How To Fix Galaxy Watch Active Random Restart issue

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has random restart issue and you don’t know what to do, this troubleshooting guide should help.

Random restart or random shut down usually occurs when the watch is low on power so the first thing that you want to do is to ensure that you charge your device. Here’s what you need to do if your Galaxy Watch Active won’t charge.

If you’re positive that the watch has been charged properly and has plenty of power, then try the rest of the troubleshooting steps below.

What are the reasons why your Galaxy Watch Active may shut down randomly?

These are some of the common causes why a Galaxy Watch Active may appear to randomly shut down:

  • Watch is low on battery
  • Charging accessory is broken (thus device may not power up properly)
  • Minor system bug
  • Unknown software bug
  • Hardware damage (rare)

Solutions to Galaxy Watch Active random restart

Below are the possible solutions that you can try to fix Galaxy Watch Active random restart issue.

Fix minor bugs by refreshing the system with a reboot

There can be a number of different reasons why you restart your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. When experiencing issues, it’s important that one of the first things that you need to do is restart. If you haven’t tried this before, then make sure that you’re going to do it at this time.

Just like any electronic device, the Galaxy Watch Active is a tiny computer that can benefit from a soft reboot or restart. If left running for extended periods, computers, phones, and smartwatches may slow down or misbehave.

To lessen the chances of issues from developing, it’s not a bad idea to restart your Galaxy Watch Active regularly. We suggest that you restart it at least once every week. It only takes a few seconds to perform but the effect can be significant.

To restart your Galaxy Watch Active:

  1. Start by unlocking your SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active. To do so, simply press the Home button at the bottom of the Watch face.
  2. From the watch screen, press and hold the Home button until the Options menu appears.
  3. From the Options menu, tap Power off.
  4. The device will now turn off. To start your SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active again, press and hold the Power button until the watch logo appears.
  5. That’s it! Hopefully, you’ll be able to fix the problem you’re having on your watch after this.

Update the software

In general, the software in your Galaxy Watch Active is stable and has minimal bugs. However, just like any other software, it regularly requires updates for improvements and fixes to known issues. This is the main reason why you want to regularly check for software updates.

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is connected to your phone via Galaxy Wearable app, you should get a notification on your phone if there’s any update to install. However, you can also manually check for updates anytime.

To check for software updates for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active:

  1. Make sure that both watch and phone are connected.
  2. On the connected phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app.
  3. Tap the Home tab, and then tap Watch software update.
  4. Tap Download and install.

To automatically download software updates over a Wi-Fi network, be sure to turn on the switch for Auto download over Wi-Fi.

Return watch software to defaults (Factory reset)

If your Galaxy Watch Active continues to restart at random and there’s really no discernible pattern for the behavior, you can factory reset it.

Factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active returns the software to their defaults. This is usually effective in fixing problems if the rest of troubleshooting steps such as restart, and updating won’t work. Also known as master reset or hard reset, this procedure may delete personal data on your device’s internal storage like downloads, images, ringtones, contacts, apps, etc.

If your Galaxy Watch Active continues to misbehave, restoring the software to its original state will most likely fix the problem but you’ll have to spend time in setting up the device again afterwards. If you want to back personal data ahead of time, we suggest that you use the built-in Backup and restore feature in Settings.

Here are the steps to factory reset a Galaxy Watch Active:

  1. From your SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active screen, press the Home button to open the application screen.
  2. On the main screen, swipe left twice.
  3. Tap the Settings icon (Cog icon).
  4. Find and tap General.
  5. Find and tap Reset.
  6. Tap the check icon to confirm reset.

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