Solutions to the TouchWiz Error in Samsung Galaxy S3

If you suddenly find yourself encountering the “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped working” error in your Samsung Galaxy S3, the possible sources of the problem might be your cache, screen mode, a recently added widget, faulty SD card or a glitch in the Android operating system according to various sources like Phandroid and Android Central.

Clear Cache and Data of TouchWiz

***Beware clearing TouchWiz cache will set your home screen back to original settings, you will lose your current home screen format***

Sometimes, a full cache is the thing that is causing the lags or the various errors in Galaxy S3. So, simply clear the cache of TouchWiz using the following steps:

1. Turn off your Galaxy S3.

2. Tap Menu.

3. Go to System Settings.

4. Proceed to Application Manager.

5. Choose TouchWiz.

6. Tap Clear Data.

Change the Screen Mode to Basic

Using other screen modes may cause the problem as well. So, try switching back to the Basic Mode to see if it will solve the issue by doing these steps:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Under the Device section, tap Home Screen Mode.

3. Choose Basic Mode.

4. Select Apply.

5. Confirm your choice with the OK button.

Remove the Most Recent Widget Before the Error

Most of the time, a recently added widget is the one triggering the error. So, recall the last widget that you added just before you encountered the TouchWiz error in your Galaxy S3. Tap and hold that particular widget. Then just drag it to the Trash bin icon to remove it.

Remove SD Card

A faulty SD Card can also activate the error. Thus, try to remove the SD Card of your Galaxy S3 for the meantime and observe if the issue still occurs. If removing it no longer triggers the problem, then your hardware might be corrupted. You can fix it by formatting. But if the hardware seems to be defective already buy a replacement for it.

Use Another Launcher

If you find your TouchWiz too problematic, you might want to switch to another launcher. One great alternative that you can get from the Google Play store is the Nova Launcher. Simply download and install it. After that, clear the cache and data of Touchwiz.

Perform a Factory Reset

The last thing that you should consider is performing a Factory Reset. Do this only when you have tried all the possible solutions and none of them fixed the issue. This is because this process will wipe out all the data stored in your Galaxy S3 and return it to its default factory setting.

Other Solutions

Check out our previous article discussing other possible solutions here if any of these fail to fix the problem.

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