How To Activate Call Forwarding In Samsung Galaxy

There may be situations where you are not always available to receive important calls. In order not to miss urgent calls, you can opt to activate call forwarding in your Samsung Galaxy.

This feature is usually ready for configuration by a user so all you have to do is to tweak some settings. If you encounter some issues setting it up, try getting help from your network operator.

Steps to activate Call Forwarding in a Samsung Galaxy

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There are a number of steps that you must do before you can start using Call Forwarding. The steps below are specific to a Galaxy Note10 but they should provide a general idea on how the procedure is done in Samsung Galaxy. 

  1. Open the Phone app.

    Find the Phone app in the Home screen or Apps Tray.Phone app 2

  2. Open More options. 

    Tap the 3 dots at the upper right.Screenshot 20200306 134312 Phone 2

  3. Tap Settings.

    Select the third option, Settings.Settings 13

  4. Tap Supplementary services.

    Find Supplementary services at the bottom part. Supplementary 1.jpg 1

  5. Tap Call forwarding.

    Select Call forwarding.Screenshot 20200306 160311 Call settings 2

  6. Tap OK.

    Depending on your network operator, a prompt may show. Just tap OK. If you’re not getting this prompt, just proceed to the next step. Screenshot 20200306 160317 Call settings

  7. Select Voice call.

    If you’re planning on forwarding calls only, tap Voice call. Otherwise, select Video call. If you’re not getting this prompt, simply ignore this step.Screenshot 20200306 160321 Call settings

  8. Choose how and when you would like your calls to be forwarded.

    Choose how and when you would like your calls to be forwarded. Screenshot 20200306 160340 Call settings

  9. Enter a phone number.

    Provide the number that you want to use to forward your calls to. Screenshot 20200306 160406 Call settings

  10. Tap Turn on.

    Tapping Turn on should activate Call Forwarding in your current Samsung device. Screenshot 20200306 160506 Call settings

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Sometimes, Call Forwarding feature may be configured differently depending on a network operator settings. If you get an error after doing the steps above, talk to your carrier for help.

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