has an engaging storyline that will keep you entertained for hours to come as well.

Download it now: Google Play


As you can see, there are a lot of great role playing games on Galaxy S9. We’ve shown you only the best, made by big name developers like Gameloft. If you’re looking for just one to download and dive into, you can’t go wrong with the endless content that Dungeon Hunter 5 and Shadowblood have to offer. Or, you might enjoy taking on a more classic and traditional style with Postknight.

Which one are you picking up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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