How to restart your Galaxy Buds | easy steps to reboot Galaxy Buds

One of the good ways to fix any Galaxy Buds problem is to restart it. Sometimes, bugs or issues may develop on the Galaxy Buds even if there’s nothing wrong with the hardware. In fact, most issues that we’ve heard about the Samsung Galaxy Buds are software-related. This means that there’s a high chance that a user can fix most issues with this gadget without needing serious help from Samsung. Learning how to restart is therefore important if you happen to encounter a problem. Find out how to restart your Galaxy Buds below.

When to restart your Galaxy Buds

Just like any electronic gadget, your Galaxy Buds may encounter problems or bugs. Although it’s rare to have issues with this top notch Samsung device, we cannot rule out problems 100% of the time. If your Buds appear to be restarting on its own, won’t connect, won’t turn on, or won’t charge, you should consider restarting it first. This is a basic troubleshooting step in any of these cases. 

How to restart your Galaxy Buds

Restarting the Galaxy Buds is easy and can be done in less than 1 minute. If you’re having a problem with your earbuds, this should be the very first thing that you want to do. 

Below are the easy steps to restart Galaxy Buds:

  1. If the charging case is low on power (indicated by red light), or if the earbuds have less than 10% battery power, make sure that you connect the charging case to a charger first for at least 10 minutes. This should give the charging case and the earbuds more than enough power while you are troubleshooting an issue.
  2. If you haven’t done it yet, put the earbuds in their respective charging case slot. 
  3. Close the charging case.
  4. Wait for at least 7 seconds.
  5. Reopen the charging case and see if the earbuds connects to your phone or gadget automatically.
  6. That’s it! You’ve now restarted your Galaxy Buds successfully.

What to do if a Galaxy Buds restart won’t help

Restart is often effective in fixing minor bugs. Such bugs may stem from software issues that can develop if you use your Galaxy device for a long time. At other times, bugs may be the result of a lack of updates. Restarting a device is often effective in fixing connection problems so if your Galaxy Buds appears to be having a problem connecting to a phone, tablet, or computer, be sure to do this troubleshooting step. 

In the event that a restart won’t do anything at all, or if nothing changes after you’ve rebooted Buds, you must continue troubleshooting whatever issue you’re having. If you are getting an error message or code when using Galaxy Buds, try to find an online solution for it. Or, you can search our site for more Galaxy Buds troubleshooting suggestions. 

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