Group Messaging not working on Galaxy S6 (S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus)

Group messaging feature is great when it’s working but can quickly become a source of frustration when it hits a snag just like some of our readers have shown in this post.

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We hope that the answers we provide here can help educate other users who may be having a bad day due group messaging limitation on their #Samsung Galaxy S6 (#GalaxyS6 #GalaxyS6Edge #GalaxyS6Plus) devices.

These are the topics discussed in this thread:

  1. Galaxy S6 MMS group message problem
  2. AT&T Galaxy S6 converts group message into SMS when mobile data is not on
  3. Group Messaging not working on Galaxy S6
  4. How to send text message to more than 20 people at one time using Galaxy S6 Edge
  5. Verizon Galaxy S6 having problems with group messaging
  6. Galaxy S6 unable to send and receive group messages from iPhone users
  7. Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cannot join group

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Problem #1: Galaxy S6 MMS group message problem

Hi. My wife and I just got new Galaxy S6’s.  We are having all kinds of issues with texting.  I talked with AT&T and they reset some stuff, I have even reset to the Apple page that I am not on iPhone any longer.

Now it seems the only thing still not working after 4 days, is the multimedia group text.  I can send out, but the replys go to a single text from that person. What should I do? — Jeff

Solution: Hi Jeff. Text messaging (SMS), Multimedia Messaging (MMS), and group conversations falls under a carrier’s responsibility. These means that your account must be subscribed to these services so your carrier will support them. The same must be true for the receiving party. We are not exactly sure what you mean by “he replys go to a single text from that person” but if your friend is not getting your messages properly, the issue might be on his end.

Problem #2: AT&T Galaxy S6 converts group message into SMS when mobile data is not on

Hi. I really appreciate how your team is so eager to help people out. You’re doing a great service. Anyways, I got a Galaxy S6 for AT&T a couple days ago on eBay. The phone is in mint condition and everything works perfectly fine. I am having a lot of trouble connecting to data, though. I will receive text messages with absolutely no hassle, but messages from a group chat always come in from the individual sender and I am prompted to download them.

I select download and I will wait a few minutes to no avail. I had the same problem with my old phone as well, a Galaxy S4 also for AT&T. I’m having trouble getting any internet or data connection when not connected to WiFi too.

I called AT&T support yesterday and they didn’t really do much except tell me to check if I had data turned on, which I did. It’s just really bothersome and I was hoping you would have some information or solutions that I could use before I bring it into the AT&T store.

Again, thank you for all you do. — Brandon

Solution: Hi Brandon. AT&T group messaging service only works when mobile data is ON. If you are part of a group chat and someone sends a message when your data is off, their message will be converted to regular SMS or text message so that you will receive them. That’s how it works so make sure that you mobile data is reliable or on when trying to communicate via group messaging.

Problem #3: Group Messaging not working on Galaxy S6

Hello! I am having some trouble with my new Galaxy S6! The Group Messaging is basically NON EXISTENT.

When I send a Group Message it sometimes sends as a group message, and other times it just sends every message separately.

Also, when I get sent a group message, it arrives from solely the person who sent it and not the complete list of contacts.

Then every time someone answers in the Group message I am added to it arrives separately.

How do I correct this? It’s driving me nuts!! — Stephanie

Solution: Hi Stephanie. As mentioned in our response for Brandon above, group messages get converted to regular text messages if there’s mobile data on the sender or receiver. For example, if your mobile data or Wi-Fi is on when trying to send a group message to several contacts but theirs is not, your message will be converted automatically to SMS by their carrier so each of them will individually get it in SMS form. The same is true when you are out of Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage–their group message will be converted by your carrier as SMS, ensuring that you don’t miss it.

Problem #4: How to send text message to more than 20 people at one time using Galaxy S6 Edge

HI! Recently I purchased Samsung S6 Edge. I have made a group of approximately 80 people to send SMS but when I select the group to send a SMS, it says to select 20 person from the group. You are requested to help in this matter along with my below mentioned questions:

  1. Why it is allowing to make group of more than 20 pax to send SMS when it doesn’t allow more than 20 pax while sending SMS to particular group having more than 20 numbers?
  2. if there is any settings to do then please give details step by step.

Kindly reply ASAP as I am having problem on day to day basis as I have to send multiple messages to more than 100 Persons.

Thanking you in advance for your reply. Thanks & Regards. — Amit

Solution: Hi Amit. Android has a built-in 20-person limitation when it comes to sending text messages at one time. While this may not be acceptable for you and other users, this limit has been implemented for years now so there’s nothing that you can do to lift it unless you root the phone.

If you are amenable to voiding the warranty of your phone by rooting, your problem can be easily resolved by installing third party apps like SMS Limit Unlock from Google Play Store.

Problem #5: Verizon Galaxy S6 having problems with group messaging

Hi there. Like many converters, I am coming off the iPhone 5 (NO SIM CARD) and am having major difficulties with group texting. I have done everything from turning iMessage off on my iPhone 5 (even though i didn’t have a SIM card) to having others in a group text delete me and re-add me or start an entirely new group text. Nothing works…I have Verizon and currently use their messaging platform. Should I be using the Samsung Messaging platform?

On top of that, some picture messages don’t deliver in a group message and others will. Extremely frustrating to say the least and I know from all these blogs that everyone keeps blaming Apple for iMessage but there has got to be a work around Android can figure out if they want to continue to move users over to the their platform. Not sure what else I can do to fix this, any suggestions?

Thanks. — Brian

Solution: Hi Brian. Apple’s iOS is an exclusive environment which means that their messaging system may not work all the time when Android users are thrown in a group message mix. While iMessage works great between iOS devices, the same cannot be said when non-Apple devices joins in a group chat.

The first thing to remember is that iMessage is not your regular texting system being used by almost non-Apple devices. It’s a closed messaging app for Apple platforms only and will not work if you are not connected to the internet (either by mobile data or Wi-Fi). iMessage has also been integrated by Apple to their own regular text messaging system so if you send your friend (who is using an iOS device) an SMS and he/she is not online (no mobile data or Wi-Fi), your message will be received as a standard text message. If his/her phone is online, your message will be forwarded as an iMessage.

The point is, make sure that both you and your friends are online to fully enjoy the convenience of group messaging. Otherwise, you simply have to bear the pain of using the old school SMS system.

For your secondary issue regarding pictures not being received by your friends all the time, make sure to talk to your Verizon about file size limitation. We don’t think there’s an issue sending images however big the file is as long as you are online, but once you are out of internet coverage and the message is converted to MMS, file size limit policy may apply.

Problem #6: Galaxy S6 unable to send and receive group messages from iPhone users

I cannot figure out how to create a group text messaging with Android and iPhone users all together from my messaging. I have started the group conversion and I can’t read my iPhone friends response. They have also tried stating a group text messaging and I can’t get in on any of the conversations.  I can text individually to any phone and it works fine but just not group. It seems to be the iPhone users I can’t group with…help!  My son’s S5 works in groups just fine.

I have to use Hangouts app for our group conversations to work. — Rodney

Solution: Hi Rodney. The reason for the problem is that your friends are using iMessage app while you are not. Only devices with iMessage can read and reply to a message transmitted within this closed ecosystem. This is a not bug or some misconfigured settings on your phone. If you really need to be in that group, you might as well just switch to using iPhones.

Problem #7: Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cannot join group

I switched from a Sprint iPhone 5S to a Galaxy S6 Edge+ w/ Verizon. I used to be in a group message w/ a few people and now that I switched it won’t work. I’ve already turned off my iMessage/cellular data/Facetime. I’m able to text them individually but it will not work in the group (my group MMS is turned on). They said everytime I text them  (they all have iPhones) that it starts a new group message but when they reply I still won’t get them. Thank you for your time! I sure hope we can fix this. — Aliyah

Solution: Hi Aliyah. Your case is identical to Rodney above so our answer for him should apply to yours as well. Disabling your iMessage account or purging your number from all devices you’ve used before will still not give your phone the ability to join the exclusive iMessage-created group of your friends. The only way to communicate with them in a group for you is to convince them to use third party apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp as they work in both Android and iOS platforms.



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