Best dual SIM Android smartphones available today

Very rarely mentioned in the same breath as zippy 64-bit processors, Quad HD screens, OIS cameras, or massive batteries with fast charging capabilities when it comes to top selling points of today’s best and brightest Android smartphones. Dual-SIM support remains an extremely convenient feature to have for several classes of mobile users. Business people often

Top 10 super-slim smartphones you can actually buy today

The world’s thinnest smartphone title has become a thorny affair in recent years, as new contenders pop up out of nowhere once every few weeks. Most of the time, no-name Chinese manufacturers are behind these designs that defy gravity common sense, and the goal is to score free publicity for future products with the better

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Charging [Troubleshooting Guide]

We received several email messages from our readers who were seeking assistance because their new Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t charge. Some said the screen just went dark and when plugged in, it won’t respond and won’t show the usual charging signs. The most common misconception about not charging issues is that people used to think