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Best Android tablets with the highest-resolution screens for watching videos

Looking for a large, uber-productive, robust, physical keyboard-boasting and/or stylus-supporting tablet to meet your enterprise needs? The answer to your prayers is only a couple of clicks away. How about a rugged, muscular, almost unbreakable Android slate? We have you covered there, too. Don’t want much, just ultra-fast LTE connectivity and keeping non-vital expenses to

5 Best Android TV Box In 2019

If you’re wanting to upgrade your TV game, then you might want to consider picking up an Android TV Box. Android TV’s work quite similarly to the Apple TV, basically transforming your TV into a Smart TV. They even work with Smart TVs, usually offering a whole lot more software for you to take advantage

HTC To Launch First Tegra 4 Device?

NVIDIA which is renowned for its GPUs, stepped into the mobile SoC arena with the Tegra series, most notably the Tegra 2 on the LG Optimus 2X. Then came the Tegra 3, which was a quad core chipset featuring improved graphics and better performance. HTC and LG launched smartphones running on the said chipset, although

NVIDIA could be working on a new 8-inch Shield tablet

NVIDIA’s Shield Tablet K1 might be getting a refresh soon according to a listing on the FCC. Not much is revealed about the device in terms of internal hardware, but we can ascertain that the device will probably have the same display size as the Shield K1. The company has been kind enough to shed light

NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 now getting Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

The #NVIDIA #ShieldTabletK1 is now getting the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update with a slew of other changes on board. Gaming enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the update introduces the Vulkan API which allows for better and efficient use of the GPU, thus giving you the best performance. The Shield Tablet K1 is a gaming

NVIDIA announces 12 of SHIELDsmas with deals on Shield games

To celebrate Christmas in grand fashion, #NVIDIA has announced its new promotion called 12 Days of SHIELDmas, which essentially gives incredible discounts on some of the SHIELD games that are sold by the company. These games are compatible with all of the SHIELD devices that are sold in the market today. The discounted content can

Shield Tablet K1

NVIDIA offering the Android 6.0 update for the Shield Tablet K1

Just as promised, #NVIDIA is sending out the #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow update for the #ShieldTabletK1 in time for the Holidays. The update carries all the bells and whistles of Marshmallow and introduces the ability to merge the microSD card storage with the internal storage, which is crucial for devices that have support for external cards. The update is 665MB

Shield Tablet X1 spotted on benchmark site

The #NVIDIA #ShieldTablet recently made a comeback in the mobile industry as the Shield Tablet K1. Well it seems like this won’t be the company’s sole tablet as NVIDIA’s Shield Tablet X1 has just leaked out on benchmarking database GFXBench. As the name suggests, the tablet comes with NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 chipset on board, while the standard Shield

Shield Tablet K1

NVIDIA working on Android 6.0 update for the Shield Tablet K1

The #ShieldTabletK1 was released by the company a couple of days ago after the original #ShieldTablet had to be recalled. The company has now announced that it will start rolling out the #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow update to both devices sometime before the holiday season, suggesting that it might hit devices sometime before mid December. As