Galaxy S10 5G

Galaxy S10 5G Will Get 3D Face Unlock with Android 10

As per a new report, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G could get a significant security boost with the Android 10 update. According to beta firmware currently floating around in South Korea, this update will introduce 3D Face Unlock, a much more sophisticated authentication system that leverages the dedicated front-facing 3D depth camera. It is understood

Best Antivirus and Mobile Security Apps in 2019

As an increasingly large number of users are starting to embrace mobile as their primary platform for almost all day-to-day computing tasks, many new security threats emerge. According to research by Pulse Secure, a provider of access control and mobile device security, as much as 97 percent of all mobile malware targets the Android operating

How to use Android Device Manager for tracking your kids

Privacy and security have grown to become very big concerns in today’s highly-connected world. With a considerable part of the world’s population owning a mobile device, it’s likely that these devices are also being used to keep track of our whereabouts, too. There has been quite some buzz about government agencies spying on calls and

Instagram Logo

Instagram Making It Easier to Recover Stolen Accounts

Instagram is reportedly working on a new update that allows users to reclaim lost or stolen accounts directly through the app. Currently, the process involves filling out a support form or sending the Instagram team an email. But thanks to the new changes, users will be able to ask for a verification code over their

Over 70 million Dropbox account log-ins were stolen back in 2012

Remember the 2012 hack which was believed to have compromised a few #Dropbox accounts? Well, it seems like the hacker managed to get his hands on nearly 70 million account log-ins back then, putting several customers in a state of worry. However, you’re safe if you have changed your password since then. If not, we

New security vulnerability ‘Stagefright’ spotted on Android

Security on Android has always been a hotly debated topic. While Google has done its fair share to curb this menace, there’s no denying that hackers are still finding ways to find security loopholes on Android. The co-author of Android Hacker’s Handbook and a security researcher at Zimperium, Joshua Drake mentions that the Hangouts application on Android has

Five reasons why we need BlackBerry on the Android team

The rumor is not new. In some shape or form, we’ve been expecting BlackBerry to reach to the dark Google side for salvation for several years now. It seems to be the Canadians’ only shot at a hardware business revival of sorts, and by extension, the company’s survival as a whole. Granted, John Chen could

Android Wear Device Manager

Android Device Manager now supported by Android Wear

Security is a major concern for smartphone users these days. And to put customers at ease, manufacturers and software developers come up with security apps to ensure that your stolen or lost device is located quickly. Android Device Manager serves this very purpose for those using an Android handset. And now, Google has just introduced support


Bitdefender app now supports Android Wear devices

Several app developers have already ported their applications to work with Android Wear smartwatches. Bitdefender has just joined that list with its dedicated Android Wear app which lets users control and sound alarms on their primary smartphone in times of an emergency. As a precautionary measure, the smartwatch will start vibrating whenever the paired device is taken

Security based Blackphone to feature NVIDIA’s Tegra 4i SoC

SGP Technologies showed off a neat concept called Blackphone which would provide users increased security and encryption services to keep their data safe from watchful eyes. The company has now announced the choosing of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4i chipset to run on the smartphone. For those that don’t remember, the Tegra 4i is an upgraded version

WhatsApp security flaw should be a quick fix for Facebook

Worried that someone might be eavesdropping on your WhatsApp chats? Facebook might just have the solution. Earlier today, we reported on a security issue involving the Android version of mobile messenger WhatsApp. The vulnerability, discovered by security researcher Bas Bosschert, basically involves extracting the app’s SQLite database from the phone’s microSD storage, which is usually accessible