Samsung Galaxy Note 2 No Sim Error Solutions

One user of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 told us that he has been getting a “No SIM” error in his handset. He tried inserting a friend’s SIM card to his unit which worked. But whenever he tries his own, the error shows up. He also used his SIM to another phone which worked fine.

What To Do When Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Shuts Down Automatically

The automatic shutdown is a common problem to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, although the problem is vague in a sense that each case may be caused by different factors. We’ve received a lot of emails from our readers regarding this issue and it’s about time we’ll answer some of the questions related to this

WiFi Connectivity Problem in Galaxy Note 2

Recently we have discussed the possible causes and solutions to the WiFi connectivity problem experienced by some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phones. In one article, we presented using the Power Save Mode to optimize the performance of the phone’s WiFi. Other solutions were also presented here. Since the Galaxy Note 2 is running in the

How to Flash Galaxy Note 2 Easily

After talking about how to root Galaxy Note 2, a lot of people have been asking how to flash Galaxy Note 2. Basically, overwriting your OS with a newer version to enjoy various customization options that will let you optimize your Galaxy Note 2 is easy as long as you do it properly. However, this

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Fix For Boot Up, Battery, Power Problems

Welcome to our focused troubleshooting series that deals with boot up, battery, and power related problems on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Although this is a rather dated device we are still getting quite a number of questions from our readers regarding the issues they are facing with this phone. In this installment of the

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 WiFi Not Working Even with Strong Signal

So far, have posted various articles covering Galaxy Note 2 WiFi problems. But still, we get flooded with questions about the subject through The Droid Guy Mailbag. So, for the benefit of our readers out there who are encountering this particular issue in their Android devices, especially the Galaxy Note 2, we would like to

Top 6 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Camera Problems You May Encounter

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may suffer from any of the six most common camera problems that hit many users since the phone was released in 2012. There were quite a lot of emails we received complaining about issues regarding their camera. A quick search online suggests that the Galaxy Note 2 is not the

What To Do When Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Becomes Excessively Hot

There were reports from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users complaining about their phones becoming excessively hot. I had to talk to a friend of mine who is currently working as an engineer for a mobile phone manufacturer. According to him, it is normal for mobile phone to emit heat especially when used for hours. However,

Fixing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 TouchWiz Home Problem

A message came in recently in The Droid Guy Mailbag concerning a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 TouchWiz problem. The email reads, “Last night, my T-mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone updated its software to Android 4.3 JellyBean. While I appreciate the improved graphics rendering, I am dismayed by the following glitch. I now get this

How to Fix Galaxy Note 2 Stuck in Safe Mode

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a fail-safe in case things don’t work the way they should after boot up–Safe Mode. When a third-party app has gone rogue and causing too much trouble affecting the normal operation, the phone reboots to Safe Mode. If the software develops some conflicts with the while running, the phone will

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Automatically Switches to Roaming

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sound Problem

“Hi there. I was just on a website that suggested I try asking you for help regarding my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sound issues. Within the past month or so, my audio on my phone has been acting a little weird. The Note 2 sound problem happens when I listen to music through my speaker,

Fixing the Auto Scroll Problem in Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2

We have been receiving some complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 auto scrolling. A number of users apparently find their phones automatically scrolling on top of the page whenever they are reading some texts, emails or when browsing other apps. #1 Software Glitch One reason for this is a simple software

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Running Low On Memory [How to Fix]

Shortage in memory is often one of the most common problems in smartphones today. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is among those that often suffer from this issue. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not because the device was built with not enough RAM, it’s because applications today require a lot of RAM to run

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Stuck in Boot Loop

If you find yourself experiencing the problem wherein your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is stuck in a boot loop or your phone stops responding when its logo shows up, there might be a problem with your system files. According to XDA Developers, the usual factor triggering the issue is system files interfering with each other.

Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery That Drains Quickly

Among the most common problems Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners encountered was the noticeable quick draining of the battery. There are a lot of factors that could contribute to the issue, however, it is almost impossible to pinpoint it. That is why we have written this troubleshooting guide that will walk you through finding what