Samsung Galaxy S3 Can’t Download Photos Sent Through Text Message

There are many Samsung Galaxy S3 users who are asking why they are having problems retrieving the photos sent to them through the text messaging app of their devices.

The Probable Cause of the Problem in Downloading Pictures From the Galaxy S3 SMS App

If you happened to be experiencing this problem, do not worry because this is usually linked to a wrong configuration in your phone or poor network connection in your area.

The Possible Solutions to the Problem of the Galaxy S3 in Downloading Photos From the Text Messaging App

If you are stuck in this predicament, here are a couple of things that you can try to solve your problem:

1. Enable Packet Data

Make sure that the packet data of your Galaxy S3 is enabled or just toggle it off and on using these steps:

a. Go to Settings.

b. Select More under the Wireless and Network section.

c. Navigate your way through the bottom where you can find Mobile Networks.

d. From there, uncheck and then check the box beside the Use Packet Data option.

This seemed to work on many users who have been having trouble retrieving photos which were sent to them via SMS based on the related threads of Android Central and Galaxy S4 Forums.

2. Check Network Connection

Ensure that the signal in your area is stable. A poor signal in your network can cause the photos to have trouble loading properly. Of course, this will definitely give you problems in retrieving them later. Then, even if you successfully get them, the files may appear as corrupted in your directory.

3. Disable WiFi

You may also try disabling the WiFi of your Galaxy S3 for the meantime while you are retrieving the photos.

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  1. This is of no use at all as you are targeting those who are accessing mobile data. My mother has no mobile data on her plan and I need to do this via wifi and this article says to disable wifi.

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