Samsung Galaxy S2 Troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy S2 Troubleshooting Page


We’ve already provided hundreds of solutions to Samsung Galaxy S2 problems, answered hundreds of questions, and addressed a lot of reported errors. We understand it is difficult to find out if we’ve already addressed your concerns so we created this index that contains links to our support articles.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Tutorials

Basic Features and Functions

Samsung Galaxy S2 Troubleshooting Manual


Internet & Network

Operating System

Calls & Texts

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  • No sound and other audio issues
  • Loudspeaker doesn’t have any sound
  • Bluetooth headset has no sound
  • Notifications don’t play


  • How to take a screenshot
  • Unfortunately, Camera has stopped
  • Warning: Camera failed
  • Camera is out of focus



  • Screen keeps on flickering
  • Screen is black but phone is powered on
  • How to repair broken screen
  • Display shows some dead pixels