Galaxy A15 vs Galaxy S24: What Is The Difference?

Are you torn between the affordable Galaxy A15 and the more premium Galaxy S24? It’s time to dive into a detailed comparison and discover the key differences between these two Samsung devices. From specs and features to performance and price, we’ll explore every aspect to help you make an informed decision. So, which one will be your perfect match? Let’s find out!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Galaxy A15 and Galaxy S24 offer different price points and target different market segments.
  • The Galaxy A15 provides a good low-end alternative, while the Galaxy S24 offers a more premium experience.
  • There are notable differences in display, performance, battery, camera, and design between the two devices.
  • The choice between the Galaxy A15 and Galaxy S24 depends on your budget and priorities.
  • Comparing the specifications and features will help you determine which device suits your needs best.
S24 vs A15

Galaxy A15 Specs and Features

The Galaxy A15 is packed with impressive specifications and features that make it a compelling option in its price range. Let’s take a closer look at what this device has to offer.


The Galaxy A15 boasts a 6.5-inch FHD+ 90Hz AMOLED display, providing a stunning visual experience with vibrant colors and sharp details. Whether you’re watching videos, browsing the web, or playing games, this display ensures an immersive viewing experience.

Processor, RAM, and Storage

Packed with the MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ processor, the Galaxy A15 delivers smooth performance for everyday tasks and light multitasking. Combined with 4GB of RAM, this device offers decent speed and responsiveness. With 128GB of storage, you’ll have ample space to store your apps, photos, videos, and more.

Battery Life

One of the standout features of the Galaxy A15 is its 5,000mAh battery, which provides long-lasting usage throughout the day. Whether you’re streaming media, gaming, or simply browsing, you can rely on this device to keep up with your demands.

Headphone Jack

The Galaxy A15 retains the classic 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to connect your favorite wired headphones or earphones without the need for an adapter. This feature is particularly convenient for audiophiles or users who prefer the traditional headphone connection.


The Galaxy A15 sports a versatile 50MP triple camera system, enabling you to capture high-resolution photos with excellent detail and clarity. While the main 50MP lens is likely to be the go-to option for most users, the additional lenses provide options for various shooting scenarios.

Galaxy S24 Specs and Features

The Galaxy S24 is packed with impressive specifications and features that make it a top contender in the smartphone market. From its high-resolution display to its powerful camera system, the S24 offers a premium experience for users.


The Galaxy S24 features a stunning 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display that delivers vibrant colors and sharp visuals. With a 90Hz refresh rate, the display offers smooth scrolling and enhanced responsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Processor and Memory

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, the Galaxy S24 delivers impressive performance and smooth multitasking capabilities. With 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, users have ample space to store their files, apps, and media.

Battery Life and Charging

The S24 is equipped with a 4,000mAh battery that provides all-day usage without needing frequent recharges. Additionally, the device supports fast charging, allowing users to quickly recharge their smartphone and get back to their day.

Camera System

The camera system on the Galaxy S24 is truly remarkable. It features a 50MP main camera, a 10MP telephoto camera, and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. This versatile setup ensures that users can capture stunning photos in various situations, from close-up shots to wide-angle landscapes. The S24 also supports 8K video recording, allowing users to capture cinematic-quality videos.

Additional Features

In addition to its impressive performance and camera capabilities, the Galaxy S24 offers several other features that enhance the overall user experience. It includes wireless charging support, eliminating the need for cables and providing convenience for users. The S24 also features an IP68 rating, making it water and dust resistant, so users can have peace of mind in challenging environments.

DisplayProcessorBatteryCameraAdditional Features
6.5-inch Super AMOLEDQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 34,000mAh50MP + 10MP + 12MPWireless charging, IP68 rating

Performance Comparison

When it comes to performance, the Galaxy S24 clearly surpasses the Galaxy A15. The S24 is equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, offering blazing-fast processing speeds. On the other hand, the A15 features the MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ chip, which although capable, falls short of the S24’s performance capabilities.

One of the major factors contributing to the S24’s superior performance is its larger RAM capacity. With 8GB of RAM, the S24 allows for seamless multitasking and smoother overall user experience. In contrast, the A15 comes with 4GB of RAM, which may result in slightly slower performance when handling intensive tasks or running multiple applications simultaneously.

To summarize, the Galaxy S24’s powerful chipset and ample RAM make it the ideal choice for users seeking top-notch performance. Whether it’s running resource-intensive apps, gaming, or multitasking, the S24 offers the speed and efficiency to handle it all with ease.

SpecificationGalaxy S24Galaxy A15
ChipsetSnapdragon 8 Gen 3MediaTek Dimensity 6100+
PerformanceHigh-performance chipset ensures fast and smooth operationSolid performance for everyday tasks, but may experience slight slowdown with intensive usage

Display Comparison

When it comes to display, both the Galaxy A15 and S24 feature AMOLED screens, offering vibrant colors and deep blacks. However, there are differences in screen size, resolution, and refresh rate that set these devices apart.

DeviceScreen SizeResolutionRefresh Rate
Galaxy A156.5 inchesFHD+90Hz
Galaxy S246.5 inchesHigher resolution90Hz

The Galaxy A15 boasts a 6.5-inch FHD+ display, providing a spacious viewing area for your content. The FHD+ resolution ensures sharp visuals and crisp details, allowing you to enjoy movies, games, and photos with clarity. With a smooth 90Hz refresh rate, the display offers a more fluid and responsive experience.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 also features a 6.5-inch display but with a higher resolution, providing even sharper visuals and more lifelike imagery. The 90Hz refresh rate ensures smooth scrolling and lag-free animations, making every interaction on the screen feel seamless.

It’s worth noting that the screen-to-body ratio of the Galaxy A15 is slightly higher than that of the S24, offering a more immersive viewing experience. However, the S24’s higher resolution display ultimately delivers a higher quality visual experience.

Battery Life and Charging

When it comes to battery life, the Samsung Galaxy A15 and Galaxy S24 offer different capacities and charging options.

The Galaxy A15 is equipped with a larger 5,000mAh battery, providing the potential for longer usage without needing to recharge. This makes it an ideal choice for users who prioritize battery longevity and don’t want to be tethered to a charger throughout the day.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 features a slightly smaller 4,000mAh battery. While it may not offer the same extended battery life as the A15, it still provides enough power to keep you going through a day of typical usage.

Both devices support fast charging, allowing you to quickly recharge your phone and get back to using it without significant downtime. Whether you’re in a rush or simply need a quick top-up, fast charging ensures that you can get the most out of your device in a shorter amount of time.

Additionally, the Galaxy A15 goes a step further by offering wireless charging capabilities. This means you have the convenience of placing your phone on a compatible wireless charging pad or dock, eliminating the hassle of dealing with cables. It’s a convenient feature for those who value simplicity and a clutter-free charging experience.

In summary, while the Galaxy A15 outshines the Galaxy S24 in terms of battery capacity and the inclusion of wireless charging, both devices provide fast charging options to keep you connected and powered up throughout the day.

Camera Comparison

When it comes to camera capabilities, the Galaxy A15 and the Galaxy S24 offer different features and performance levels. Let’s take a closer look at their respective camera setups:

Galaxy A15 Camera

The Galaxy A15 features a triple camera system with a 50MP main lens, but the specific details about the other lenses are not provided. While lacking in specific information, the 50MP main camera suggests a good level of resolution for capturing detailed images.

Galaxy S24 Camera

The Galaxy S24, on the other hand, boasts a more advanced camera setup. It features a 50MP main camera, a 10MP telephoto camera, and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. This triple camera system offers a versatile range of photography options, allowing users to capture stunning photos from various perspectives.

Both the Galaxy A15 and S24 are capable of recording videos in 4K resolution, ensuring high-quality video footage. However, the Galaxy S24 goes a step further and offers additional features like 8K video recording, providing users with even more creative possibilities.

In terms of overall camera performance, the Galaxy S24’s camera setup offers more versatility and higher quality photos and videos compared to the Galaxy A15. The inclusion of telephoto and ultra-wide lenses enhances the capabilities of the S24, enabling users to capture breathtaking shots in various scenarios.

Camera FeaturesGalaxy A15Galaxy S24
Main Camera50MP50MP
Telephoto CameraN/A10MP
Ultra-wide CameraN/A12MP
Video Recording4K4K/8K

The table above summarizes the key camera features of both devices. It’s evident that the Galaxy S24 offers a more extensive camera setup, providing users with additional lenses and advanced video recording capabilities.

In conclusion, if you prioritize photography and videography, the Galaxy S24’s camera system is likely to meet your expectations with its superior features and versatility. However, if camera performance is not a primary concern, the Galaxy A15’s 50MP main camera can still deliver satisfactory results.

Design and Biometrics

The design and biometrics of the Galaxy A15 and S24 play a significant role in defining their overall user experience. Let’s explore the differences in design, dimensions, weight, materials, resistance, and biometric features of these two devices.

Design and Materials

The Galaxy S24 features a sleek and premium design with a glass back and an aluminum frame that exudes elegance and durability. On the other hand, the Galaxy A15 opts for a plastic back and frame, which some users may find less appealing. While the S24 showcases a more sophisticated aesthetic, the A15 focuses on a balance between style and affordability.

Dimensions and Weight

In terms of dimensions, the Galaxy A15 boasts a compact size, measuring 6.3 inches in length, 3.02 inches in width, and 0.33 inches in thickness. This compact form factor makes it a comfortable device to hold and operate with one hand. On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 is even smaller, measuring 5.79 inches in length, 2.78 inches in width, and 0.30 inches in thickness. The S24’s smaller size does come with a trade-off in terms of weight. The S24 weighs 5.89 ounces, making it lighter and more convenient for everyday use, while the A15 weighs 7.05 ounces.


Both the Galaxy A15 and S24 are equipped with an IP68 rating, ensuring resistance to water and dust. This certification means that the devices can withstand being submerged in water up to 1.5 meters deep for a certain period of time without suffering any damage. Whether you’re caught in the rain or accidentally drop your phone in water, both the A15 and S24 are designed to withstand these situations and keep performing.


The Samsung Galaxy A15 supports biometric authentication. It features a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 features an upgraded ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for secure and convenient unlocking.

Additionally, both can use Samsung Pass, which utilizes biometric data like your fingerprints to authenticate your identity, keeping your accounts safe and secure. This makes it easy and secure to log into your accounts.

Design and Biometrics Comparison:

FeaturesGalaxy A15Galaxy S24
DesignPlastic back and frameGlass back and aluminum frame
Dimensions (in inches)(6.30 x 3.02 x 0.33 in)(5.79 x 2.78 x 0.30 in)
Weight (in ounces)7.055.89
ResistanceIP68 rating (water and dust)IP68 rating (water and dust)
Biometricsside-mounted fingerprint sensorultrasonic fingerprint sensor

As seen in the table above, the Galaxy A15 and S24 have distinct design elements, dimensions, weight, and biometric features that cater to different user preferences. Whether you prioritize a premium design or a more budget-friendly option, both devices offer reliable biometric security measures and resistance to water and dust.

Price and Value for Money

41QOPDN6mnL. SL500SAMSUNGSAMSUNG Galaxy S24Check Price on Amazon
41LLO+f3r5L. SL500SAMSUNGSAMSUNG Galaxy A15Check Price on Amazon

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The Galaxy A15 offers exceptional value for money, especially for budget-conscious buyers. Priced at just $200, this device provides a wallet-friendly option without compromising on essential features and performance. With its decent specs and affordable price tag, the A15 is a worthy contender for those seeking an affordable smartphone.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 offers a more premium experience at a higher price point starting at $800. While it may not be as budget-friendly as the A15, the S24 justifies its higher price with flagship features, cutting-edge technology, and a top-tier performance that caters to demanding users.

When it comes to making a choice between the Galaxy A15 and S24, it ultimately depends on your budget and priorities. If affordability is a key consideration and you’re looking for a smartphone that provides solid performance and value for money, the Galaxy A15 is an excellent option. However, if you’re willing to splurge for a more luxurious experience and flagship features, the Galaxy S24 delivers a premium package that is hard to resist.

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  1. I must say that this phone offers a solid performance for its price range. The side-mounted fingerprint sensor and the durable plastic frame are practical features that I appreciate.

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