Samsung Galaxy S3 Problem in Installing or Updating Apps

Last time, we featured the solutions to the Samsung Galaxy S3 problem related to downloading apps from the Google Play Store. The problem includes getting stuck in the “Starting to Download” message of the store or getting an error message.

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 Problem in App Installation or Updating

As mentioned in the previous article, the problem may stem out from a glitch in the system of the Galaxy S3, lack of space in its storage or full cache. In addition to these, the problem may also be caused by the recent updates of the app, or other apps that you recently downloaded or updated.

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Problem in Installing or Updating Apps

Before anything else, check if restarting your phone will fix the error. If not, apply the solutions that we have discussed in our previous article related to this particular Galaxy S3 problem. We would like to emphasize the need to clear the cache of your Google Play Store app and Internet browser.

After trying the earlier solutions and you are still experiencing the Galaxy 3 problem, apply the following solutions:

A. Disable Recently Installed or Updated Apps

Check if your recently installed or updated apps are the ones causing the problem by performing the steps below:

1. Go to Settings by tapping its icon or by choosing it via the Menu key.

2. Proceed to Applications.

3. Select Manage Applications.

4. Under the All tab, select the app that you recently installed.

5. Choose Force Close.

Note that you will encounter a warning that says “forcing an application to stop can cause problem”, but there shouldn’t be any issue with that if the application you are trying to close is not a system app.

B. Uninstall Updates

There are many instances where the updates of the Google Play Store app are the ones triggering the issue. So, simply uninstall them:

1. Repeat the first up to the third steps shown above.

2. Under the All tab, look for the Google Play Store icon and tap it.

3. Choose the Uninstall Updates on the next screen.

This will prompt the Google Play Store app to update again and trigger the same error. So, while waiting for a more stable update, disable its auto updating feature for the meantime.

C. Factory Reset

If all else fails and it seems like the error is caused by a major glitch in the system, backup all your data and do a Factory Reset.

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  1. Yes the latest does come with that feature. But be warned that it was disabled by Google on Android before because micro SD transfers of apps SOMETIMES cause certain glitches according to IBT.

  2. Will the android 4.2 or 4.3 allow you to move apps to sd card memory to relieve built in memory.

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