How to Set Up Galaxy S20 Mobile Hotspot and share Wi-Fi connection

With Mobile Hotspot, you can use your smartphone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and thereby allows other supported devices to share and use its internet connection. This is one of the advanced handy features of the recently released Galaxy S20 devices. If you’re new to the Android OS and got the Galaxy S20 as the first Android phone, this post will help you get started in making the most of its internet-sharing feature. Here’s a quick guide on how to set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot and tethering features.

Internet connection from your galaxy s20 can be shared via mobile hotspot or tethering with another smartphone, tablet, laptops, computers and other wireless devices. When mobile hotspot has been activated, your galaxy s20 will show up in the list of Wi-Fi networks on your other devices. All you have to do is to enter the correct password to access your galaxy s20 mobile hotspot and start sharing the internet connection. And for this to happen, you will need to carry out the steps outlined below.

Before you proceed, make sure that your phone has a stable Wi-Fi internet connection. Otherwise, there won’t be any connection to share with your other device. Note that your galaxy s20 will serve as the portable router or modem, thus if there’s a problem with the phone’s internet, all devices that share the connection will also be affected.

Easy Steps to Set Up Galaxy S20 Mobile Hotspot and start Wi-Fi sharing

Time Needed : 8 minutes

The following steps will walk you through the standard process of enabling mobile hotspot on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone. To make it easier and more comprehensive, I’ve also included the screenshots to serve as visual representations of the individual steps. Feel free to make this a personal reference especially if you still haven’t acclimatized to the Android 10 platform.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen to open the Apps menu.

    Doing so will let you view built-in and pre-installed apps on the phone.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - open apps screen

  2. From the Apps menu, swipe right to and tap Settings to open the app.

    On the next screen you will see sub-menu options and items to manage.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - open settings app

  3. Tap Connections to continue.

    This opens another screen that contains modifiable network settings including Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi and the like.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - connections settings

  4. Scroll down and select Mobile Hotspot and Tethering from the given options.

    Tethering and other relevant options will be displayed next.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - mobile hotspots and tethering menu

  5. Tap the Mobile Hotspot to continue.

    This will lead you to another screen wherein you can find the Mobile Hotspot switch on or off.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - tap mobile hotspot

  6. Tap the switch to turn the feature ON.

    Doing so activates Mobile Hotspot and relevant features and thereby makes your phone ready to act as a wireless router that feeds and shares internet connect to other supported devices.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - turn on mobile hotspot switch

  7. On the Mobile Hotspot screen, tap the Menu icon on the top-right corner.

    This icon is represented by a three-vertical dot figure.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - quick settings

  8. Select Configure Mobile Hotspot from the quick menu options.

    This opens the configure screen where you can select the type of security you want to use. Other relevant options including the network name can also be modified in this screen.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - configure mobile hotspot

  9. Continue by tapping on the Security drop-down arrow.

    Doing so will let you view and access available wireless security options to choose.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - security options

  10. Tap to select your preferred security type.

    An expanded screen with more details regarding network security options will open. Available options may vary depending on your internet service provider or network carrier.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - mobile hotspot security

  11. Tap on the Password field then enter your new password in the given text field.

    Be sure to take note of your password so you won’t have any trouble connecting later.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - mobile hotspots password

  12. After entering the password, tap Save.

    The recent changes will then be saved and applied to your phone’s mobile hotspot security.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - save mobile hotspot

  13. You will then be routed back to the Mobile Hotspot screen where you can find the main switch to activate the feature. Again, the switch must be turned ON.

    If prompted with the option to share your Wi-Fi network connection when tethering with other devices, just tap OK to confirm.

    set up galaxy s20 mobile hotspot - mobile hotspots activated

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0
  • Galaxy S20

When sharing your galaxy s20’s internet connection to a computer via mobile hotspot, your computer must have the compatible Samsung Smart Switch installed. This is important especially when using USB tethering.

It’s also worth to note that sharing your phone’s internet connection via mobile hotspot or tethering may result in additional data charges depending on your current data plan or subscription. To avoid incurring unwanted charges from using mobile hotspot or tethering, talk to your carrier beforehand.

And that covers everything in this guide. Please keep posted for more comprehensive tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone. 

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