How to Fix Invalid SIM Error on iPhone

Getting an invalid SIM on iPhone and don’t know what to do? Let me help you with some solutions that should fix the problem. Check out the details as you read further on this post. 

How would you feel after picking up your iPhone and seeing an invalid SIM error? That sounds frustrating, right? This could totally affect the overall experience you would be getting on the device. 

There are few factors to consider whenever an invalid SIM error shows up on the iPhone. One of them is a dirty SIM card connector. Dirt and dust are everywhere and it could be picked anytime as we use the device. 

An expired SIM card would also denote an invalid SIM on the iPhone. If the SIM card has not been used for a certain period, make sure that it is still active by contacting the SIM provider. Just inform them about the error that you are getting whenever it is inserted on the iPhone. 

You may also insert the SIM card to another phone and see if it works. If it doesn’t work, that means the SIM card is faulty and may need a replacement. Contact the SIM provider and inform them about the problem. 

Fix an Invalid SIM on iPhone: 

If the SIM card is working properly on a different device, then it is time to work with your iPhone. Just follow the procedures provided below and see if it fixes the invalid SIM error on iPhone

  1. Remove and Reinsert the SIM card on iPhone

Invalid SIM error might have been due to a misplaced SIM card on the iPhone. Removing the SIM card will not only ensure that it is placed properly, but you will be able to check if it has dirt or dust as well. 

Turn off the iPhone first. To remove the SIM card on your iPhone, simply eject the SIM card tray that is located at the side part of the device. You may use a SIM card ejector tool to eject it easily. Once it is ejected, check the SIM card for any trace of dirt or dust. Reinsert it again, making sure that it is placed perfectly. 

After reinserting the SIM card, turn on the iPhone and wait for it to start up completely. Then verify if the invalid SIM still shows up on the device. 

  1. Check if iPhone is Openline

There are carrier-locked iPhones and it may have been the reason why other SIM cards won’t work on them. It is important to check for carrier restrictions to ensure that your iPhone will work on any SIM card. 

Go to Settings > General and select About. Scroll to and check the Carrier Lock option. It will show No SIM restrictions when your iPhone is openline and all SIM cards will work on it. 

  1. Reset Network Settings on iPhone
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Network settings consist of VPN’s, APN’s, Wi-Fi networks, and saved Bluetooth devices. Some of these settings can be configured manually, depending on the needs of the user. However, they can be misconfigured and might affect certain functions on the iPhone. 

Resetting the network settings will not affect your personal information. It will only revert those network configurations to their default values and options. To perform this procedure, just go to Settings > General. Go to and select Reset. Tap on Reset Network Settings. Enter passcode once prompted. Select OK to confirm. 

After the reset network settings procedure, set up essential connection settings such as Wi-Fi network and check if the iPhone is still showing an invalid SIM error. 

  1. Check for Carrier Settings Update on iPhone

Carrier providers would release updates on their settings to fix some glitches on their end. If you haven’t updated the carrier settings yet on the iPhone, that may have been the reason why it is showing an invalid SIM message. 

To do that, simply go to Settings and access General then go to About. Wait for a few seconds. An update message saying carrier updates are available would appear if there is an available carrier settings update. 

If there’s no update message, that means your carrier settings are up-to-date. 

  1. Factory Reset the iPhone

Your last weapon to deal with the invalid SIM error on iPhone is to delete everything in it. That includes your personal information and installed third-party apps on the device. This is needed to remove all stubborn glitches that may have been bugging the phone’s system. 

Since your personal details will be removed, it is essential to create a backup on your iCloud through iTunes on a computer or laptop. Just connect your iPhone to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed and follow the prompt to create a backup. 

Once backup is secured, you may head to Settings > General. Tap on Reset and select Erase All Contents and Settings to initiate a factory reset. Enter the passcode once prompted and allow the device to do its thing. 

After the reset and the phone has started, set it up like a new one. Install only necessary apps for the meantime and check if the invalid SIM is already gone. 

Still Getting an Invalid SIM Error on iPhone

If the invalid SIM is still not fixed after trying those procedures above, then this problem might have been caused by a bigger factor. A sort of hardware malfunction might have been preventing the SIM card from being recognized by the iPhone’s system. 

For that matter, it is best to consult with an iPhone technician. Visit the nearest Apple service center in your area and have the phone checked properly. 

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