Solution to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Micro SD Card Problem

Recently, we have encountered a question concerning the external memory of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Here is the exact question sent to us through Mailbag:

“Recently I have taken many photos (300+) and it’s stored on the Micro SD of my phone.  But recently, the phone kept freezing and deleting all my photos.  Actually, I’m not certain if they are deleted because on ‘Storage’, it says 33% is used, which means the photos which I took a few weeks ago must still exist on SD.  So, I wonder if you know how to retrieve them?”

Likely Causes of the Problem

The probable cause of the problem is the external hardware, particularly the Micro SD card that came with the Galaxy S3. So far, many users have posted the same problem in the forums of Android Central, Phandroid and XDA Developers.

In Android Central, one Galaxy S3 user who was apparently experiencing the problem reported it to Samsung. But according to him, Samsung denied having this kind of issue with any of their customers.

#1 Solution to the SD Card Problem of the Galaxy S3

For this particular question, I recommend plugging your device to your computer through its USB cable. Then, try to access the photos from the directory where they are stored in the Micro SD card.

#2 Solution to the SD Card Problem of the Galaxy S3

If that does not work, try removing the Galaxy S3 Micro SD card and insert it directly to the Micro SD card reader of your computer. If you are not equipped with this feature, you can buy the USB adapter that can bridge the Micro SD card to your computer from a local tech hub.

It Did Not Work?

If the two solutions did not work, try using a recovery software for that purpose such as Pandora Recovery, PhotoRec or others.

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  1. So I ended up using a new external micro SD card and got my files to transfer. My phone corrupted that SD card pretty fast. I only used it for a few months.

  2. I used to be able to use the cable and plug my phone into my computer and it would load my photos onto my computer. Then for no apparent reason this method stopped working. So then I would email my pictures to myself and this worked for a while but wouldn’t work with large files. Then I purchased an external micro SD card and was able to transfer my photos and videos on my phone onto this SD card. I could take the SD card out and plug in into my computer and down load my files that way. Then for some reason my phone couldn’t sign into my gmail account and there was no where where I could put the password in. So my gmail hasn’t been working on my phone. No big deal I fought. I was still able to transfer files threw the external SD card. Now all the sudden My phone will not transfer anything onto my SD card. So I can’t get any of my photos off my phone. All I can do now is send my pictures to a friend through a text message and then have then email me my photos. How can I fix this problem?

  3. 12/22/2014 Over this past weekend, my phone alerted me that the SD card wasn’t found; I didn’t pay attention to the notification at the time. This was the 1st time this ever happened on this device; it reached its 2nd anniversary this month.

    Upon reading this article, I restarted the phone: 1) with the SD card in place & 2) without the SD card. Tonight, I will try the SD card reader solution and post back my result.

  4. I have aproblem with my galaxy s3. There is no sound for notifications. I have configured the sound for notifications in settings, but still no sound to notify me for text messages or emails. WTF

  5. I have a problem with my S3. I bought it last October (2012). It keeps switching itself on and off by itself.. continuously. I had to take out the battery in the end. It looks like its trying to update and has an exclamation mark in the top left hand corner with a line through it. Any ideas?

  6. I have seen this problem before and it was an SD problem. It turns out that the SD card could write to all the addresses but as the data card filled up the higher address bits were defective and the data was not being saved or it would be saved till power was removed or the phone went to sleep.

  7. hi, in the 6 months that I have owned my galaxy s 3 I have gone through 3 external SD cards. when I worked with Verizon on this issue they were fairly quick to admit that it was the phone itself causing this problem.I would get an error saying SD card not found or SD card unmounted. I was never able to access the data on the card. They replaced my phone the next day.

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