How To Find And Join A Group On WhatsApp

So you just downloaded WhatsApp, or you’ve been using it for a long time, and you’re trying to figure out how to find and join some different online communities, otherwise what are known as Groups in WhatsApp. Groups operate as a great way to bring friends together in one chat for, say, organizing a surprise

5 Best Launchers For Moto G7

Moto G8

Not everyone is a huge fan of the OEM launcher that ships with the Moto G7. There’s some unnecessary bloat that folks just don’t want to deal with, and it isn’t always the most smooth service on the market. That said, you. might be scouring the Google Play Store to find a good, third-party replacement

5 Best QR Code Scanner For Moto G7

QR codes are slowly becoming a rarity; however, once in awhile, you still see a QR code appear, usually around a local business. The unfortunate part is that most phones don’t have a built-in QR code scanner to scan the tag, unless you’re using, say, an iPhone. The Moto G7 is one of those many

Moto One Action Official with ‘Action Cam’ and Android One

Moto’s often leaked “Action Cam” toting triple camera smartphone has just gone official under the Moto One Action moniker. The Action Cam here refers to the unit’s ability to take landscape videos even when the phone is held in portrait orientation. This makes it ideally suited for shooting action videos including sports or any fast

5G Moto Mod Now Supports Verizon Moto Z2 Force

5G Moto Mod

While support for the 5G Moto Mod was limited to the Moto Z3 and family, the company has now announced that the accessory has been updated to include support for the Moto Z2 Force on Verizon. This means owners of the handset should soon be able to purchase the 5G Moto Mod to enable 5G

12 Best Drawing Tablet with Screen in 2019

If you’re a designer or illustrator or if you simply like drawing, the utility of a full blown drawing tablet cannot be diminished. However, it is important to make the distinction between regular drawing tablets and the ones that come with a dedicated display and touchscreen. Well, as you may already be aware, it’s not

7 Best Powerline Adapters In 2019

If you’ve never heard of powerline adapters before, we wouldn’t blame you. It’s an extremely useful technology, but not necessarily one that has received mainstream popularity. Powerline adapters allow you to send an Internet connection over your household’s electrical wiring. They’re the perfect solution for those who don’t want to worry about spotty wireless networks.

Samsung Galaxy A20 keeps rebooting. Here’s how to fix it.

Performance issues may occur from time to time and that seems to be the case with some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A20. One of our readers contacted us saying that his phone now keeps rebooting by itself and that he can no longer use it properly. Most of the time, when this problem occurs,

7 Best Gimbal Video Stabilizers for GoPro in 2019

Video cameras have come a long way since its inception. Today, the buzz is all about handheld action cameras that can shoot videos regardless of where you are. These can be carried around easily, making it more accessible to everyone. Popular among these action cameras are the ones that come from GoPro. The company has

My Samsung Galaxy A50 won’t charge. Here’s the fix.

When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A20 won’t charge, it is possible that the problem is just minor, unless of course your phone shows signs of physical and liquid damage. I have also encountered similar issues in the past that were caused by firmware problem. In other words, it is difficult to determine what

11 Best Smart Rings in 2019

Smart wearables are available in abundance around us. However, when we talk about wearables, we only consider accessories like smartwatches, fitness bands, earbuds and so on. However, there’s a relatively new breed of wearables available in the market, and they’re sold in the form of conventional rings. This can be helpful for those who do