How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most powerful and most elegant pieces of technology available in the market today but it becomes totally useless if it won’t turn on or power up. Electricity is literally the lifeline of every electronic device and if the accessory that holds that power isn’t functioning the way it should, then you just wasted several hundred dollars.



In this post, I will guide you through troubleshooting a Galaxy Note 4 that won’t turn on. The purpose of troubleshooting is to find out what the problem really is and develop a strategy how to fix it once discovered. Considering the fact we’re dealing with an expensive device, we will take the safest route to troubleshoot it. It means that we won’t guide you through doing something risky that might even make things worse than they are now.

The troubleshooting procedure I use in this post is the guide that we technicians follow to make sure the problem won’t get worse in case we need intervention from the manufacturer’s engineers. Just remember, this post doesn’t guarantee your problem will be fixed but give you an idea what the real issue is so that you can explain to a tech what happens. Information is needed for issues to be fixed especially hardware-related problems.

If, however, you have other concerns with your phone, visit our Galaxy Note 4 Troubleshooting page as it contains a lot of problems we already addressed before. Try the solutions we provided first and if they didn’t work for you, then email us at [email protected]. This service is for free so you won’t be charged. However, we ask you to provide all necessary details about your problem and your phone so we know where to start our search for solution.

So now, let’s proceed to troubleshoot your Galaxy Note 4 that won’t turn on. Here are the steps…

  1. Perform the soft reset
  2. Plug the phone to charge
  3. Plug the phone to a computer (optional)
  4. Try a different USB cable
  5. Try booting the phone in safe mode
  6. Boot the phone in recovery mode

Step 1: Perform the soft reset

This procedure is effective for minor firmware- and hardware-related glitches and it’s safe. None of your data will be deleted if you did this. The procedure is actually very basic as it is mainly a reboot with a twist. Here’s how you do it…

  1. Remove the battery from your Galaxy Note 4.
  2. Press and hold the Power key for a minute once the battery is out.
  3. Place the battery back in once the time elapsed.
  4. Attempt to turn the phone on.

Again, if the problem was caused by a minor firmware or hardware glitch, the device should power up now. Otherwise, there’s something more serious going on with your phone.

The soft reset actually just drains stored electricity from components especially capacitors and that refreshes the phone’s memory. But as I said earlier, it’s safe and none of your data will be touched.

Step 2: Plug the phone to charge

Before proceeding, let us rule out the possibility that it’s just a drained battery problem by plugging the phone in to charge. Of course, use the original charger and USB cable when charging the phone normally.

This procedure can actually tell right on if there’s a problem with the device’s hardware. If the usual charging indicators like the LED or the charging icon on the screen won’t show up, then we can almost assume it’s a hardware issue. If they show up, then there’s still hope you can fix this problem without visiting a tech.

Whether those charging signs show or not, let the phone charge for at least 10 minutes and then attempt to turn the phone on. If it still refused to power back up, then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Plug the phone to a computer (optional)

This procedure is optional because you only do this if the phone refused to charge or didn’t display the usual charging signs when you plugged it in to the wall outlet. It rules out the possibility that there’s a problem with the outlet preventing the phone to charge.

While computers don’t give out as much current as the charger, it would still be enough to make the phone respond. If it didn’t, then proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Try a different USB cable

Assuming you tried charging the phone through the outlet and computer and it refused to charge, it’s time you rule out the possibility that it’s a damaged USB cable that’s preventing the charge and that the problem might be just a drained battery issue.

Try a different USB cable to know if the device is still capable of charging because if not, then at this point in time, you should already consider having the phone checked by a technician.

Step 5: Try booting the phone in safe mode

Remember, the main issue here is that the phone won’t turn on. It means it won’t respond if you pressed the Power key; the screen won’t light up and the device remains dead and unusable. So, our main focus here is to bring the phone back to life.

Assuming some of the apps you downloaded caused the problem, booting in safe mode will actually make the phone respond. So try this procedure to find out if the phone could power up.

  1. Turn off the phone completely.
  2. Press and hold the Power key and the Volume Down key.
  3. When the phone starts to boot, release the Power key but continue holding the Vol Down key until the phone finished restarting.
  4. Safe mode will be displayed at the lower left corner; you may release the Volume Down key now.

If the phone still refused to power on, then, proceed to the last step.

Final Step: Boot the phone in recovery mode

This procedure will attempt to boot the phone up to its barebones. It means that the device will be booted up without loading the usual Android GUI. This is the final step so if it failed, then there’s nothing much you can do about the device but to let the technician sort things out for you.

You don’t need to do anything if the phone booted up in recovery mode successfully. All we wanted to know if it still capable of powering all its components up. Here’s how you boot in recovery…

  1. Turn off the Galaxy Note 4 completely.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home keys together, then press and hold the Power key.
  3. When the Note 4 vibrates, release both the Home and Power keys but continue holding the Volume Up key.
  4. When the Android System Recovery shows on the screen, release the Vol Up key.

At this point, you’ve done all the basic troubleshooting procedures. If your phone powered back up, then that’s good news. Otherwise, send the phone in for repair.

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63 thoughts on “How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]”

  1. Thankfully my phone booted up using recovery mode but now I don’t know what to do next. When I plug my phone into the charger the charging sign on the screen keeps flashing with a few seconds in between each appearance. Any suggestions?

  2. I’ve tried everything, and nothing works for my Galaxy Note 4! – not even the fridge and freezer thing
    !!! It just will not reboot at all! I am also sooo done! with Samsung! This is my third Samsung and they all have died the same way, after almost the same length of time! Before they died, they all behaved the same way – random reboots, freezing, etc. How can we start a class action lawsuit like the one against the Apple iPhone?

  3. What can I say? The freezer idea sounded insane but since I had no other option left, I tried it minutes ago. It worked!!!

  4. omg!!! The fridge thing worked. I already had WakeLock for the lagging issues (and yes it solved them). I was super skeptical about the fridge thing, but I figured at this point, I didn’t have much to lose. It worked!!!! I put my phone in the fridge without the battery for ~5-10 mins, popped the battery back in and it booted. That’s after 4 hours of non-stop trying to do the soft reset (1,2,3 mins versions), recovery mode starting, adb devices, etc. I wonder if the humidity gets it discharge properly?

    So yeah, thanks qq!

    if you cannot turn on your Note 4.
    put it in a cold place (fridge or freezer) without a battery
    after it starts, install wakelock app and set to partial wakelock.
    make sure the app is always running.
    temporary solution that makes your note 4 usable.
    avoid reboots and power off’s.

  5. We currently have a Note 4 device that is unable to power up. We have tried every single suggestion on this blog, and nothing appeared to initiate power. By the way the battery has tested positive on our battery testing machine (Cadex)

  6. I was just using my note 4 to watch YouTube when the screen froze and shut off. This had happened before and the phone had turned back on almost immediately. This time it would not turn on and plugging it in to charge it had no effect. None of the solutions of the article had any effect, not even the freezer technique recommended by many of you. I fear my note 4 has been bricked (similar to my last 2 Samsung phones) and I will be switching over to iPhone for my next smartphone. Congratulations on losing yet another customer Samsung.

  7. I’ve samsung note 4. Phone working fine but once it get switch off it is not responding. When I plug in my laptop, it gives a feedback sound, but not switch on. What should I do?

  8. You can also jump the battery with 2.2 volts at 1 amp. This restores the battery if it is drained beyond recognition by the phone. Hope this helped.

  9. This morning i wake up with my phone dead. tried to switch on, no response. Connected the charger, LED not lit, charging status logo not appeared, could not turn on.
    But I put my phone for charge for hours , I test my battery with another phone it is charged and battery life is about 50% , but i can’t on it . Tried all option of Reset , Factory reset, Restart all . no idea at all

  10. Had the same issues as everyone else with their Note 4. My previous Note 2 died a similar death in the first 2 years of life and my Note 4 just started doing the lagging, rebooting then random auto reboot until it died a brick yesterday morning.

    This article did not help but I decided to read the comments late last night. Thank you qq for your post, it actually started it up and I followed the directions given. I already ordered a new phone yesterday morning but knowing that this is probably a temp. fix I didn’t cancel my order. I can still use my phone until the new phone arrives and to factory reset before sending it out for repairs.
    Thanks again qq!

    “if you cannot turn on your Note 4.
    put it in a cold place (fridge or freezer) without a battery
    after it starts, install wakelock app and set to partial wakelock.
    make sure the app is always running.
    temporary solution that makes your note 4 usable.
    avoid reboots and power off’s.”

  11. I am so passed. This boils down to Samsung pushed a crap firmware update and they aren’t acknowledging it, much less FIXING it, despite THOUSANDS of people having the same problem. Planned obscelesence at its finest.

  12. wakelock works – partial lock – i tried everything – i havent let it run out of battery since though as i think will cause problem again – i also deleted snapchat as problems only started happening since i installed that, possibly a coincidence ?

  13. I tried everything , here,all temporary fixes except for the wake lock on partial lock as suggested by daniel and qq , thank you . Phone has been fine ever since installed – i haven’t let it run out of battery as i know it will start the curse off again. i also deleted snapchat as i only started getting problems since i downloaded that, possibly a coincidence? anyway, just wanted to help and let others know that wakelock works

  14. hve a Note4 purchased last March 2016 .. Suddenly stopped booting since yday night .. has allowed me a backup but now isnt rebooting… Have tried a factory reset ….will it remove even basic phone apps ?? or jus the apps tht i downloaded aftr purchase ? I m so dissappointed with Samsung .. It has costed me above 600 $ in INR to buy …just to lose it to some stupid update related glitches !!! Shame on the Brand .

  15. The fridge solution worked for me on Note4 Edge. After facing every problem described above for weeks and trying all solutions described above, the phone rebooted after spending 10 minutes in fridge. Will see how the phone behaves in the coming days. I am curious about the reasoning behind this. The phone had not been used for the past 3 days and it was not hot.

  16. Hallo Guys, my note 4 got also same problems like the others here…So really sad that my phone is totally dead and it won’t turn on again, not charging and everything.. I think it’s 2 weeks already..I have tried all the steps about trouble shooting in the beginning and it worked,recovery mode,safe mode and even pressed the power button or the others buttons with the others . I have tried also to uninstalled applications and even used without SD Card inside maybe that’s cause the problem but still it continuously turned off by itself automatically ..I have brought once in the Technician and He said it was rebooted already and the main problem was hardware and gave back my phone very fast, meaning to say he cannot do anything about it..What can I do now ? Please help my phone guys ..Do I need to bring it again to other Technician?Sorry I don’t speak well in English..Thanks

  17. I accidently held the power button way to long. My Note 4 has locked out. It reads on the screen an abnormal reboot accurred. I’ve tried everything without any results. Can you help

  18. I SOLVED IT!!!!

    After Almost A Week Of Searching And Almost Ripping My Hair Out I Seemed To Have Fixed And Solved The Problem With The Samsung Galaxy Note


    I Got A New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 In June Of 2017 And After Owning It For About 2 Days It Started To Shut Off By Itself, Reboot And Show Me A Black Screen

    For No Reason… I Don’t Remember Installing An Update So The Phone Must Have Done It Automatically, But The Update Is Why Everyone Is Having Problems With Their Note 4.


    After Doing TONS Of Reading I Discovered Most Users Have Noticed Their Phone Starts Rebooting, Looping, Lagging, Crashing, Shutting Down, Turning Off,

    Booting, Dying, Freezing, Restarting By Itself, Overheating, Powering Off And Having Lots Of Other Bugs And Problems After Installing New Marshmallow

    Update On The Note 4.

    I Tried Everything From Performing The Soft Reset, Plugging The Phone In To Charge, Plugging The Phone In To A Computer, Trying A Different USB Cable,

    Trying To Booting The Phone In Safe Mode And Trying To Boot The Phone In Recovery Mode As Well… And Still No Luck….

    But I Didn’t Want To Lose All My Photos Or My Data And I Really Didn’t Want To Throw Out A Phone That I Just Paid For….

    So I Kept Searching And Searching And Reading And Reading And After Another Week Of Trying To Solve The Problem I Came Across And OLD Blog Post For An LG

    Phone That Was Having The Same Problems The Note 4 Phones Are Now Having.

    The Problem Was This…..
    Every Phone Has A “DEEP SLEEP MODE” To Save Power When The Phone Is Not Active Or Being Used.
    The Problem With The LG Phone I Was That A Certain Update That Had An Error And It Would Cause The Phone Restart, Turn Off, Reboot And Have Tons Of Other

    Problems Everytime The Phone Tried To Use “Deep Sleep Mode”.


    Once I Knew What The Problem Was I Was Able To Do A Better Search For A Solution…. And I Found It!

    There Is An App Called “Note 4 Fix (Power, Shut Down, Restart, Loop)” In The Google Play Store That Will Stop Your Phone From Using “Deep Sleep Mode” And

    Will Keep Your CPU Active So Your Phone Doesn’t Restart, Turn Off Or Have Any More Problems. The App Does Use A Little Bit Of Battery Power But Atleast It

    Will Bring Your Phone Back To Life! I Have Personally Tried This App From Google Play And I Have Not A Single Problem With My Note 4 Since I Installed It.

    I Do Not Get Paid To Promote This App And TO BE HONEST I Was A Little Skeptical To Try It At First But I Totally Ran Out Of Options……
    And What Do You Know???? IT WORKED!!!!!

    It’s Worth The Try Before You Throw Your Phone Out Or Lose All Your Contacts And Photos.

    You Can Check Out The Note 4 Fix App Here –

    I Hope It Helps Someone As Much As It Helped Me And Saves Tons Of Hours And Searching!

    Good Luck With Your Phones!

  19. Thank you guys for trying to help others. I have had the same problems with this phone. Three days, again the Note 4 is down, this time when it powers back up, I will be saving my pictures and getting another brand of phone. It’s unfortunate these have so many problems, was a great phone for about a year, I am done with this one. Way too much money for all the problems.

  20. Thank you! My Galaxy Note4 Duo was fixed using “step one”. Phone was on with 84% battery remain but after closing my old game app, phone just gone black and unable to turn on even after battery & sim card removed. Followed step one, phone is back on with all data remain the same. In the past, I had a Note2 and after 1 year use gone to sudden death, unfortunately that one was unable to fix even I presented to Samsung co. Hope this help!

  21. recently i updated my Note 4. This morning i wake up with my phone dead. tried to switch on, no response. Connected the charger, LED not lit, charging status logo not appeared, could not turn on.
    Tried with another charger, failed.Tried all steps of SOFT RESET. Nothing happening at all.
    Any advice please?

  22. Everything else failed except the advice to put the note 4 minus battery into fridge for a few mins…phone turned on successfully…after installing wakelock….no more glitches like shutting down etc. Thank you for the advice!

  23. 4 Days ago (11th june 2017) during a pretty warm day my Samsung Note 4 suddenly would not turn on again. Never had any problems, I was surprised that it actually happened since I never had a shutdown before. I was with a friend of mine and she said it was because of the warm weather. I use the Note 4 occasionally in a Gear VR headset and it’s getting pretty hot sometimes after a while.

    Could de heat/high temperature damage the internal electronic components? I see many people with Note 4’s on Internet that have this sudden shutdown while they never had any problems before (it looks to me that some component goes crazy or damage which causes the whole phone to crash or have some disconnection in the circuit).

    A shame that Samsung charges so much money for….a piece of electronica that does not work after some time (or catches fire…looking at the Note 7). They only care about the share holders and the massive profits they make with the production of mobile communication devices.

    I am thinking to jump ships and buy another type of smartphone from another brand (like Huawei or LG or something). Cheaper phone that will last longer. Are you listening Samsung??!!

  24. I once moved all my taken pictures to my SD card, but then I just found out that not all these pictures turn up in Gallery. So in attempt to fix that issue, I tried dismounting the SD card which led to a sudden reboot. The reboot went fine, but the SD card was still mounted, and the pictures I was looking for were still not shown in Gallery. So I installed an app that supposedly re-Reads the SD card, with no success. I tried Google Gallery, with no success. I installed a different Gallery app, also no success. So I go on deleting the cache/settings from Gallery, with no success. Then it went dark. The phone starts to reboot, but doesn’t get past the logo and reboots on and on, not going past the logo. I removed the SD card, still not going past the logo. Safe mode didn’t want to start, didn’t go past the logo. So with much pain, I did the recovery mode, which worked. I did the factory reset, it did its thing..unfortunately again still not going past the logo… I really hoped it’d worked with your information…Thanks for the detailed explanation. I guess I’ll go looking for a technician now..

  25. My phone started glitching and freezing all of the time. Right now it won’t come back on because I let it go completely dead and I can’t do that. The one thing I got that stopped my battery drain, and freezing and glitching was the Wake Lock app. It works wonders.

  26. I woke up one morning to my note 4 glitching… And it’s awful stops, freezes, shuts off. Sometimes I have to keep taking the battery out and blowing in it to get it to turn on… It’s been sitting for a few weeks and I’m about to try to factory reset it but now I can’t get the phone to turn on at all… Not even when I plug it up. It vibrated once like it does when plugged up but nothing came on and it won’t vibrate anymore when I plug it in. Please help. I just got this phone from my mom and has always been a good phone until just one random day.

    UPDATE…. Put my phone in the freezer for a few mins without the battery, took it back out and put the battery back in then plugged it up and it came right on. Now my problem is fixing the glitch… It’s constantly freezing and shutting off. When it shuts off, it’s a pain in the a** to get it to come back on sometimes… It either takes forever, shuts off and back on over and over again, or won’t turn on at all until I take the battery out and blowing in it a few times.

  27. I woke up one morning to my note 4 glitching… And it’s awful stops, freezes, shuts off. Sometimes I have to keep taking the battery out and blowing in it to get it to turn on… It’s been sitting for a few weeks and I’m about to try to factory reset it but now I can’t get the phone to turn on at all… Not even when I plug it up. It vibrated once like it does when plugged up but nothing came on and it won’t vibrate anymore when I plug it in. Please help. I just got this phone from my mom and has always been a good phone until just one random day.

  28. Thank you so much! I followed the steps after many other attempts and almost giving up and sending to repair….the safe mode worked, all is reset and looks like it is back into action

  29. The problem with my phone is that in does not turn on, I tried all the steps but still the problem persists. Please help

  30. I have all i could on my N910T but still I have even flash a new firmware but still. The phone boots and goes off. Could it be a battery problem? Cos when you reboot without charging the phone will go off again. Even when it charges to 100% and u take of the charger, it goes back to 0

  31. DANIEL’S comment was the ONLY thing that worked. I literally tried EVERYTHING and had given up hope but thank God I decided to give his idea a chance and IT WORKED!!!

  32. ”sh*ttiest article ever.
    knowing that these models are plagued with the emmc read fail bug, you come with such simple answers that are general for any android phone.

    stop hogging the answers on the first google search page.

    if you cannot turn on your Note 4.
    put it in a cold place (fridge or freezer) without a battery
    after it starts, install wakelock app and set to partial wakelock.
    make sure the app is always running.
    temporary solution that makes your note 4 usable.
    avoid reboots and power off’s.”

    THANK YOU SO MUCH… qq; your answer was spot on.

  33. after trying all the different chargers and usb cables, I booted my phone in safe mode. It is working great now. Thank you so so much !!

  34. sh*ttiest article ever.
    knowing that these models are plagued with the emmc read fail bug, you come with such simple answers that are general for any android phone.

    stop hogging the answers on the first google search page.

    if you cannot turn on your Note 4.
    put it in a cold place (fridge or freezer) without a battery
    after it starts, install wakelock app and set to partial wakelock.
    make sure the app is always running.
    temporary solution that makes your note 4 usable.
    avoid reboots and power off’s.

  35. I updated my Note 4 today, after it was constantly shutting down on its own, and taking forever to respond to commands.
    Now its a black screen. it wont even turn on. it was at 100% before it shut off. and i’m getting nothing.

  36. Thank you very much. I thought im gonna buy a new one. My problem was my phone doesnt turn on..your site helps. Im gonna share this on facebook. Thank you soooo much google chooses the best solution to my questions. -from Philippines

  37. My note 4 has stopped working. It looks like it is about to start when I press the power key. The phone vibrates, the description of the phone comes up, a white line at the foot of the screen which I have never noticed before comes on, when the blue light at the top left comes on the screen goes black leaving just the blue light. I have tried all the steps with no luck.

  38. hi my phone started by restarting itself over and over so after researching i did a soft reset and cleared the cache. then i found myself having to take the battery in and out and holding down the power button then putting the battery aback in and it came back on. then after a few days, it was starting but won’t go to the home screen. then i started getting this big android on the screen to all of a sudden it won’t do anything. what is wrong ??

  39. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I updated it last night and when I woke up it wouldn’t turn on so I took the battery out twice then it turned on but it stayed at the powering on screen and it never got farther than that kept on restarting at the powering on screen and so I took out the battery a few times I did the restart thing where you take out the battery hold it for a minute and put it back in and turn all the way on to the home screen and then froze and then turned off and then we turned on again it like scream at us and a green bar went through the whole middle part of the phone now it’s off again can you help me

  40. I appreciate all of your work on this sight and you actually caring about people being able to use the phones. I was looking when they , first came out for an unlocked one cuz I was living in both Cali & Costa Rica , Samsung told my friend in the states to have service like in the states or just a Note 4 I was wanting to use it as my journal and my notebook & camera and then as my phone… well they told my friend 11 hundred for the phone and to have service in both countries I would have to pay 11 hundred a month too… but I did end up paying in November 800 for a unlocked phone… now after this upgrade that I think decided to clog my phone up I can not get my contacts even off of it 3 second is as long as it stays on … so I tried the partition cache wipping , and it would not stay on long enough for me to reboot after it had 77% battery and now it just goes black moments after trying to get it to do the recovery mode and will not do a safe start at all
    thank you much for even a good tech within a 50 mile radius of Long Beach CA
    Thank You Again
    Sincerely Kurt

  41. I tried wipimg the cache partition, but it died just prior to reboot and that damned droid comes on, saying it needs to update,
    prior the the O.S. So Called Upgrade, my SM N910T UD So I charged the battery again and from 77% battery and 3 more tries at wiping the Cache , it was back to Zero battery… safe mode and recovery mode well recovery mode, it vibrates, and holding the volume up button , the droid comes out and then fades away and screen turns Black….
    Trust I would appreciate any kind of help heck even a good tech in the areas of Anaheim or Long Beach, CA…
    Sincerely Kurt

  42. My phone just died on me. There was no light blinking at all. All my treasured photos n videos are still inside it. Same message as Youcef.
    I will try what Youcef did as a last resort before i send it to the technician.

  43. mine was :
    Could not do normal boot
    Ddi : mmc_read filed
    after that + Completely dead phone , Not charging NOTHING worked so if anything of this steps did not worked for you : TRY put the PHONE in the FRIDGE About 10 min then put the battery back in and press On bouton . if the phone boot on Downloed mode try to flash a stock roms , with odin 3.10.7 . and that is caused generally after Android 6 update, and it caused by Hardware !! mine still do rebooting . try to wipe data factory reset again and Contact samsung !!

  44. I followed the volume-home key-power thing and it didn’t work. Did the thing where you pull battery, hold power button down one minute, return battery and try and turn on – still doesn’t work. Didn’t work with the two minute version, didn’t work with the three minute version. Tried six times, doesn’t work. Have to send the Galaxy Note 4 back as lease is up (and I have switched to a new carrier), and I need to wipe the info off the phone. Any suggestions?

  45. I am having an issue with my note 4 to the point that even though I plug it in even to my computer and have a good battery there is still not a charge light. I can’t seem to turn on the phone or access it from the PC to wipe what ever memory that I have on the current internal memory before I sent it into the manufacturer for my insurance claim. Any suggestions?

  46. Thank you for posting this, as it was very helpful in helping me reboot my phone. I had no idea how to get it turned back on. You saved me a lot of stress

  47. Thank you much! Step 5 did it. I got some bum scoop from another site, and started to get a little anxious. We are all good now.


  48. thanks Step 1 worked for me. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and ever since the Marshmallow update it has been acting extra glitchy…

  49. Thanks for the tip about holding the power button for a minute. I was taking battery out and letting it sit for a few minutes to drain but 1 minute button press is faster!
    Also, yeah, it allows it to power up, but the same damn thing keeps happening over and over again. I can run it all day long without it powering off if I leave the charger cable plugged in but soon after unplugging charger it might go back to powered off. The battery can be 100% and it’ll still do this. Also I have three different batteries to use so it ain’t the battery unless all Ankor batteries are doing this. (the original Sansung battery just got flakey and unreliable).
    Also I know all us Androiders hate to hear this, but I finally bought a iPhone 6s Plus. No I am not happy with it, but after Note 2 died … and now Note 4 is flakey and Note 5 does not allow battery removal … I just gave up on my beloved Notes.

  50. One think I’ve discovered… you should have charged battery to do any of your 5 steps. Mine was totally dead and even not excepting charge in any way. I was working on that solution for about 3 days and was even ready to garbage the phone… The last think I did put in my wife battery and finally it helps!

  51. Thank you! Was able to fix at step one! Your site is so helpful to those of us that are technologically challenged!

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