Best Android tablets with the highest-resolution screens for watching videos

Looking for a large, uber-productive, robust, physical keyboard-boasting and/or stylus-supporting tablet to meet your enterprise needs? The answer to your prayers is only a couple of clicks away. How about a rugged, muscular, almost unbreakable Android slate? We have you covered there, too. Don’t want much, just ultra-fast LTE connectivity and keeping non-vital expenses to

5 Best Caller ID App For Galaxy Note 9

Caller ID applications — at least for those that get a lot of phone calls — are something that’s so necessary to have on your smartphone. Install one and set it up on your phone and you’ll easily be able to see who’s calling you. Many of these applications will even warn you about incoming

5 Best Emulators For PUBG

You know just how fun PUBG Mobile is over on your Android device — being able to survive and compete against other players in a post apocalyptic world is just a ton of fun. Every player starting with noting, and then having to work their way up the ladder as each player tries to become

How To Watch The Bachelor Live Online Without Cable

Looking at nixing the cable subscription, but don’t want to lose your access to watching The Bachelor on live TV? We totally understand, but today, there are plenty of options for you to watch The Bachelor live online without a cable subscription. In fact, there are tons of options for streaming The Bachelor live, not

5 Best Task Manager For Android Phone In 2020

If you’re looking to better your Android phone’s performance, then you might want to consider using the best app manager for android. Task Managers were extremely popular in the early days of Android, where there were few options for managing pesky tasks and apps that hoarded processing power and memory. Now, things are a little

9 Best Wireless Chargers For Pixel 3

Charging by wire can be a pretty frustrating experience. You might regularly come across breaks in the wire from using your cable so much, or you might eventually experience a malfunction with the charging port. That’s why charging over wireless is so lovely — just set the Pixel 3 on a charging pad, and charging

Difference Between Roku TV And Smart TV

So you’re wanting to bring your TV into the 21st century, and in the quest to do that, you’re finding a ton of different options out on the market. You have Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, standard Smart TVs, Sling TV, and so many other solutions to bring your TV into the modern era. There’s not

How To Delete Amazon Account

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s quite difficult to delete your Amazon account. The company doesn’t exactly make it very obvious on where or even how you can delete your Amazon account. Obviously they want you to keep it, so burying the option to delete or close your Amazon account works a little bit as

How To Use The Fastest DNS Servers on Android

You might be wondering: DNS servers — why do they even matter? Or, what is a DNS server anyway? Both of these are important question, but in addressing both, a DNS is your access or gateway to the rest of the Internet. It’s how you connect to or, and sometimes (actually, a lot

5 Best Galaxy S10 Alternative In 2020

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 might be one hell of a smartphone, but not everyone is ready to jump on the bandwagon of having the latest and greatest. Instead, you might want to grab the best Galaxy S10 alternative. For one, it’s expensive, and it’s always been a little risky since the Galaxy Note 7 battery scandal.

5 Best Armband Phone Holder For Galaxy S10

If you live an active lifestyle, you’re probably wanting to take some extra precautions to make sure that you’re Galaxy S10 stays safe. You use it to track your workouts, but you don’t want it falling out of your pocket and hitting the hard pavement. That’s why you need an armband phone holder case for

5 Best Kodi Addons For Android Phones In 2020

If you’ve got Kodi up and running on your smartphone, then you’re probably ready to start loading it up with some Kodi on phone addons, too. Addons make Kodi a whole lot more fun to use, as addons give you access to much more content than just standalone Kodi would. That said, today we’re going

5 Best PDF To Word Converter For Android In 2020

Trying to convert a PDF document over to a Word file on Android? Well, you’re probably finding that it’s near impossible to get this to work, at least without any extra tools. There are options on the Web for a conversion like this, but nothing that can necessarily happen on locally (except for maybe one

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Vs DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Best Gimbal Stabilizer 2020

Zhiyun and DJI are probably the two biggest companies that offer high-quality video stabilizing gimbals right now. There are a lot of gimbals on the market, but not all of them can achieve the quality that Zhiyun and DJI have. Many off-brand and budget gimbals aren’t able to handle the weight of some smartphones, and

5 Best Text To Speech App For Note 9

If you’ve had a smartphone for any length of time, you know that, sometimes, it’s just difficult to type out a text to someone or in response to someone. That’s why speech apps have become so handy — press a button, and then you can talk to your phone, and it’ll transform what you’re saying

5 Best Selfie Stick For Pixel 3

It can be difficult taking a great selfie, especially with friends, without using a selfie stick. You can still take a selfie without one, but you just aren’t able to get the perfect field of view or angle to capture the perfect photo. If you want to take a great selfie, set your Google Pixel

5 Best Bluetooth Headsets For Galaxy S10 Plus

Bluetooth headsets are an invaluable tool to have, if you own a smartphone, then you most certainly need Bluetooth headsets for Galaxy S10 Plus. Having your phone up to your ear all the time on the phone can get extremely uncomfortable, and it can even sometimes start to irritate your skin. That’s why Bluetooth headsets