5 Best Disney Games For Girls On Android

As parents, there comes a time when you just need a break. Young kids do not just sit still. While this would be nice, there just seems to be a season when they appear capable of sitting still, but this is a seemingly unrealistic expectation. Your little girl (be it your daughter, granddaughter, niece, friends kid or even sister)  may be the one who has encouraged you to have this false expectation, but this is most likely because they do not move a muscle when there is something playing on a screen of any kind; TV, smartphone, computer, ipad, tablet.

These little ones sit still for what seems like hours in front of a screen, yet when we really need them to, they do not seem to comprehend what sitting still is?! Enter the apps. Games that will hold their attention long enough for you to get the pressing chore accomplished, work e-mail send, phone call made, or something of the like. There is no shame. Sometimes the best thing to do is embrace the season you are in and download an app so they can play a game. What better than a game inspired by your daughters favorite Disney movie. After some research, these are the best ones available right now.

Frozen Free Fall

Known as Disney’s #1 game, Frozen Free Fall is a game modeled after Disney’s Frozen. In the game there are matching puzzles to solve by sliding the object pictured on the screen around. To make the game more exciting it obviously includes Ana, Elsa, and the other beloved characters from the movie. With over 1000 levels to play, this game provides hours or entertainment. It works on all devices and is free! The game does however,  have features that can be purchased to make the game more exciting. This app also links with social media and allows friends to connect and share lives from the game.

Download it now: Google Play

Beauty and the Beast

Of course there would be a game modeled after the ‘tale as old as time’! The Beauty and the Beast app is another matching game in which the little girl in your life will need to slide around the gems around the screen to solve the magical puzzles. Not only does this version of Disney’s matching game have puzzles, it allows you to meet the characters, explore the castle, and even decorate! This app does have in app purchases for things your little lady can use to play the game.

Download it now: Google Play

Disney Emoji Blitz

If your little girl  isn’t all about Disney Princesses, then this version of the matching game app is for her. With Emojis from all of the Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars movies you make matches and earn prizes, complete missions, and get new emojis. The game has thousands of emojis. Not only do you play the matching game, you can challenge your friends in the game, there is an option to chat with the emojis. The app offers special events and new challenges every day.

Download it now: Google Play

Maleficent Free Fall

Clearly Disney has an forte for the matching free fall game. Based on the movie Maleficent, this version of free fall is one of the best (obviously, or it wouldn’t be on this list). Since the nature of the movie is a dark one, and the game stays true to this theme. This version has some unique power ups. For instance, you can cast Maleficent’s green magic on the board to remove all of the green gemstones, or call down Maleficent’s raven to rearrange the board. And while its a free app, of course there are in app features that may be purchased to enhance the game as well.

Download it now: Google Play

Disney NOW

Disney NOW is the online streaming feature on the Disney channel website, and now it is available in app form. The primary function for this app is to watch episodes of one’s favorite Disney shows from the archived shows, as well as steam the channel live. it also includes games featuring the beloved characters of your little girl’s favorite shows. This app has a block on it that when enabled, only allows young children to be limited to the Disney Jr. content.   

Download it now: Google Play


While these apps are not top of the line and tend to have some glitches in them, they still will provide hours of entertainment for the little girl in your life. Users tend to run into freezing issue once they make an in app purchase. So save your money and take advantage of the free portion of these app games that revolve around the beloved Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars Characters.

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