5 Best Free Games on Steam in 2022

Games are an excellent stress buster. There are plenty of platforms out there that let you get in on the gaming action, but none better than Steam. This is one of the go to platforms for all things gaming. Home to some of the best games out there, it has something for everyone.However, some of the most popular games out there come with a hefty price tag, something that the casual gamer doesn’t want to spend money on. However, did you know that Steam is also home to plenty of exciting free games that are just as interesting as some of the popular paid games out there?

Here again, there are plenty of choices available, which can be quite daunting for the average customer. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to compile a list of the five best Steam games available for download in 2022. We have carefully picked some of the most popular and feature packed games meant for everyone. So feel free to try out all these games.

5 Best Free Games on Steam in 2022


This game is extremely popular among the community, and by far one of the best free-to-play fantasy games on Steam. Paladin mixes the gameplay of fantasy titles and blends it with newer aspects like snipers, grenadiers, and even goblins. There are skills that you can learn by earning cards overtime, letting you master the game as you level up. The gameplay is pretty smooth, and although things are quite easy up until Level 5, the gloves come off pretty quickly after that. It’s highly addictive, and has a promise of being completely free.

The only purchase you make here is cosmetic for in-game appearance and other aspects. Every other gameplay characteristic is no different from any other player, regardless how much he or she invests in it. There are hundreds of skins to choose from in Paladin, which makes for a great gameplay experience. New updates bring more skins, thus adding more fun to your gameplay experience.


This game mixes action with strategy pretty well. It is based on multiple games of the same genre, but it does a solid job of standing on its own. The premise of the game is a 5v5 shooter with the user defending their monster (source of power and weapons) while also laying siege to a rival monster that you encounter. This makes for an exciting game that’s filled with action and lets you learn inventive new ways to defeat the rival monster. You can build up your roster to have up to 20 robust characters, so there’s no limit to customizations, although only five players can pit themselves against each other.

The graphics are stellar here, and don’t require heavy GPU prowess on your computer. The only crucial requirement for this game is that it requires a 64-bit processor on your computer. Network gameplay requires internet connectivity. Gigantic is filled with a lot of action and adventure with a ton of customization options. It’s a free download from the Steam store.

Art of War: Red Tides

This is a war based game that quickly reminds you of titles like StarCraft 2. It comes with a pretty decent set of strategies, with gameplay revolving around three races and all their troops. You have to coordinate with other players in order to effectively destroy all enemy turrets and claim victory over the opposition. Although this seems pretty simple, it’s a lot hard to master given that there are various strategies that the user needs to learn and follow in due time.

In each wave, the user has only 12 seconds to react and send troops to fight the enemy. It is imperative here that the user is mindful of the tactics that the opposition might use and learn to predict the moves accordingly. It’s a pretty addictive game too, and something that most gamers don’t expect when they first install this title.

Art of War: Red Tides is completely free to download and play, although it follows an in-game purchases model, that allows you to purchase cosmetic items within the game. This in no way affects the actual performance of your battle, and is only a visual change from the rest of the players. So as a gamer, you don’t have to worry about a paying customer outsmarting you during the battles.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek really needs no introduction to users from the 80s. But for those unaware, it was a hit TV series that has been remade into multiple movies in the past as well as recently. This particular game runs in tandem with the TV show on CBS, which adds to the appeal of the game, especially if you’re a fan of the TV show. The game is not new by any means. Launched back in 2010 as a free to play offering, this title gives users a Federation Starship, a crew, and the permission to roam the galaxies as you see fit.

Given that this is a highly community driven game, users will quickly take a liking to the gameplay aspects of Star Trek Online. Unlike other games on this list, Star Trek Online works with the most basic computer hardware, so you don’t need state of the art CPU or GPU to play this game.

Fractured Space

This is a critically acclaimed intergalactic combat game that lets you venture the galaxies and fight players using 5v5 mode or 1v1 modes respectively. It’s best played as a single player game though, as the servers are no longer running and the developers behind the game have pretty much given up on the franchise due to lack of interest from new users. However, it goes without saying that this is one of the most underrated games in recent times, and it surely is a treat.

It’s still not out of Steam, so we highly recommend you to try it out when it’s still up. Fractured Space is a true classic, and a free download. Check it out.

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