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We’ve already provided hundreds of solutions to Samsung Galaxy S2 problems, answered hundreds of questions, and addressed a lot of reported errors. We understand it is difficult to find out if we’ve already addressed your concerns so we created this index that contains links to our support articles.

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  1. On My Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch It was completely off I push my power button down and when it came on I tried to hit the button once but it wouldn’t go black it just stayed on the home screen but I have no problems turning it on when it’s completely off but trying to turn it all the way off or just turn the screen black but instead it does nothing and it also won’t let me hit the power button to show the home screen

  2. My galaxy S2, whe playing videos, or browsing a Web shopping page, I scroll down for a while, and then the page freezes, goes black, and then I havexpected to start scrolling again from the top of the page.
    Also, the same thing happens with my YouTube videos, and my Facebook page, can you help….

  3. Hello there,

    My Tab S2 won’t turn on whatever I do. Took the back off, disconnected battery, pressed on mechanical Start button to drain circuits, reconnected battery, re-sitted all ribbon strips, etc. Nothing works, but I have a question:

    The volume up-down button has a ribbon with 5 contact at the end and these only make actual contacts under the pressure of the back cover itself, so they aren’t touching when the back panel is off. In other words, that volume button is DISCONNECTED the moment I take the cover off.

    There is another hanging ribbon across from the volume one, next to one of the mechanical buttons meant for attaching a carrying case. Why these two ribbons are hanging and not making contact when the cover is off?

    Another question: If I disconnect the battery, can I power the Tab S2 directly through the USB without the battery?

    Thank you very much, Mike

  4. I have Samsung GTi9100. As of yesterday I am constantly getting “battery disconnected” screen alerts. It would appear that the battery charges but I’m not 100% sure…it has lied to me before. Have performed pin cleans, reboot, cache wipe etc… but still get message every 60 seconds. Now I just roam the internet looking for a solution. I feel like I’ll find Jimmy Hoffa before I find a solution for this!

  5. I use Facebook via the Internet not via an app but all of a sudden it won’t let me log out or use the more button when on Facebook can anyone help please

  6. My S2 was so overloaded that nothing could be done …it kept saying it was without enough memory. I added memory and and put all my photographs onto the SD card. My computer programmer, very savvy, checked; G+ APP was using 65% of my phones’s memory. I said to eliminate all their stuff they put on there site like the photos, etc. Now, I realize that my APPs including Gmail, G+ Playstore, and G+ are all missing. I cannot get my mail nor reinstall what is missing. I do not know how. I hope Dropbox is still there, not connected. So, I really need HELP please. Thanks.

  7. When ever I have the flash active and as soon as I press the camera botton to take a picture, my phone turns off and restarts.?

  8. Got a corean S2 SWH110S. The screen is locked and showing “upgrade” and a computer icon. There is also something written in corean i can’t understand. What can I do to flash a french or english firmware?
    Thanks a lot

  9. My phone acknowlolagies the last owner of this phone on Facebook after I’ve synched everything.can anyone help me change this from happening. Thanks

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