Apple Music Officially Has 60 Million Paid Subscribers

In the music streaming business, companies like Spotify and Apple Music are currently engaged in a race to the top, a race which Spotify is comfortably dominating. Apple has now announced a new milestone for Apple Music with the service crossing 60 million paid subscribers. However, this still puts Apple significantly behind Spotify which has

Report: Apple Planning to Move Bulk of its Production out of China

It’s no secret that Apple relies heavily on China to assemble most of its products, including the highly lucrative Apple iPhone. However, a new report suggests that Apple could be in the process of moving most of its production and/or assembly out of China. This report by Nikkei suggests that Apple could move around 30%

iPhone 11 May Allow Bluetooth Audio Streaming over Two Devices

One of the most frustrating aspects of listening to music wirelessly is that it cannot be shared. But this may change soon on the upcoming iPhone with a rumor claiming that the iPhone 11 will support audio streaming on two devices, basically letting your iPhone connect to two Bluetooth headphones simultaneously. It is worth noting