A Guide to Fix Three Most Common Audio Problems on Samsung Galaxy S3 [Hardware Solution available]

Basing on the features and functions, it is irrefutable to note that Samsung Galaxy lineups are indeed among the finest smartphone series existing in today’s global mobile market. But problems can always occur to any device like the GS3, regardless of how powerful the technology is being utilized to form the entire smartphone system. Among the most probable issues that can occur to the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone would include those associated with its hardware like audio problems. Hardware problems usually exist when the device was exposed to water, dust, damp surfaces, and also can be due to strong physical collision.

There are three types of audio problems that may transpire to the GS 3 handset, including:

  1. No sound is heard during dialing or receiving calls
  2. Extremely low sound
  3. Perceivable noise in the speaker

What to do when you hear no sound when dialing or receiving calls?

  • There are two things you can do as primary solution for this issue. First, restart your GS3 handset. After the restart, verify the volume settings to make sure it is set to the appropriate level.

What to do when the sound is extremely low?

  • Possible cause of this issue is usually some dusts amassed on the handset’s speakers and eventually barring the Speaker Diagram. As resolution, open the handset front-end cover and clean the speakers section using a cotton bud or any soft cotton cloth. If cleaning of the speakers area does not do give any good result, then you better replace the speaker with a new one.

What to do when unusual noise in the speaker exists?

  • Noise usually indicates that the speaker is faulty. So, in order to resolve this problem, have it replaced with a new or functional speaker.

What to do if the initial solutions won’t solve audio problems on your GS 3 device?

  • If prior workarounds are unsuccessful, then you may proceed to hardware solution.


Please do not attempt to perform the following procedures if you are not sure how to do it right. Otherwise, you may end up having other problems on your GS3 handset, afterwards.

To start with the hardware fix, separate your Galaxy S3 audio chip from the phone.

  1. Try to verify the volume level to ensure it is not what’s causing the audio problem.
  2. Check for any possible damages (physical or liquid) occurring to the strip or connector of your GS 3 handset.
  3. If certain damage exists to the strip or connector, then replace it with a new one.
  4. Carefully examine the Codec or Capacitor to make sure either of them is not faulty. If you see some damage to the Codec or Capacitor, replace the damage part.
  5. After performing the aforesaid solutions and re-assembling the handset, try to make a call to check if the speakerphone is working or not.

If problem persists, then please contact Samsung support to get further assistance in troubleshooting audio problems on Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone using other methods than what we have elaborated in this page.

Samsung technical support group can be reached via live chat at Samsung Support official website or over the phone.

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