Galaxy S3 Problems in Downloading Apps From Google Play

There are some users who complain about their Galaxy S3 having problems in downloading apps and that includes getting stuck at the “Starting Download” message. Among the key reasons why your download is not pushing through is that you may no longer have extra space in your internal memory. Another is that your cache might be full already. There might also be a glitch causing this and other factors.

No Extra Space in the Internal Memory of Galaxy S3

A way to solve the first problem is by deleting the apps that you are no longer using. There is also a way to move your apps to your SD card but that involves a lot of work and the methods are somewhat complex. But later we will feature that here for the benefit of the uninitiated.

The Cache of the Galaxy S3 Needs Clearing

You can clear the cache of your Internet browser using the methods here. It is a good idea to clear the cache of your Google Play store app too. You can do this by performing these steps:

1. Press the Menu key.

2. Proceed to Settings.

3. Select Apps and swipe your finger to the All tab.

4. Look for the Google Play store app and tap it.

5. Choose the Clear Data and Clear Cache commands.

6. Go to the Download Manager option as well.

7. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Glitch Causing the Galaxy S3 Download Problem

If the methods above fail to work, try restarting your device. You can remove your Google account in the Accounts section of Settings and add it again if restarting does not fix it.

Other Causes of Galaxy S3 Failure to Download

It is worth noting that you will not be able to download paid apps if your credit card has insufficient funds. So, you might want to check its balance too. In addition, check the connectivity of your device to the Internet and ensure that your firewalls are not blocking the access ports required by Google Play.

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