Cannot Delete Photos from Galaxy S3 SD Card

Here is another question that was sent to us in Mailbag, “I am experiencing a very peculiar problem. I cannot delete the pictures from my SD card. At every attempt to delete photos from it, I encounter an error message which tells me that the action has failed. Can you please provide me solutions to this problem I am experiencing with my Galaxy S3?”

If you cannot delete photos from Galaxy S3 SD card similar to the problem above, the issue may have been triggered by corrupted image files, glitch in the SD card or it may be related to a defective memory card.

What to Do if You Cannot Delete Photos from Galaxy S3 SD Card

Here are the steps that you have to perform to fix the issue:

1. Restart Your Phone

Restart your device or do a soft reset (by holding down the Power/Lock button until the phone restarts). Then, access the photos and delete them again.

2. Enter Safe Mode

There are instances wherein third-party apps start getting erratic. During those times, certain glitches are triggered randomly which may include the issue being discussed here. If you suspect that a third-party app is preventing you from deleting a photo, enter Safe Mode and attempt the deletion of the images there.

3. Delete the Photos via the Computer

Another way to delete a photo which is stuck in your SD card is by connecting your phone to a computer using its USB cable or insert the SD card to its intended slot in the computer. From there, open the SD card directory and delete the images using your computer.

4. Format the SD Card

If the solutions above fail to work, format the SD card using your phone or computer. Use the methods described in the article titled “Galaxy S4 SD Card Error Fix” to go about this.

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