How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android Phone

If you’re moving from one platform to another, iOS to Android in this case, you might wonder how much your data you can take with you. For the most part, you might have to leave a lot behind — some apps that are on iOS just aren’t on Android. Transferring applications specifically would require those

Top 15 Android-Compatible Wearables Better Than The Apple Watch

One can safely assume the decision to support iPhones on the Android Wear platform didn’t come easy for Google. Always an endorser of diversity and choice, the search giant would love it if its customers only had to pick between hardware products built by sanctioned brands. But iPhones make the mobile world go round. To

iPhone notifications stopped working after the iOS 13 update

When notifications stopped working without apparent reason, the problem could be just pretty minor. The worst case scenario here is that it can be a hardware problem, which means that the loudspeaker may have been damaged. But some iPhone owners reported to us about this problem that started after the recent iOS 13 update. That

Apple Will Officially Unveil the iPhone 11 on Sep 10

Just as expected, Apple has announced an event for the arrival of the next iPhone. The company will hold an event known simply as “By innovation only” on the 10th of September at Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. In typical Apple fashion, the event doesn’t shed much light on what the company

How To Transfer Google Contacts To iPhone

If you are recently switched from an Android phone to an iPhone then you will surely want to transfer your contact list to your new phone. Doing this manually is a tedious and long process especially if you have hundreds of contacts. You can actually do this process in a minute by following the steps

Smart Battery Case - LG

LG pokes fun at Apple’s bulky iPhone 6 Smart Battery Case

The #LGV10 is a solid device, but hasn’t seen much love from the populace as of yet. But ads and pokes at rivals usually help in spicing things up in the market and that’s exactly what the Korean manufacturer is doing. With Apple recently launching the $99 Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and the

Instagram Logo

Instagram on Android getting iOS like 3D Touch feature

#Instagram on #Android has just received a new update which introduces a rather interesting feature on board. As seen by a popular blog, the update now allows you to get a quick peek of images that are listed in a grid (this could be someone’s profile or a company page). When you long press one

HTC One A9

HTC extends its iPhone to One A9 trading program until Jan. 7, 2016

#HTC has announced that its popular trade-in program which allowed iPhone customers to bring in their device in return for the #OneA9, will be extended until the 7th of January. To everybody’s surprise, this promotion saw immense popularity over the Black Friday weekend with the company’s year-over-year (YoY) sales jumping up by 731% during the timeframe.

Samsung Galaxy C7

Apple to use Samsung’s OLED panels in upcoming iPhones?

As per a new report, Apple’s partnership with #Samsung for the supply of components could be strengthened over the years to come. It is being said that starting 2018, #Apple might be looking to get hold of their OLED panels for the iPhone models. This would make the iPhone 8 the likely candidate to receive Samsung’s display technology,

Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch could soon gain iPhone support

#Samsung took a big step with the #GearS2 by making it compatible with non-Samsung Android smartphones. A new report now mentions that the smartwatch might soon add support for the #Apple #iPhones as well, suggesting that the company is targeting an even wider audience for its new and innovative wearable. As we all know, some Android Wear