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How To Fix Hisense TV Black Screen Of Death

Do you get Hisense TV black screen of death? When turning on a Hisense TV, you might also experience a black TV screen with sound or a black screen without sound. These problems can be caused on by an issue in the Hisense TV screen, a troublesome firmware update, an issue with the TV power cord, a problem with the power outlet, or a faulty t con board. There are a number of troubleshooting steps that Hisense users must take in order to resolve this problem.

Hisense is a fast growing manufacturer of consumer electronics and appliances that provides top-of-the-line TVs and household appliances. Hisense was established in 1969 in Qingdao, China, and has dedicated itself for the past 50 years to creating cutting-edge consumer electronics products. Hisense is currently the top TV brand in South Africa and China. The corporation has established 54 foreign businesses and works with 14 top-tier global production facilities in South Africa, Central America, and Europe. Additionally, Hisense operates 12 R&D facilities across the world with the sole purpose of providing customers with high-quality, reasonably priced goods that enhance their lives.

Hisense TV screen has black screen? Here’s how to a basic troubleshooting

How To Fix Hisense TV Black Screen Of Death

Black screen of death is one of the problems that you could run into with your Hisense TV. When this occurs, the TV screen remains black even after hitting the power button or any other button on the remote control or TV. This can be a bothersome problem, especially if it happens randomly and frequently.

Here’s what you need to do to fix Hisense TV black screen issue.

Fix #1 Check all the wires and the HDMI cables connection

Fix 1 Check all the HDMI cables connection

Check for any problems with all the cords, including the coaxial cable, input cable, power cable, DVD player cable, and television wires. Verify that all of the wires connected to your television are correctly connected to the appropriate ports by inspecting the back of the device. Reconnect any wires or connections that are found to be loose or only partially attached to the port. After double-checking all wires and circuits, see if the black screen is still there. If you discover a damaged cable after checking the cable connections, repair it before checking to see if the problem with your Hisense TV’s black screen has been resolved.

Fix #2 Power cycle your Hisense TV

Fix #2 Power cycle your Hisense TV

Power cycling your Hisense TV will be the second action you must take in this situation. The method of power cycling involves turning the TV off and back on. It refreshes your Hisense TV’s software and fixes any bugs that might be the cause of the Hisense TV’s black screen. Unplug all external USB devices from your Hisense TV before performing a power cycle. The first and most crucial step in fixing the Hisense TV’s black screen of death is to do this. If you want to fix your Hisense TV, just power cycle it or power reset it using the procedures below. Many owners of Hisense TVs were successful in resolving the Hisense TV black screen issue using the power cycling method.

Power cycling Hisense TV

Step 1: Turn off your television using the power button on your Hisense TV remote control, then wait 15-30 seconds before turning it back on.

Step 2: If the black screen remains, switch on your television and unplug it from the wall outlet. Wait 60 seconds before proceeding.

Step 3: Reconnect the power cord to the outlet and turn on your television for 60 seconds to see whether it works.

Fix #3 Try other power outlet

Fix #3 Try other power outlet

If your remote functions perfectly and all of the wires and connectors that connect to the Hisense TV are correctly connected, it’s likely that your outlet is defective and your television isn’t getting enough power. To resolve the Hisense TV black screen  issue, find a nearby outlet and connect the TV power cord into it.

Fix #4 Soft resetting Hisense TV

Fix #4 Soft resetting Hisense TV

Your Hisense TV may be experiencing a brief technical issue if you only receive sound but not visuals. Black screen on your Hisense TV could be caused by a technical issue. Hisense black screen issue but has sound  can be resolved by soft reset.

Step 1: Press home button five times on your Hisense remote control.

Step 2: Press the up button.

Step 3: Press twice the rewind button.

Step 4:  Press twice the fast-forward button.

Fix #5 Check Hisense screen for backlight damaged

There is a probability that your TV is having this problem due to poor backlight and brightness if you are still unable to resolve the black screen. The picture is not visible when the backlight is defective, and your television screen turns dark. 

Checking for damaged backlight

Step 1: Play anything on your Hisense TV once it is on.

Step 2: Turn off all of the lights, then turn on a flashlight and shine it at your television to see if you can see any of the content.

This could mean that your TV has backlight damage if doing so makes the content or movie visible. The picture is not visible when the backlight is defective, and your television screen turns dark. Replace the backlight in this situation by visiting a repair or Hisense service facility.

Fix #6 Factory Reset Hisense TV

If the black screen of death on the TV keeps happening, there might be an issue with the internal settings. It’s possible that an update damaged the software. It’s possible that a third-party app is to blame for the problem. One of the most effective ways to fix any software problem is to restore factory settings.

This can help you solve a number of problems.  Remember that a factory reset will erase all the settings, including the backlight, display, downloaded content, saved preferences, and the TV’s data. On the other hand, the Hisense TV black screen of death can be fixed most successfully using this way.

Below are the steps to do a factory resetting:

Step 1: Your Roku remote should be four times pressed on the * option button.

Step 2: On your Hisense remote, press the home button.

Step 3: Select settings by scrolling down.

Step 4: Now scroll down and choose the system.

Step 5: Choose Advanced system settings by descending.

Step 6: Select factory reset.

Step 7: Scroll down then Select factory reset everything.

You can factory reset your TV without a remote if the methods above didn’t work for you. Just follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Find the reset labeled hole on the back of your television.

Step 2: Press and hold the reset button for 15 to 20 seconds with a pin or paper clip.

Step 3: Your  TV will now restart and go through a factory reset.

Fix #7 Contact Hisense for repair

You must get in touch with Hisense for repair if the problem cannot be resolved using the above troubleshooting steps.

If a hardware problem, such as a broken power supply, faulty t con board or a defective screen, is the root of the problem, a service center must fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What causes black screen on Hisense Roku TV?

    These problems can be cause by a troublesome firmware update, an issue with the TV power cord, a problem with the power outlet, or a faulty t con board.

  2. How do I reset my Hisense Roku TV black screen?

    You can follow our method above for the steps to reset the tv.

  3. Why is my Hisense Roku TV screen black with sound?

    It can be cause by your backlight that is damaged or an issue with the settings with your tv. You can try to hard reset your TV to fix this issue.

  4. Why is my Hisense Roku TV screen black & no sound?

    It could be cause by several reasons. Follow our guide above for the steps to fix your TV.

  5. What do you do when your Roku screen goes black on a Hisense Roku TV?

    You can check all the wire, soft reset, or factory reset your TV.

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