Fix moisture detected error on Samsung.

How To Fix Moisture Detected Error On Samsung (Android 10)

Are you getting “moisture detected” error on your Samsung phone or tablet? That’s probably due to traces of water or liquid in the charging port. All you have to do to fix it is to dry the device. Water naturally evaporates after several hours so leaving your phone in room temperature can do the trick

galaxy s20 wont update via ota

Galaxy S20 won’t update via OTA [Quick Solutions]

Having trouble installing new updates on your Samsung Galaxy S20? Here’s what to do if your Galaxy S20 won’t update via OTA. Installing new updates on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 is generally a straightforward process. For OTA updates, sufficient battery life, storage space, and a stable internet connection are the main requirements to download

galaxy s20 lockdown mode thumb

Galaxy S20 Lockdown Mode: How To Access And Enable It?

The Galaxy S20 lockdown mode is a great way to revoke all access to your device that uses biometrics. Before you can set fingerprint and face unlock, you will be required to create a PIN, password or pattern as your backup. And most of the time, we give other users a way to access the

galaxy s20 keeps freezing thumbnail

My Galaxy S20 Keeps Freezing. Here’s The Fix!

If a high-end device like the Galaxy S20 keeps freezing, then it could be a sign of a firmware issue. Fortunately, this problem is not really that serious, and you may be able to fix it by doing a few troubleshooting procedures.  In this post, I will guide you in troubleshooting your new Galaxy S20

fix galaxy s20 not charging

Galaxy S20 is not charging via wired charger [Easy Fix]

This post tackles an issue on the Galaxy S20 that is not charging. If ever you would bump into the same problem on your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, I have lined up a few potential solutions for you to try on. Read on for more information. There are several reasons as to why a smartphone

palm swipe screenshot on galaxy s20

How To Take A Screenshot On Galaxy S20

There are already a couple of ways to take a screenshot on Galaxy S20 without using any app. The fact is you don’t need an app to take a screenshot or even record the screen. It’s just not practical.  Samsung already made sure that if you have a content you want to screenshot, you can

how to block ads on galaxy s20 chrome browser

How to Block Ads on Galaxy S20 Chrome browser

Tired of seeing different ads popping up on your browser from time to time? If you feel that way when browsing the Internet on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone using Google Chrome, this post is for you. Here’s an easy guide on how to block ads on Galaxy S20 Chrome app browser. Online advertising

how to hide photos on galaxy s20

How to Hide Photos on Galaxy S20 using Secure Folder

Got some confidential photos to hide on your new Samsung smartphone? If so, then this post will teach you how. Here’s a quick guide on how to hide photos on Galaxy S20.  Modern smartphones are already capable of storing multimedia files including critical data. With the latest security features, any unauthorized access can be prevented.

How to improve Samsung touchscreen sensitivity.

How To Improve Touchscreen Sensitivity On Samsung (Android 10)

Some Samsung devices may encounter touchscreen sensitivity issues after a while. If your device’s touchscreen seems to falter now or has become unresponsive, you may want to check if you can improve sensitivity under Settings first. This guide will walk you through that. Can you calibrate the touchscreen of your Samsung device? If you are

how to remove ad pop-ups and malware on galaxy s20

How to Remove Ad pop-ups and Malware on Galaxy S20

Tired of seeing many pop-up ads on your new Samsung smartphone? If that is so, then this post is for you. Here’s a quick guide on how to remove ad pop-up and malware on the Galaxy S20. Smartphones are among the widely used virtual platforms for various kinds of advertisements. In fact, majority if not

Fix Samsung won't charge issue.

How To Fix A Samsung That Won’t Charge (Android 10)

If your Samsung phone or tablet won’t charge and you have to idea how to fix it, you’re reading the right blog. In this post, we’ll show you how to fix the problem easily by doing a series of troubleshooting steps. Most cases of charging problems on Samsung are fixable on a user’s end so

How to fix Samsung black screen issue.

How To Fix Black Screen Issue On Samsung (Android 10)

Are you getting a blank or black screen on your Samsung phone or tablet? It may be due to an app bug, a glitch in the software that causes the system to freeze, or a hardware malfunction. Know what is the cause of the problem by reading this guide. Troubleshooting Samsung black or blank screen

how to fix galaxy s20 auto rotate not working

Galaxy S20 Auto-Rotate Not Working [How to Fix it]

While some people don’t like their phones to automatically rotate when held in different positions, others feel the opposite. Hence, it’s still an issue to have a phone that doesn’t switch between portrait and landscape mode. If you think your Galaxy S20 auto-rotate is not working as intended, I’ve laid out a few potential fixes

galaxy s20 camera not working thumbnail

Galaxy S20 Camera Not Working? Here’s The Fix!

Is your Galaxy S20 camera not working? That seems to be the problem of some owners who reported that the camera started to act up without apparent reason. Some said that it closes immediately after opening while there were those who reported to be getting some kind of an error when they opened it.  In

galaxy s20 keeps rebooting charge

My Galaxy S20 Keeps Rebooting. Here’s The Fix!

When a high-end device like the Galaxy S20 keeps rebooting, it can be a sign of a serious problem, although there were cases wherein the device starts to restart randomly due to firmware-related concerns.  But in this post, we will try to look into each possibility and then rule them out one after another until

how to set up mobile hotspot on galaxy s20

How to Set up Mobile Hotspot on Galaxy S20

This is a quick guide on how to set up Mobile Hotspot on Galaxy S20 and start sharing your phone’s internet connection with your other devices. With Mobile Hotspot, you can convert your smartphone into a portable router/modem and share your internet connection with other devices. Although using mobile hotspot may result in incurring extra

how to fix galaxy s20 no sound problem

Galaxy S20 no sound. Here’s how to fix it!

This post will help you resolve a problem on the Galaxy S20 with no sound. Try these simple tweaks before opting for service. Audio problems in mobile devices can either be due to a software malfunction if not faulty hardware like a busted audio component. The solutions I’ve mapped in this post are intended to