How to Facetime on Samsung Galaxy Note 9: FaceTime Alternatives for Android

Facetime is time spent face-to-face with someone either through personal interaction or through a computer or mobile phone. Technically, it’s very much possible to facetime on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but if you think you’re gonna use FaceTime like what iPhone, iPad and Mac users do, well, you can’t since the application only runs on Apple devices. However, you have a whole lot of other options to choose from if you want to communicate with someone face-to-face using your smartphone.

Continue reading below to know more about FaceTime alternatives that you may even find better in many aspects. However, if you found this post while trying to find a solution to a problem, then visit our Note 9 troubleshooting page for we have already addressed the most common issues with this phone. We may already have published articles that could help you fix your problem. If you need more help, then fill up our Android issues questionnaire to contact us and we’ll be willing to help you.

Facetime on Galaxy Note 9 using Facebook Messenger

This comes as the first option since Facebook is most popular when it comes to social interaction and instant messaging. The main FB app comes as a pre-installed application on your Note 9 but its Messenger has to be downloaded from the Play Store. Over the years, the company actually improved its messaging service and facetiming with with Messenger can now be done smoothly.

By using Messenger, you can video call with any users regardless whether they’re using Android, iOS or computers and I think it’s actually better than FaceTime in many ways and it’s free. All you need is an internet connection either through mobile data or WiFi and you can already connect with anybody. You can even do video call conferencing with it.

Facetime on Galaxy Note 9 using Skype

Skype is probably the oldest service that offer video calls and it has established its name over the years. It’s free and it supports almost all platforms available today like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows, and even Linux. You can also call a landline or mobile phone but for a fee but for video calling, chatting and screen and file sharing, it’s free.

Facetime on Galaxy Note 9 using Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is kind of a late-comer but it has gained popularity because most of Google account users have instant access to it. It offers almost the same service as most of the instant messaging apps out there and you can make calls for free using the Google Voice number which can also be acquired for free.

If you’re an Android device user, there’s no need to sign up or log into Google Hangouts because once you’ve properly setup your phone, you’ll automatically be able to use this app as it’s connected to your Google ID that you use on your phone.

Facetime on Galaxy Note 9 using Line

Just like any other apps on this list, Line supports every feature they offer. What makes it stand out among the rest is its social networking features wherein you can post statuses and post comment on friends statuses. It also has its own mobile payment platform and since international calls are paid, it would be easier to do so by taking advantage of its payment feature without having to worry so much about the security of your personal banking information. You can download Line from the Play Store for free and the app itself is relatively small and lightweight.

Facetime on Galaxy Note 9 using WhatsApp

WhatsApp prides itself being one of the most secure instant messaging service with end-to-end encryption which means your messages and calls are secured so only you and the person you’re communicating with can read or listen to them, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp.

Documents and files sharing are made easy which allows users to send up to 100 MB at once. And since Facebook bought it in 2014, its chat, voice and video calls have already been perfected.

You can download WhatsApp for free and use it for free for a year but after which, you will be charged $0.99 per year. That’s a pretty cheap price for the services it offers.

Bottom Line

Apple’s FaceTime is a cool and useful service but since not everyone owns an Apple device to use such service, then the alternatives I’ve mentioned here should do you justice. Personally, I would recommend Facebook Messenger when it comes to instant messaging and video calls; it’s free and pretty easy to use. All other alternatives in this list should also offer you the same service FaceTime offers and you can use them on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or any Android smartphone for that matter.

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