How To Download Video From YouTube And Transfer It To Android Device

Have you ever come across a video on YouTube that you wished you could download and save for later? That’s us all the time! There’s just so much good content on YouTube that we’re unable to watch all at once. Subscriptions to services like YouTube Red now allow us to download content for offline viewing later, but that’s another a subscription on a stack of subscriptions and services that we’re already paying for.

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Of course, there are plenty of shady download websites on the Internet that allow you to download YouTube videos off of the Internet, but these should be avoided. That said, if you follow along with us below, we’ll show you how you can use a much more reputable service called 4K Video Downloader to download your favorite YouTube videos. Let’s get started.

Video resolutions

4K Video Downloader is an excellent choice for downloading YouTube videos. While there are a lot of different choices for downloading videos out there, there are few that have the capabilities of 4K Video Download.

As the name itself suggests, 4K Video Downloader supports the downloading of 720p, 1080p, and 4K videos. And while rare, it can download 8K videos as well. The one thing to keep in mind with these more detailed formats is that they’re much more dense in terms of file size, meaning that it can take a much longer time to download.

That said, 4K Video Downloader can download almost any video resolution type out there — you’ll just need to stay patient with some of those larger formats. All that said, follow along, and we’ll show you step by step how to download videos with 4K Video Downloaders.

Download YouTube Playlists

One of the unique things about 4K Video Downloader is that they allow you to download entire playlists fairly easily. If you have an entire playlist that you want to download, such as a tutorial playlist outlining some sort of educational subject, you no longer have to download videos individually. Now you can download them all at once, as long as they’re in a playlist.

To get started, you’ll want to grab 4K Video Downloader and install it on your computer. It’s available on most platforms — Windows 10, MacOS, and even Ubuntu.

Once downloaded, you’ll want to head over to YouTube and copy the link to the playlist. You can do this by highlighting the entire URL in the browser, right-clicking, and pressing Copy.

Next, open up 4K Video Downloader on your computer. In the top-left corner, you’ll want to press the icon that says Paste Link.

Now, when the prompt or pop-up appears, you’ll want to select the option that says Download Playlist.

4K Video Downloader will now obtain metadata and other information about the playlist. This can take a little bit of time, but once done, you can then choose the quality that you want to download in. You can choose original quality — which works all the way up to 4K resolution — or you can download it in its lowest quality, usually 240p or 144p.

You can choose the file path where you want your video saved as well. Press the “…” button to open your File Explorer, and then choose a path. If you don’t, by default, they’ll download to C:Media4K Video Downloader.

Finally, press the Download button, and then the playlist will start downloading. Depending on how many videos you’re downloading, and the resolution chosen, this can take a substantial amount of time. Make sure that you have a stable connection before starting, as you don’t want to interrupt the process.

And that’s all there is to it! You should be able to find your downloaded videos at the file path that you chose.

How to download entire YouTube channels

Have you ever come across an entire channel that you’ve just really loved? Maybe you’ve wanted to download all of the videos just to have them on hand, or to slowly watch them over time offline. One of the most unique aspects about 4K Video Downloader is that they let you download entire YouTube channels. We’re talking every video on the channel.

It’s quite easy. Like the earlier steps, grab 4K Video Downloader and install it on your computer. It works on all three major platforms — Windows 10, macOS, and Ubuntu.

Next, head over to YouTube and find the YouTube channel. You can copy the link in the address bar. It will look something like or

Next, open 4K Video Downloader, press the Paste Link button at the top-left of the program. Then, 4K Video Downloader will load the channel into the downloader.

Next, choose the quality that you want it download from — choices from original quality, all the way to the lowest quality YouTube lets you download.

You can also choose the format that you want to download in from the dropdown — MP4, MKV, FLV, and even 3GP. There are choices for extracting audio as well, such as in formats like MP3, M4A, and even OGG.

When you’re ready, press the Download button to start downloading the channel. Depending on the size of the channel, this can take a really long time, and should be left alone until completed. Make sure you have an Internet connection that is stable and fast enough to handle this.

Download individual YouTube videos

We’ve shown you how you can download playlists and channels alike so far. However, 4K Video Downloader allows you to download individual videos as well.

It’s actually quite easy. We’ve told you to copy entire links for the channels and playlists you want to download, and it’s just as simple with downloading individual YouTube videos. Instead of copying a link to the channel or the playlist, you would launch an individual video, and then copy the URL there.

From there, you would open the 4K Video Downloader program, press Paste Link, and then download the video the same way we showed you with the last two methods. Easy as can be!

What about subtitles?

4K Video Downloader makes it easy to download subtitles for videos as well. When you follow all of the steps above, the only thing that you would do differently is check the box that says Download Subtitles. You can then choose what language you’d like the subtitles downloaded in, and then you just download the video as normal.

Extract audio from YouTube videos

Now, what if you want to extract audio from YouTube videos? We hinted at how you could do that earlier, but the steps are pretty much similar to downloading a YouTube video. At the end, you just need to alter the format you’re downloading in.

It might seem weird to download audio exclusively, but it does have its place. Some folks wants to download the songs from a music video — which is a sort of moral dilemma, but to each his own — or will want to download a podcast. Some YouTube users post their “podcasts” in a video format exclusively to YouTube. Downloading the audio file enables you to put it on your phone during a car ride when you can’t pay attention to the video.

Downloading the audio file is extremely easy. Copy the YouTube video link as normal, and press the Paste Link button in the top left corner of 4K Video Downloader. Wait for 4K Video Downloader to grab the information, and then under the Format dropdown, you can choose to convert to MP3, M4A, or OGG.

Chose your option, and then press the Download button. It will end up in the destination folder that you selected, which, by default, is C:Media4K Video Downloader.

How to transfer to Android

Once you have your videos downloaded, you can easily transfer them over to your Android device as well. You’ll want to plug in your Android device via a USB cable to your computer to get started.

Then, find the location of the video(s) that you downloaded. Right-click on the video(s) and press copy. Next, head over into your Android device within the File Explorer, and set it in the folder where you want to find it. Some folks that don’t have a File Explorer on their Android device will simply paste it into the DCIM section, which allows them to open the video within their device’s camera roll.

If you put it in another folder, some phones don’t come with a File Explorer, so you’ll have to download something like ES File Explorer on your Android phone to find it. Once you do, you can simply tap on the file to play it.


As you can see, 4K Video Downloader makes it easy for anyone to download individual YouTube videos, playlists, and even entire channels. You can download subtitles with them, convert videos into audio files, and even download some pretty stellar looking 4K or 8K content.

Have you used 4K Video Downloader before? If you haven’t, be sure to give it a try over on their website!

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