How to fix Galaxy S9 Plus not receiving group message from iPhones issue

When it comes to group messaging, Android and iOS don’t mix well. Many Android users who switched from iPhones usually find that they are suddenly cut off from their friends simply because they are no longer getting group updates. In this article, we show you the solutions how to fix a group messaging issue on a Galaxy S9 Plus. The same tricks can be applied to other non-Samsung devices as well so feel free to do them.

Problem: Galaxy S9 Plus not receiving group message from iPhones

Hi. Thank you for putting together this page. I am a recent convert to Droid after being on iPhone since its inception. One problem I am having and haven’t been able to find the answer for anywhere is; I had group messages on my iPhone that were named groups and now when those iPhone users send a text to that group, I don’t get the text. I have verified iMessage is turned off and I know they are sending the message because my wife (iPhone user) gets it but I don’t….any ideas? Thank you for your help in advance!

Solution: This problem is as old as iPhone and Android devices themselves. The thing is primarily due to incompatibility. iPhones use Apple’s proprietary messaging system calling iMessage when sending and receiving group texts or messages. If there’s a member in the group that is using a non-iOS device, a problem will most likely occur some way or another just like what you’re experiencing right now. Unfortunately, this is a type of problem that Apple or other phone makers like Samsung or Google, etc. don’t want to address head on. Hence, there are no permanent or official fix when it comes to solving them. To see if there’s something that you can do on your end, try these other tips below.

Step 1: Double check that your number has been deregistered from iMessage

It can take some time for Apple’s system to deregister a number from their messaging system. Make sure that you check again that your current ported number has been removed from iMessage. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Apple’s website: https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage/.
  2. Enter your number in the box under No longer have your iPhone? Section.
  3. Click on Send code.
  4. Wait for the confirmation code in your phone number.
  5. Enter it in the required place in the form again and then click Submit.
  6. Wait for 24 hours for deactivation to occur.

Step 2: Change number from iPhone to Mobile

If your phone number has been removed from iMessage but the problem still occurs, the next good thing to do is to ask members in your group to edit your contact information in their iPhones so that it shows as Mobile and not as iPhone. By default, iPhones save numbers as an iPhone rather than generic Mobile option. By manually changing this minor contact detail, Apple’s system may recognize your device as a third party (non-iOS) and thus make the necessary adjustment.

NOTE: Your number may be considered part of the group but since your S9 Plus does not use iMessage, all messages will be converted to regular text messages. So, you will receive messages from your as individual texts rather than in a group form. All your replies will also be sent to individuals separately and not in a group form.

Step 3: Delete old conversation thread

Another trick that you can try in this situation is to ask a member in the group (that is using an iPhone) to delete the group or conversation and start anew. A lot of former iPhone users with similar situation finds this troubleshooting step helpful.

Step 4: Rename the group (on iPhone)

Other users find merely renaming the group helpful. Try asking one member of your group who is using an iPhone to edit the name of the group to something else.

Step 5: Use third party apps as workaround

If the group you’re in is important and all the suggestions above won’t work, try to convince all members to use a third party app that works across iOS and Android platforms. We know this is not ideal but it can offer a temporary solution to the issue. Apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Viber, etc. are good examples.

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