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wipe the dalvik cache of samsung galaxy s3

How to Wipe the Dalvik Cache of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Before we start, please be reminded that this option is only available for rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. So, if your phone is not rooted, you will not be able to see most of the options that you have to select in order to successfully wipe the Dalvik Cache. Just so we are clear, be

What To Do When Samsung Galaxy S3 Shows Blank microSD Card

One of the most disappointing experiences many Samsung Galaxy S3 owners encountered since the release of the device was when everything in the microSD card was deleted. Others also complained after finding their card was blank. Here’s one emails from our reader: Hey my Galaxy S3 just got a message that says SD card is

google play music

Google Play Music Always Running in Samsung Galaxy S3

There have been various complaints about the Google Play Music App. One Samsung Galaxy S3 user relayed to us that his phone is constantly running this app in the background. According to him, he forces it to stop or he uses task killer to disable the app but it resumes its operation again after a

Personalize Galaxy S3 SMS Notification Sound

Cannot Delete Photos from Galaxy S3 SD Card

Here is another question that was sent to us in Mailbag, “I am experiencing a very peculiar problem. I cannot delete the pictures from my SD card. At every attempt to delete photos from it, I encounter an error message which tells me that the action has failed. Can you please provide me solutions to this

Wi-Fi Auto Off Fix in Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4

Wi-Fi Auto Off Fix in Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4

One common problem experienced by Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 users with custom ROMs are getting disconnected in Wi-Fi when it is idle. So far, there is no clear explanation as to what is causing the problem but some speculate that it might be connected to rooting. However, there are other users who have stated

Solutions To Samsung Galaxy S3 Text Messaging Related Issues

Welcome to our focused troubleshooting series that aims to resolve the Samsung Galaxy S3 text messaging related issues. Just as the title suggests we will be resolving text messaging issues in this installment of the series such as message not sending, not receiving a message,and lag in sending a message just to name a few

galaxy s3 call blocking

Galaxy S3 Call Blocking and SMS Blocking

The Samsung Galaxy S3 call blocking and SMS blocking features will surely come in handy if you are trying to avoid the people who are bothering you in your phone such as ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-husband, ex-wife, stalker, telemarketers and others. Using the Galaxy S3 Call Blocking and SMS Blocking Features Using the Galaxy S3 call