how to manage data usage galaxy s20

How to Manage Data Usage on Galaxy S20

This post is aimed at helping new Android users to view and manage data usage on Galaxy S20. This is imperative to avoid incurring extra charges from using the internet via mobile data. Mobile data connection is the best instant alternative whenever a Wi-Fi network isn’t available and that you badly needed to get online.

How to fix PlayStation 4 controller won't turn on.

How To Fix PlayStation 4 Controller Won’t Turn On

If your PlayStation 4 controller won’t turn on, or if it appears to have a very short battery life, it’s either a bad battery issue, or a hardware problem.  In some cases, a minor glitch like a firmware bug may prevent a controller from charging properly or to boot up. In any of these cases,

PlayStation 4 Controller won't charge.

How To Fix PlayStation 4 Controller Won’t Charge

If your PlayStation 4 Wireless DualShock Controller won’t charge, you’ll have to do a set of troubleshooting steps to identify what’s causing it. The reasons for this issue can vary but in majority of cases, the causes can be minor. As long as there’s no hardware damage to your controller, the solution should be within

how to manage galaxy s20 battery and power usage

How to View and Manage Galaxy S20 Battery and Power Usage

When it comes to power management, new smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S20 offer different ways to preserve and extend battery life when needed. It also has relevant features that when activated will automatically adjust the display resolution based on your power usage. To make use of these features, I’ve prepared a simple walkthrough for you

How to share steam game.

How To Share Your Steam Game Library To Family Or Friends

With its thousands of games, Valve’s Steam offers a way for its users to share its game library to a family member or friend conveniently. Mainly, this is to allow parents and kids to share games without interfering with each other’s progress, achievements, or saves. The other purpose is to extend access to someone outside

how to encrypt-decrypt sd card on galaxy s20

How to Encrypt and Decrypt SD Card on Galaxy S20

The steps I’ve mapped out below will walk you through keeping your SD card files secured. Feel free to refer to this illustrative guide in case you need help on how to encrypt or decrypt the SD card on Galaxy S20. For some reason, many people would still prefer to use an SD card to

How to clear download cache.

Clear Steam Download Cache To Make App Run Faster

One of the basic troubleshooting steps if you encounter a problem with a Steam game is to clear the Steam download cache. This is also helpful if the Steam client itself is lagging or opens slow.  Some Steam gamers find clearing the download cache useful in fixing games that do not work properly. If you

how to change default language on galaxy s20

How to Change the Default Language on Galaxy S20

New to Android and wondering how to change the default language on your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone to your preferred dialect? This post highlights a step-by-step guide on how to do so. Here’s how to change the default language on Galaxy S20. Like other smartphones, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 has multiple languages saved in

get app update notifications on galaxy s20 play store

How to Get App Update Notifications on Galaxy S20 Play Store

Notifications are programmed to remind every smartphone user about new events and occurrences. With these notifications , we can evade from missing important software updates and thus, keep our apps and system up to date. Here’s a quick guide on how to enable these notifications and automatically receive app update notifications on Galaxy S20 Play

galaxy s20 drops wi-fi connection

Galaxy S20 Drops Wi-Fi Connection. Here’s The Fix!

One of our readers reported that her Galaxy S20 drops Wi-Fi connection intermittently after an update. Since the phone was released, there hasn’t been any major updates yet since it was released running on Android 10 with One UI 2. So any updates that were rolled out have been minor or just security patches.  The

galaxy s20 randomly lags

Galaxy S20 Randomly Lags? Here’s The Fix!

When a premium smartphone like the Galaxy S20 randomly lags, it can be a sign of a firmware issue. But most of the time, it’s not really that serious and you may be able to fix it and make your phone run perfectly again by doing a couple of troubleshooting procedures.  So in this post,

how to add mobile signature on galaxy s20 gmail

How to Add Mobile Signature on your Galaxy S20 Gmail Account

Setting up a mobile signature for your Gmail account is a fairly easy process. If you haven’t tried this yet and are keen on making  your first one, I’ve prepared a simple guide for personal reference. Here’s how to add a mobile signature on your Galaxy S20 Gmail account. Mobile signature refers to a digital

How to use Optimize battery usage On Samsung.

How To Optimize Battery Usage On Samsung (Android 10)

Newer Samsung Galaxy devices have a number of features that can lengthen day-to-day battery life, one of which is Optimize Battery Usage. This feature can force an app to lower its battery consumption by limiting its functionality, like blocking it from using mobile data, getting notifications, or downloading updates. If you have an app that

How to use Data Saver On Samsung.

How To Use Samsung Data Saver feature (Android 10)

Some Samsung Galaxy users are reporting that they’re not getting notifications. If your Samsung phone or tablet is having trouble with notifications, one of the reasons that you must check is the Data saver feature. If data saver is turned on, it can significantly lower your data consumption if you rely mainly on mobile data

how to sync account contacts on galaxy s20

How to Sync Account Contacts on Galaxy S20

Need help on how to sync account contacts on Galaxy S20? If so, then I’ve created a quick guide for you to refer to. Feel free to use this context as personal reference in case you need some input on how to get these things done on your new Samsung handset. Syncing contacts means that

How to put an app to sleep on Samsung.

How To Put An App To Sleep On Samsung

If your phone or tablet seems to be slowing down or unresponsive, it may have run out of resources because of many apps working in the background. To fix the issue, you can try to put an app or apps to sleep so your Samsung device can have enough memory and resources to use.  Learn

how to block and unblock phone number on galaxy s20

How to Block or Unblock a Phone Number on Galaxy S20

This post will walk you through managing phone calls on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 and filter the type of calls to go through. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to block or unblock a phone number on Galaxy S20. Not all calls you receive are actually the calls that you’d like to get. However,

how to create a group contact on galaxy s20

How to Create a Group Contact on Galaxy S20

Multitasking is becoming a trend in modern ages. Hence, most of not all devices are programmed to multitask. Because of this, people are now getting used to carrying out multiple things simultaneously. Just like sending a text to multiple people at a time, otherwise known as mass texting. And the same concept used in group