How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A50 Can’t Send MMS

The #Samsung #Galaxy #A50 is one of the latest premium mid-range Android smartphone model that’s best known for being an action phone. This device uses a triple rear camera system ( 25MP low light, 8MP ultra wide, 5MP live focus) which allows to capture the moment in detail. This phone has a 6.4 inch Super

Easy steps to fix Samsung Galaxy A50 that keeps restarting

When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A50 keeps restarting by itself, you can almost expect it to be an issue with the firmware, especially if there are no signs of physical and/or liquid damage. However, you need to perform some troubleshooting procedures to be able to determine what the issue really is all about

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy A50 that’s running slow

The Samsung Galaxy A50 actually has some impressive hardware specs and runs on the latest Android version, Android 9 Pie, but some owners are complaining because after just a few weeks, their phone already started running slow. Performance issues can always be attributed to the software or firmware. But there are also instances wherein this

Internet keeps stopping on Samsung Galaxy A50. Here’s the fix.

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A50 reported to be getting the error ‘Internet keeps stopping’ that shows up when they try to browse using the phone’s default web browser called ‘Internet’. There were owners who were so worried because they thought that the Internet on their devices has stopped and that they could no

Camera keeps stopping on Samsung Galaxy A50. Here’s the fix.

The error message ‘Camera keeps stopping’ that pops up whenever the camera app is launched basically means that the app has crashed or keeps crashing. This seems to be bothering some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A50. It may seem like a serious problem, but more often than not, it’s just a minor issue, which

My Samsung Galaxy A50 won’t charge. Here’s the fix.

When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A20 won’t charge, it is possible that the problem is just minor, unless of course your phone shows signs of physical and liquid damage. I have also encountered similar issues in the past that were caused by firmware problem. In other words, it is difficult to determine what