5 Best Offline Action RPG Games For Pixel 3 XL in 2023

Looking for the best offline action RPG games for Pixel 3 XL to burn some time or to even see what your Pixel 3 XL’s graphics engine can do? Then you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of games that aren’t worth giving any attention to, but we’ve compiled a list of five of the best ones on the Google Play Store.

Follow along below, and we’ll show you our top picks.

The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is easily one of our favorite titles. This is a remake of the original game from decades ago, and the developers have actually done a splendid job. Players will have a ton of fun exploring the vast open world of The Bard’s Tale, and hundreds of quests will keep players busy for weeks on end. There’s quite an involved character progression system as well, which really provides you with more customization over your character.

The game itself will set you back by around $3, but that’s to keep advertisements from ruining the overall gameplay experience. There are in-app purchases, but none that are required to help you progress.

Download it now: Google Play

Doom and Destiny Advanced

Doom and Destiny Advanced is another favorite. This one is actually a sequel to another Doom and Destiny title, and has some notable improvements to it. This game will cost you a couple of bucks to wade through; however, the developers give each player up to 15 hours of completely free Doom and Destiny RPG content to see if they like it or not.

The combat system of Doom and Destiny Advanced is probably our favorite part of the game. The thrill of the hack and slash combat is difficult to get past! When you get bored of taking the fight to the enemy by yourself, you can hop online and play with friends and random player in a co op mode.

Download it now: Google Play

Eternium: Mages and Minions

Eternium: Mages and Minions is next up on our list, and is an exciting title for the Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone. This is another title that will remind you a lot of the hack and slash style that Diablo 2 had. But on top of that, Eternium is packed full of unique content, allowing you to stay busy for a couple of weeks. You’ll be able to have a part in an exciting story line, and there are vast locations to be explored. The combat system might be our favorite, taking on that sweet hack and slash style.

Download it now: Google Play

Exiled Kingdoms

If you remember the good ol’ days of Diablo 2, then you’ll love the hack and slash adventure that is Exiled Kingdoms. This game has a ton of content packed inside of it — you’ll get to follow an exciting story line, take part in an epic combat system, explore vast lands that haven’t been discovered before, and more.

The graphics of Exiled Kingdoms are actually really good. They definitely have a retro style to them; however, they look clear and detailed on the beautiful Pixel 3 XL display.

Download it now: Google Play


Evoland comes in as last up on our list, but that’s because there’s not a whole lot of content in the game to keep you busy for a long period of time. You can actually wrap up Evoland in under just a couple of hours.

It takes a unique twist on the RPG world. It starts out as a 2D adventure game with retro-style graphics, but as you progress through the game, it upgrades different aspects of the game. For example, your character might become a 3D character, or your retro graphics might turn into 3D graphics, and so on. It essentially takes you from the beginning of how RPG games were in the 90s, and then shows you what they are today as you near the end.

Download it now: Google Play


With so many offline action RPG games to choose from, it can be difficult to select just one for playing in-between meetings or on your lunch hour. If you’re looking to get involved in a thrilling storyline and join in on an epic combat system, then you might want to check out either The Bard’s Tale or Exiled Kingdoms first. Both won’t let you down, and either one will keep you busy for hours on end. Or, if you’re simply looking for something quick, Evoland isn’t a bad choice either.

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