5 Best Games Like Warframe

Warframe is an excellent co-op and futuristic shooter. It’s a game packed full of action. You pick your Warframe — this is basically your super human suit — which there are thirty of. The warframe you pick gives you a handful of different abilities and weapons that you can use. And then, you can jump into the world full of strange alien creatures, allowing you to slice and dice through your enemies. There are massive open landscapes that can be explored, as well as different vehicles to traverse those lands.

However, like many games, Warframe does get boring after awhile, which might have you looking for something similar. There are few games out there that are similar to Warframe in style, but a handful that do get close. So, without further ado, here are five of our favorite games like Warframe.


Overwatch is easily as close as you can get to a game like Warframe. Overwatch has tons of different characters that you can choose from, each with their own unique abilities and weapons. Overwatch is played all online, and it is purely player versus player content. It’s an overall extremely competitive game, allowing you to climb the ladder and become one of the best. With over 40 million active players, you’ll never run out of people to compete with. Get good enough, and you might even find yourself earning cash in tournaments.


In second position on our list, we have the Halo series. Halo is an excellent series to get into if you’re looking for some immersive Sci-Fi story content in addition to an awesome, free style combat system. You play as Master Chief, a soldier in what is essentially a superhuman suit, and are either trying to prove your innocence to the government, or taking the fight straight to invading alien forces.

Halo has an excellent singleplayer system in place; however, most of the Halo games also have a thriving co-op system to accomplish your mission with friends. When you’re ready for something fresh, Halo has a thriving multiplayer scene where you can learn to be super competitive, and even win money in tournaments.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 comes up next on our list, and has some similar themes to Warframe. The combat system is probably closest to Halo or Destiny; however, the plot or style is pretty similar to Warframe. You play as a human that has “super” abilities — otherwise known as a Super Agent — such as being able to scale skyscrapers or throw large trucks at enemies. Taking place in a Sci-Fi world, there are all sorts of high-tech weaponry that you can discover, pick up, and play around with. There’s some thriving singleplayer missions; however, it has a great multiplayer system as well.


If you’ve been active in the gaming world at all recently, you know all of the hype surrounding Anthem. With amazing, realistic graphics, and in a third-person perspective, players will start to see some similarities to Warframe; however, it operates more on a scale similar to Destiny. It’s all online-based; however, you’ll get to play as essentially super human war machines, explore expansive sci-fi universes, and play around with the high-tech weapons that Anthem has to offer. There are all sorts of alien creatures that you’ll be able to fight, rewards you’ll be able to redeem, and secrets to be uncovered. Anthem has a massive open world with plenty of secrets to be uncovered as well.


Borderlands might be last up on our countdown, but it’s still an excellent choice for those looking for a Warfram alternative. The big difference between Warframe and Borderlands is that Borderlands is definitely the more story-based game out of the two. There’s a free style combat system most similar to Halo, as Borderlands doesn’t have a hack and slash system in lace. Borderlands will actually keep you a little busier, as its full of content that’ll take you weeks to get through. There are quests to complete, and a massive universe to explore.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent games on the market that are similar to Warframe. Sure, these aren’t carbon copies, but many of them are similar in style, giving you that science-fiction theme that you can thoroughly enjoy. Overwatch gets pretty close, and so does Crackdown 3; however, we think you’ll most enjoy Anthem and its massive open world.

Do you have a favorite game similar to Warframe? Sound off in the comments section below.