5 Best Offline Soccer Games For Galaxy Note 9

The World Cup. Serie A. Bundesliga. MLS. Beckham. Rooney. Pele. Chelsea. Liverpool. These words and so many others are instant triggers, even for the most nominal fans of the game of soccer. Unfortunately, most of us will never reach the levels of fame and notoriety attained by these clubs, leagues, and legends of the game. The great news is that you do have the opportunity to live out your football dreams from the comfort of your own home, vehicle, workplace, or wherever you happen to be with your Galaxy Note 9. Whether you dream of creating and managing your own team, building a world-class stadium, or sprinting down the pitch to score a dramatic goal during penalty time, these games will provide you with a tremendous outlet for channeling your passion for the game. The games listed will not be placed in any particular order, but we will give you our thoughts on which game is the best later on. Be sure to follow along below!

FIFA Mobile Soccer

The field for the World Cup may be limited to 32 teams, but this does not mean you miss out on the opportunity to guarantee your nation one of these coveted spots. FIFA Mobile Soccer allows you to create, manage, and even customize your own team within just seconds of downloading. The gameplay is sharp and realistic, and you can even choose from a variety of maps and locations in order to create the perfect World Cup scenario. Continue to advance your skills until you feel adequately prepared, and then put your squad to the ultimate test of playing against others on the app!

Download it now: Google Play

Dream League Soccer

While bearing some similarities to FIFA, Dream League Soccer also manages to set itself apart. Some of the most notable qualities of Dream League are the smoothness and reality of the graphics and gameplay, as well as the simplicity of the controls. In addition to this, you will still have the chance to create, manage, and customize your squad. As you make progress through your season, you will continue to be faced with new challenges and objectives, causing this game to be both gratifying yet addicting. Continue to advance through six skill divisions and seek to prove your greatness!

Download it now: Google Play

Score! Hero

Time is winding down, the overcrowded stadium is raucous, and the match is tied 2-2. The ball is on your foot and the goalie is the only one standing between you and soccer immortality. You swing your cleat, make solid contact, and watch the ball sail over the hands of the keeper and into the top corner of the net. This is the dream for so many soccer enthusiasts and it can be lived out in Score Hero. Rather than managing an entire team, this game follows your career as a footballer. If you dream of the big moment on the biggest stage, Score Hero may be right for you.

Download it now: Google Play

PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer

Developed and released by Konami, Pro Evolution is one of the Primary competitors for games like FIFA and  Dream League. One of the greatest features of this game is the ability to add legendary players, both past and present, to your roster. Build your favorite roster, customize your team, and play either individually or against others. With sharp gameplay and realistic graphics, this game is a great option.

Download it now: Google Play

Top Eleven

Boredom is sure to be a thing of the past when you consider all of the managerial options available at your fingertips as you navigate through Top Eleven. From creating customized practice sessions, to recruiting and signing some of the world’s greatest athletes, to building a stadium worthy of some of the greatest teams in the world, Top Eleven has it all. If your dream is to manage a professional team, this game is the closest thing to reality. Download this app and begin your quest for glory.

Download it now: Google Play


Clearly, all of these games are different in some way. Each game has its own niche and an audience who will believe that game to be the best. While each app is great in its own way, we do believe there to be one game that stands tall above the rest… Dream League Soccer. Thanks to its excellent gameplay options, stunning graphics, and numerous customization options, Dream League has successfully combined all the elements that make for a truly great Soccer app. Download the app and start the journey towards soccer heroism and league championships!

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