5 Best Money Games For Kids On Android

One of the most important things that a parent can impart into a child is correct money handling skills and fiscal responsibility.  With debt becoming more and more a part of society, it is wise for a child to have an appreciation of what it takes to earn money and how to responsibly use it once they have it.  This starts with the simple concept of knowing what money is and how to tell what a given coin or bill is worth to learning banking and shopping skills and how to plan for what you need to buy.  This list of apps will give you help with some of the best money games out on Android for kids.

Kids Learning Money Lite

Learning to count money can be difficult and confusing. But this game makes it fun for kids and parents alike to learn how to count various currencies including dollars, Euros and British pounds.  There is a learning mode where you can take your time and learn each coin and bill as you drag them across the screen to your money pile. But once you have learned your currency, the arcade mode allows for timed fun to see how quickly you can sort out your change and pay the bill.  You can challenge your friends for who is the fastest money counter. In the lite version of the game there are 20 levels to complete. If you decide this is the game for you, you can pay and get over 200 levels of currency counting delight. This game is mainly focused toward learning, but adding an element of fun to that learning can always make what would be a boring job into something more enjoyable.

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Grocery Market Kids Cash Register – Games For Kids

In this game, kids may run their own grocery store.  They act as store manager and cashier. There is a large variety of produce that the store sells.  Your child may run the cash register and thus learn to do simple math and handle money as they sell their store’s stock.  They must also learn time management as they may be asked to work with several customers at a time.

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Bank Cashier and ATM Machine Simulator

Play as a bank manager and cashier in this banking simulation game.  In it, your child must work with customers calculating fees and salaries.  They will learn about using an atm and cash handling to give the correct change to customers.  They will need to use math skills, knowledge of currency, time management and other skills to successfully work their way up the scale in this game.

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Subway Cashier Cash Register Game For Kids Free

In this money handling game, your child runs a subway.  They must monitor the subway and passengers as well as for safety as the subway’s security officer.  They must make sure that lines stay low and people are able to board the subway in a quick and orderly manner as the subway manager.  And they must collect the cash and make correct change as the subway cashier. A lot of jobs and responsibility makes this an interesting game that allows your child to explore various jobs within the transportation career path. They are able to advance their characters skills and jobs as they continue to play this game that has multiple levels.

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Bitcoins and ATM: Bank and Cash Learning Simulator

Want your child to be aware of alternative currencies and the discussion of government run and backed currency verses virtual currency and how to deal with them?  This app will introduce to your child the concept of bitcoin. In this app, your child will learn to work and ATM, use a debit card, handle cash and shop using bitcoin and cash.   They learn to check their balance, deposit and withdraw money and use the card as a means of buying things in a store. They will also learn the importance of managing their bank accounts.  This is a great app for a older child as they begin to learn how to interact with the bank on their own and begin to take responsibility for some of their own earnings from that baby sitting or part time job.

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Money games are available to help your child from the basics to the more in depth.  It is also a great conversation starter to being to talk further with your child about the things they need to know to help them be a fiscally healthy member of society.  

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