6 Best GoPro Video Editor In 2020

So you took a bunch of awesome GoPro video out on the boat, or out on the trails in your 4-wheeler. You’ve been able to create a pretty smooth video with one of our favorite GoPro gimbals, but what if you want to edit it into some coherent subject? That’s not easily do-able on your

How To Unlock The Samsung Galaxy S10

The most anticipated release of the year is finally here: the Samsung Galaxy S10. Succeeding the Galaxy S9, this Samsung’s new flagship for the year, and it comes with some upgrades to the design, hardware, and camera setup. The display is probably the highlight of this phone, getting rid of bezels almost entirely. These upgrades

How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Files From Computer

We’ve all done it before — moved a file into the Recycle Bin, and then pressed the Empty Trash button. Later, we found out that that was an important file that you needed to keep, but now it’s gone forever. How do you ever recover? Most would say that you couldn’t, but luckily, there are

How To Transfer Data to New Android Phone

Got a new Android phone? Maybe the new Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+? Then you’re no doubt wondering how to transfer data to new Android phone. Your old phone is full of all sorts of memories and data that you don’t want to lose, such as photos, memories, and maybe even important, personal documents.

How To Fix DVD Not Playing On Windows 10

You’ve arrived home after a long, hard day of work. You’ve got your coffee or tea warmed and ready, and maybe a small snack. You go to pop-in your DVD, ready to spend the next two to two and half hours relaxing and watching your favorite movie, but after couple of minutes, you get an

How To Transfer Data From Old Phone To Your New Phone

New, hot smartphones are launching all of the time. Most recently, we have the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 Pro, both excellent smartphones with beautiful designs that everyone is after. That said, everyone always wants to make sure that they have the latest and greatest. And while there’s no problem with that, moving

4 Best Ways To Cast PC To TV

It’s not always easy to present with your desktop or laptop screen, except with a cast pc to tv app, and usually because you’re working with a much smaller space — that’s especially true in an office environment where you need to show your team the status of a project or something else entirely. So,

Best 4K Video Editor For Windows 2020

  Just a few years ago it was almost unheard of that your average device would be able to film in 4K resolution. 4K was widely available, but the hardware and technology could set you back quite a bit of dough. Now, that technology has gotten so much cheaper. For example, 4K TVs can be