8 Best Drawing App For Galaxy S24 Ultra

Are you a budding artist looking to express your creativity through digital art? Do you own a Galaxy S24 Ultra and want to turn it into a powerful canvas for your artistic endeavors? The right drawing app can make all the difference. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

In this article, we’ll explore the top drawing apps available for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Whether you’re a professional artist or a beginner, you’ll find the perfect app to bring your imagination to life. Unleash your artistic potential on the go with the best drawing app for your Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the best drawing apps for the Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • Consider important criteria when choosing a drawing app
  • Explore Sketchbook, Infinite Painter, Clip Studio Paint, MediBang, Ibis Paint X, Krita, Concepts, and Magma
  • Find the app that suits your needs and level of expertise
  • Create stunning digital artwork anytime, anywhere

Criteria for Choosing a Drawing App

When selecting a drawing app for your Galaxy S24 Ultra, you need to consider several important factors that will enhance your digital drawing experience. Here are the key criteria to keep in mind:

  1. Pressure Responsiveness: Look for a drawing app that offers excellent pressure sensitivity, allowing you to achieve varying brush strokes and line thicknesses based on the pressure applied.
  2. Wide Range of Brushes and Tools: A top-notch drawing app should provide a diverse collection of brushes and tools, enabling you to explore different artistic styles and techniques.
  3. Brush Customization: The ability to customize brushes or create your own gives you greater control over the artistic effects you want to achieve.
  4. Support for Multiple Layers: Working with multiple layers allows you to add depth and complexity to your artwork. Ensure that the drawing app you choose supports this feature.
  5. Layer Blending Modes: Layer blending modes enable you to blend colors and textures seamlessly, creating unique visual effects.
  6. Touch Gestures and Keyboard Shortcuts: Look for a drawing app that offers intuitive touch gestures and customizable keyboard shortcuts to streamline your workflow and increase productivity.
  7. Built-in Time-Lapse Recording: Time-lapse recording is a valuable feature, especially if you want to share your drawing process or create instructional videos.
  8. Affordability: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, consider the pricing options available. Some drawing apps offer free versions or freemium models, while others require a one-time payment or subscription.

By considering these criteria, you can choose a drawing app that suits your artistic needs, whether you’re an experienced artist seeking advanced features or a beginner looking for user-friendly functionality.


The Sketchbook app, originally developed by Autodesk, is a popular choice among artists looking for a comprehensive drawing app. With its clean and user-friendly interface, Sketchbook offers a seamless drawing experience on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. One of its standout features is its exceptional pressure responsiveness, allowing artists to create precise and detailed illustrations that mimic the feel of traditional drawing.

Sketchbook boasts a wide range of brushes that can be customized to suit any artistic style. Whether you prefer a realistic pencil or a vibrant marker, Sketchbook has the perfect brush for you. Additionally, the app offers a convenient time-lapse capture feature, allowing you to record and share your artistic process with others.

Another useful feature of Sketchbook is the complementary color indicator, which helps artists choose harmonious color schemes for their artwork. The app also provides symmetry and perspective tools, enabling you to create perfectly balanced compositions. Furthermore, the support for multiple layers gives you more flexibility in organizing and editing your artwork.

Best of all, Sketchbook is available for free, making it accessible to artists of all levels. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Sketchbook is a top choice for artists who want to unleash their creativity on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a highly versatile and feature-rich drawing app that provides an exceptional digital art experience on your Galaxy S24 Ultra. With its extensive range of brushes and advanced brush engine, this app allows you to unleash your creativity and achieve stunning results.

One of the standout features of Infinite Painter is its vast selection of brushes. Whether you prefer traditional brushes, experimental brushes, or unique custom brushes, this app has it all. The advanced brush engine gives you complete control over the brush settings, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect to suit your artistic style.

In addition to its impressive brush collection, Infinite Painter offers intuitive touch gestures that make it easy to navigate and interact with your artwork. These touch gestures enhance your drawing experience, making it feel natural and fluid.

Another notable feature of Infinite Painter is its time-lapse capture functionality. This allows you to record the entire process of creating your artwork and share it as a time-lapse video, giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your creative process.

Here are some key features of Infinite Painter:

  • A wide range of brushes for diverse artistic styles
  • An advanced brush engine for customizing and creating brushes
  • Intuitive touch gestures for seamless navigation
  • Time-lapse capture for recording and sharing your artistic process

Infinite Painter is available for a one-time payment of $10, which includes a 7-day free trial. This makes it a great investment for both professional artists and aspiring creators.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is a feature-rich drawing app that has gained popularity as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It offers a variety of tools and features specifically designed for comic creators, making it a favorite among artists in the industry. With its extensive range of perspective tools, touch gestures, and animation capabilities, Clip Studio Paint provides comic artists with all the necessary tools to bring their ideas to life.

One of the standout features of Clip Studio Paint is its comic layout and panel tools, which allow artists to easily create professional-looking comic panels and pages. The app also excels in pressure and tilt recognition, delivering a natural and responsive drawing experience.

Clip Studio Paint boasts a vast online asset library, offering a wide range of brushes, textures, and other resources that can be used to enhance your artwork. This allows artists to experiment with different styles and techniques, adding depth and visual interest to their creations.

In addition to its drawing capabilities, Clip Studio Paint also provides support for multiple layers and blend modes, enabling users to create complex and detailed illustrations. The app is compatible with touch gestures and supports keyboard shortcuts, allowing for a seamless and efficient workflow.

One of Clip Studio Paint’s standout features is its animation capabilities, which allow artists to create smooth and captivating animations directly within the app. From simple frame-by-frame animations to more complex timelines, Clip Studio Paint offers the necessary tools and features to bring your artwork to life.

While Clip Studio Paint has a busy interface, it provides official tutorials and an active community for guidance and support. Artists can learn new techniques, get inspiration, and seek feedback from other creators, enhancing their skills and fostering a sense of community.

Pricing for Clip Studio Paint varies depending on the plan. There is a free version available, which allows users to use the app for one hour a day. For more extensive usage, there is the Ex Plan priced at $2.50 per month or the Pro Plan priced at $1 per month. New Galaxy owners can also enjoy a 6-month free trial of Clip Studio Paint, providing ample time to explore and experience all the app has to offer.


MediBang is a popular drawing app that has gained significant recognition among comic artists, especially those who are new to the craft. The app offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for comic art creation.

One of the standout features of MediBang is its intuitive touch gesture controls, allowing users to easily navigate the app and access various tools and functions with ease. This makes the drawing process smooth and efficient, enabling artists to focus on their creativity.

MediBang also offers a large online asset library, providing users with a wide range of pre-made brushes, backgrounds, and other resources that can be incorporated into their artworks. This extensive library offers comic artists a wealth of options, allowing them to explore different artistic styles and techniques.

Additionally, MediBang includes comic panel and layout tools, making it easier for comic artists to plan and structure their narratives. This feature streamlines the process of creating comic pages and ensures a cohesive visual storytelling experience.

The app’s pressure recognition feature is another valuable asset for artists. It accurately detects different levels of pressure applied to the screen, simulating the effect of traditional drawing tools like pens and brushes. This enhances the overall drawing experience and allows for more precise control over line thickness and shading.

Furthermore, MediBang offers a time-lapse capture function, allowing artists to record and share the creation process of their artworks. This feature is not only great for sharing progress videos with fans and fellow artists but also for self-reflection and improvement.

MediBang is available for free, although it includes ads. For users who require additional cloud storage options to store their artwork, MediBang Premium can be purchased for a more seamless and convenient experience.

Ibis Paint X

If you’re an avid manga and anime artist, look no further than Ibis Paint X. This powerful drawing app is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of manga and anime enthusiasts. With its extensive range of features and tools, Ibis Paint X provides you with everything you need to bring your creative vision to life.

Wide Range of Brushes

One of the standout features of Ibis Paint X is its wide range of brushes. Whether you prefer a traditional manga style or a more modern anime aesthetic, you’ll find the perfect brush to suit your needs. The brushes are highly customizable, allowing you to adjust settings like opacity, size, and blending modes.

Unlimited Layers

Another key advantage of Ibis Paint X is its support for unlimited layers. With the ability to create multiple layers, you can easily organize and edit different elements of your artwork without compromising the overall composition. This feature gives you the freedom and flexibility to experiment and refine your drawings.

Lasso Fill ToolThe lasso fill tool in Ibis Paint X allows you to quickly and accurately fill areas with colors or patterns. Its precise selection capabilities make it a valuable tool for intricate manga and anime artwork.
Layer Blending ModesIbis Paint X offers a variety of layer blending modes, allowing you to create unique effects and enhance the depth and richness of your artwork. From multiply and screen to overlay and soft light, you have complete control over how different layers interact.
Time-Lapse RecordingWith the time-lapse recording feature, you can capture your entire drawing process and create mesmerizing speed-paint videos. This is not only a great way to document your artistic journey but also a fantastic way to share your work on social media platforms.
Liquify ToolThe liquify tool in Ibis Paint X allows you to reshape and distort your artwork with ease. Whether you want to create dynamic effects or refine specific areas, this tool gives you the power to make precise adjustments.

While Ibis Paint X is free to use, there are some ads displayed within the app. However, you also have the option to remove ads for a one-time fee of $10. Additionally, Ibis Paint X offers a Prime Membership plan that provides access to additional tools and cloud storage for a monthly subscription fee.

With its wide range of brushes, unlimited layers, lasso fill tool, and other powerful features, Ibis Paint X is a must-have drawing app for manga and anime artists looking to take their artwork to the next level.


Krita is a highly acclaimed drawing app for digital artists. As a free and open-source software, it offers a wide range of features and tools that make it a favorite among artists. With Krita, you can unleash your creativity and create stunning digital artwork on your Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Key Features

  • Brush Engines: Krita boasts excellent brush engines that allow you to achieve realistic brush strokes and textures in your artwork. With a variety of brush presets to choose from, you can easily find the perfect brush for your needs and customize it to suit your style.
  • File Compatibility: Krita supports most file types, including popular formats like PSD, which makes it convenient for artists who often collaborate or work with other software.
  • Animation Tools: If you’re interested in creating animated artwork, Krita has a robust set of animation tools that allow you to bring your art to life.
  • Unlimited Undo: Mistakes are a part of the creative process, and with Krita’s unlimited undo feature, you can experiment fearlessly and easily revert back to previous states of your artwork.
  • Keyboard Shortcut Support: To enhance your productivity and speed up your workflow, Krita offers comprehensive keyboard shortcut support. This allows you to perform common actions quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.
  • S Pen Gesture Support: If you’re using a Galaxy S24 Ultra with an S Pen, Krita supports S Pen gestures, making it even easier to create art on your device.

While Krita’s extensive feature set is highly regarded, it’s worth noting that the app’s user interface may feel cramped on smaller screens. However, this minor drawback is overshadowed by its powerful capabilities and the fact that Krita is available for free. So if you’re looking for a professional-grade drawing app that won’t break the bank, Krita is definitely worth considering.


Concepts is a versatile drawing app that offers a unique feature: the infinite canvas. With this app, you can let your ideas flow freely and sketch on a single, limitless page. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist, Concepts provides the tools to bring your imagination to life.

One of the standout features of Concepts is its ability to import images. This allows you to reference photos or artwork directly within your sketches, providing a seamless creative workflow. Additionally, Concepts offers the full range of the Copic color wheel, enabling you to recreate professional-grade color palettes in your artwork.

Another advantage of Concepts is its support for vector drawing. This means that you can create precise and scalable illustrations, ensuring that your artwork remains crisp and clear no matter the size or resolution.

Furthermore, Concepts allows you to customize touch gestures, allowing for a more intuitive and efficient drawing experience. With just a tap or swipe, you can access various functions and tools, making it easier than ever to create stunning digital artwork.

When it comes to pricing, Concepts offers multiple purchase options to cater to different needs. You can start with the free version to explore the app’s capabilities, or opt for a subscription plan to unlock all the features. Additionally, Concepts also offers one-off purchases for specific tools, allowing you to customize your experience according to your preferences and budget.


If you’re looking for a unique drawing app and collaboration tool, look no further than Magma.com. This browser-based platform offers a shared canvas where you can host your drawings and invite friends from around the world to join in. Together, you can collaborate, share ideas, and create amazing artwork in real-time.

While Magma.com may not have as many tools as some other drawing apps, its focus on collaboration sets it apart. The shared canvas feature allows multiple artists to work together, making it perfect for group projects, art classes, or simply having fun with friends. With Magma.com, you can unleash your creativity and explore the possibilities of collaborative drawing.

Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting your artistic journey, Magma.com offers an innovative way to connect with others in the art community. So grab your tablet or smartphone, visit Magma.com, and experience the joy of drawing and collaborating on a shared canvas like never before.

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